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Detox to Rehab – About us

Real Resources, Real Recovery

Our Team

Substance abuse and addiction has touched many lives and is becoming so common that nearly everyone has encountered the negative repercussions of addiction in their lives whether it is a friend or a family member. was born from the individuals that suffered alongside our loved ones struggling to overcome their demons with addiction and the tough decision to get clean.


Detox to Rehab’s mission is to empower those struggling with addiction and their families with the knowledge they need to get the help they need. Whether it is connecting them with a treatment facility or helping them find a meeting, will continue to provide accessible resources and a community of support to help them through their journey of recovery.

Making Connections

At we understand how hard it is to make the decision to kick the addiction. Being a resource of connections to detox facilities and inpatient residential centers, we want to be the first place you look for help. We pride ourselves on having an extensive list of facilities that you can trust to support you in your rehabilitation.
If you need help finding aftercare resources that will aid you on your journey through recovery, know that we are there to help you find it with our “Locate A Meeting in Your Area” application and a directory of sober living facilities.
Detox to Rehab attends rehabilitation conventions to find treatment centers that will suit your needs and stay up to date of the last information about rehabilitation, recovery and aftercare. Connecting you to the rehabilitation centers that practices ethical marketing is our main priority as help is just a mouse click away.

The Next Generation Taking Action

Detox to Rehab has two goals: to provide reliable resources for those seeking information about drug abuse and to provide our visitors with detox, treatment facilities, and aftercare programs when they are ready to turn their lives around.
We know it is important to stay educated about the drugs that we can encounter in life as some are highly addictive and toxic for your health. We also know that it is important to get the help you need right away.
In this great nation we have many who are suffering with addiction problems, and Detox to Rehab focuses on getting those who are sick the help they so desperately need. They are still a part of our great society and once they get the treatment they need for their disease, they will become strong workers, have children bursting with potential, and become a voice in their community that shapes a better world to live in. 2.4 million people received substance abuse treatment in 2014 and there are plenty more out there that still need it.

Spreading a Message of Hope

The tragic lifestyle of drug abuse can be a long and dangerous road, but the life of sobriety that many find is worth sharing. Detox to Rehab’s production team has captured the true stories of those who have found help through rehabilitation and live better lives now that they have received treatment for their illness. The video series, called True Stories of Addiction, can be found on our website and captures a better quality of life that is free from drug or alcohol abuse with the help of interventions and substance abuse treatment programs.


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Locating a Meeting

Detox to Rehab has seen first-hand the struggle to remain on the journey of sobriety, and having a fellowship or a meeting that you go to when you need it the most should be a resource at your fingertips. We understand the struggle is real, and so is our Locate a Meeting application that tracks down a meeting in your area with detailed options, times, and directions to help you find a meeting that meets your needs and is nearby.

Detox to Rehab in the Media: Building a Community that Cares

Detox to Rehab knows how important a strong support system is to those who are recovering from substance abuse addictions. Our social media has over 50,000 people many of whom have been through a drug abuse treatment program and share their experiences and hopes with each other about their life of sobriety. Our YouTube playlists have footage from the latest Hope for Recovery conventions, Drug Knowledge videos, and our True Stories of Addiction series to help share the message of hope and happiness. There is help out there and is the place to find it.

Hope for Future Generations

As a parent, you may be concerned about the drugs that your child could be exposed to and under a peer pressure situation mistakes can be made. If your child does fall prey to the temptation of the drugs out there, you want to be the loving mother or father with a plan and answers for getting your child back on track and free from the long-term repercussions addiction can cause.
In 2012, 48% of the substance abuse centers surveyed accepted teenagers and 28% have programs specially tailored for adolescence. 12,000 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 received the help in 2014 because they knew where to go and how to get help. Detox to Rehab wants to be place you turn to find knowledge and treatment options for your teenager if you ever need it.