Fentanyl Addiction and Rehabilitation

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Last Edited: March 30, 2024
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Dangers of Fentanyl Abuse

Fentanyl a powerful Opioid Painkiller is known under a few different commercial names such as, Actiq, Subsys, Duragesic and Sublimaze. Fentanyl resembles the Opioid, Morphine in many ways, however Fentanyl is 50 to even 100 times higher in potency. Opioid Painkillers communicate with the Opioid receptors in an individual’s brain.

Prescription Fentanyl overall is a high-risk substance, so when Fentanyl is abused, it is even more dangerous than when it is taken or administered as prescription. The drug Fentanyl is so strong that there is almost no difference between a therapeutic dose and a deadly one. High dosages of Opioid substance, especially potent one like Fentanyl can cause a person’s breathing to cease entirely.

Fentanyl’s high potency also increases overdose risk substantially. In the united states today, the drug Fentanyl has been reported to be laced in several different substances, such as Heroin, cocaine, counterfeit prescription pills and much more. Overdose risks increase heavily among individuals who are not aware of the pills or powder purchased having contaminants of Fentanyl.

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Street Names for Fentanyl

Both for lower level suppliers and individuals who purchase Fentanyl illicitly are known to utilize street names. Street names are a means to steer clear of authorities, as well as friends and family. Some Fentanyl street names include: Apache, China Girl, China Town, China White, Dance Fever, Goodfellas, He-Man, Jackpot, King Ivory.

Fentanyl Effects

When using or abusing Fentanyl people tend to experience feeling of euphoria, lethargy, drowsiness and even mellowed out. Building a Tolerance to Fentanyl is something that happens at a quick rate. When a tolerance is built an individual body requires its system to need an increased amount. This very fast increase in amount of Fentanyl taken makes the drug even more dangerous. Individuals who abuse Fentanyl, take the drug illicitly and are addicted to it are at a higher risk of adverse and fatal consequences. Addiction to Fentanyl also has various other consequences. It often leads individuals to engage in behaviors and activities that seems utterly out of character. Additionally, an individual may become increasingly withdrawn from life and things that used to bring him or her pleasure and joy.

Warning signs of Fentanyl abuse in a loved one

If you suspect that a loved one is abusing Fentanyl, you will want to reach out as soon as possible. There are some warning signs that will be helpful to look out for. An individual who has been afflicted with Fentanyl addiction will generally become defensive and protective of his or her prescription medication. If your loved one is not only showing signs of possessiveness of his or her pain medication, but beginning to be secretive with his or her pills, it is safe to assume Fentanyl abuse is a problem.

One of top signs that your loved one could be abusing Fentanyl is doctor-shopping. In addition to doctor shopping to obtain and secure his or her supply of Painkillers, is prescription fraud and expenditures to make money, needed for something unexplained.

Has your loved one started to have a continuous deterioration in his or her personal integrity? Has he or she become secretive and irritable when you ask about his or her wellness? If these significant signs are familiar in your life, your loved one may have a Fentanyl addiction.

Has a person in your life begun to act out in surprising and suspicious behaviors? Has he or she recently displayed unexplainable symptoms of physical withdrawal alongside feelings of panic and desperation? your loved one may need help for Fentanyl abuse.

Factual Dangers: Fentanyl

Fentanyl addiction can take place even if the drug is only used once. Fentanyl can take hold on a person’s life in every aspect. Fentanyl being like other Opioid drugs such as Morphine and Heroin, it works in a person’s body through binding the Opioid receptors in one’s brain. The Opioid receptors are in control of a person’s emotions and pain. Prepare yourself with the facts and knowledge about what exactly Fentanyl is and how it is impacting lives all around us.

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