Wisconsin Addiction Treatment

Last Edited: October 8, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

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Finding Substance Abuse Treatment In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is often known as the cheese state. There are an unlimited number of cheeses cultivated in the state. The state even has a Master Cheesemaker program. The program takes three years to complete. However, within the cheese state there’s a serious mold contaminating the core. That mold is addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the premiere afflictions in the United States.

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Throughout history, people have shamed those who suffer from the disease of addiction for being morally bankrupt. They are seen as being responsible for their condition, when they are in fact the unfortunate victims of a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Over the years, most people have come to accept that addiction is a disease and people who suffer from it need extensive medical attention and therapy.

Medical attention would include detoxification. Detoxification is where you will go to a facility and they will monitor you while the toxic chemicals from drugs and alcohol are leaving your body. Most facilities use medication to ease the pains of withdrawal. Next comes rehab. In rehab, you will go experience multiple therapeutic approaches to find the root-cause of your problem to help you succeed in your life of recovery. Contact us today for more information on treatment for this disease.

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