Guide to Union Pacific Railroad Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Last Edited: December 29, 2023

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Edward Jamison, MS, CAP, ICADC, LADC

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Insurance Coverage For Substance Abuse Treatment. The Start To Your Journey To Recovery.

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Almost all medical insurance companies in this country, whether the insurance is personal or company provided, offer at least some sort of coverage for people who need treatment for substance abuse problems. If you are covered by Union Pacific Railroad Insurance, it is likely that you will have coverage yourself. What you need to find out, however, is which rehab facilities accept Union Pacific Railroad Insurance, and how much the insurance company will cover, so that you can calculate your out of pocket expenses.

There are several ways to go about this: you can first check your policy documents (make sure you request a copy if you have misplaced it) and see what the coverage you have is. You can also check the Union Pacific Railroad Insurance website, or speak to one of the customer service advisors. Lastly, you can ask a rehab facility that you are considering to do an insurance check for you.

Union Pacific Railroad Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Union Pacific Railroad Insurance is an insurance company for employees of Union Pacific Railroad. If you want to know whether they will cover your treatment or not, you should start by confirming your policy. This will tell you exactly how much will be covered and how much your out of pocket expenses will be. Performing an insurance check is 100 percent confidential, free and no obligation, regardless of which avenue you use to do it. It will also not affect your premiums.

Based on the information you now have, you should be able to make some choices in terms of which treatment center you can go to. You then have to identify which one of those treatment centers best meets your need, which is a wholly personal choice. There are many factors other than finances to take into consideration, such as when you can be admitted, what their treatment options are, which amenities they have, their geographical location, their aftercare program, their success rate, and more. Do not make this decision lightly, as you are investing in your own future health and happiness.

How Long Can You Go to Rehab with Union Pacific Railroad Insurance?

The length of treatment you can have covered will vary depending on your policy and on your personal needs. While the average inpatient rehabilitation is 30 days in length, you may need longer coverage. If you can receive medical confirmation of this, it is likely that your insurance will cover for it as well. It is also possible that you are a suitable candidate for outpatient rehabilitation, and because this is a lot cheaper, it is likely that your insurance policy will cover a greater duration.

If you find that your policy does not cover all of your treatment, or not for as long as you feel you need it to be, there are other options available to you as well. You may, for instance, be accepted in the rehab center on a scholarship basis. Alternatively, there are grants available, as well as personal loans and payment plans. Money and cost should never be a barrier to you receiving the treatment that you need.

Union Pacific Railroad Insurance for Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

As previously stated, it is likely that your insurance policy will cover more of an outpatient rehab facility, because that is generally cheaper. However, not everybody is a right candidate for outpatient services and will be better served in a residential facility. Union Pacific Railroad Insurance, like all other insurance companies, understands that by investing in the payment for inpatient rehab, their members will see a significant reduction in their other health care costs. It is likely that you will have at least some benefits for inpatient treatment as well.

Union Pacific Railroad Insurance and Specialty Addiction Treatment

There are a number of rehab facilities that are classed as “specialty” treatment centers. These include luxury facilities, private facilities and executive facilities. These centers tend to be much more expensive and they also offer amenities and treatment options above and beyond what you would see in a regular rehab center. For Union Pacific Railroad Insurance, as is the same with most insurance companies, these extras are not classed as medical necessities, so you are unlikely to be covered for them. That being said, they may be willing to pay something towards your stay in these facilities, expecting you to make up the rest out of your own pocket.

Even in non-specialty treatment centers there are likely to be possible add-ons to your treatment. It is very rare for these to be covered by your insurance policy. Some of these add-ons include: having a private room with a view, acupuncture, therapeutic massages, five star dining, art therapy and more. If you feel that these are amenities that you need, or that will improve your chances of successfully recovering, then you should inquire as to how much of it will be covered by your carrier and make a decision based on that.

Union Pacific Railroad Insurance Coverage for Out of State Treatment

It is possible that you may want to find a treatment center that is in a different state. There are several reasons as to why people prefer this, including having a complete break from their old environment. In many cases, insurance providers only cover local treatment facilities, however. It’s why you need to find out what the in network providers are for Union Pacific Railroad Insurance and what happens if you were to attend an out of network center instead. Usually, going out of network means that you will have higher out of pocket costs.

People who look for drug or alcohol rehab often search for something very specific. There will be certain features that are must haves for them in order to rehabilitate. Some, for instance, will want to go to a faith-based rehab center, while others go to those directed specifically at teenagers. Either way, it is likely that your Union Pacific Railroad Insurance policy will cover this at least to some degree, so contact them to find out more.