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1The Challenge

Sober Sound Off –
Taking Pride in Recovery

This year, start your 2017 off with pride. You have come this far and that is worth being proud of. Help spread the word this year to provide strength for those still struggling in active addiction. Sober Sound Off is a contest where you can submit pictures with a story and/or a video of your journey through recovery with a chance to win $100 Amazon gift card. Your story may give courage, confidence, and hope for those who are caught in the downward spiral of their addiction.

2 Submission Guidelines

Recount major events in your life that marked a significant change in your lifestyle. 500-750 words.

Written in first-person

No graphic depiction or glorification of drug use.

No mentioning anyone else specifically by name.

The use of titles (such as mother father, brother, co-worker or friend) is acceptable.

Regarding Image of oneself No nudity or display of drug paraphernalia

You’ve Helped Yourself; Now help someone in need (866)578-7471.

3 You Could Win a
$100 Amazon Gift Card!

Our best contestant’s story will be entered in a raffle to win a free $100 Amazon Gift Card.  The selection process for our best stories are randomized and will be determined at the end of February.  Our winners will also have their story featured on D2R website and social media page!

Terms and Conditions

I agree and consent that Detox To Rehab may use motion picture, video, still photo, voice recording or written material that is submitted through the Sober Sound-off form. Detox To Rehab may also include the use of name in associated with any material I submit. This consent is given by me without limitations upon any use for projection, playback, reprints, rerun, broadcast, telecast or publication of every kind. I also agree that the original and copies therefrom shall remain property of Detox To Rehab.


Our entries will be rated on 3 different levels to be selected for the winner's raffle.
1. Creativity: For using your imagination to make your story as unique as you are.
2. Inspirational: For elaborating on and depicting the most redeeming qualities of your recovery.
3. Formatting: For the little details, like spelling and grammar.

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