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halfway house

What is a Halfway House?

07 November in Recovery

What happens when you are fully committed to a sober lifestyle, but you are still not ready for a full transition to life at home? It could be due to many reasons; enabling or a triggering environment at home, lack of a support system or...

online aa meetings

How to Find Online AA Meetings

30 October in 12-step

Alcoholism is a chronic mental illness that requires treatment in order for someone to get better. Left untreated, symptoms can become dangerous and even life threatening. What do you do when you cannot find the time to meet in-person? Thankfully, online AA meetings are available....

sober recovery from addiction

Embracing Life in Sober Recovery

10 October in Recovery

You are in recovery or are now sober. You want to know if there's a difference between recovery and being sober? Yes, there is a difference between recovery and being sober because each of them has its unique characteristics. When someone is sober but not in...