Fioricet While Pregnant

Last Edited: November 25, 2020

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What is Fioricet and is it Safe During Pregnancy?

What is Fioricet?

Tension headaches can be painful and sometimes debilitating. Some pregnant women develop tension headaches causing them to take prescription Fioricet while pregnant. It can be hard to know how to handle non-stop headaches in a healthy way. When you are pregnant, it’s important to do everything that you can to be comfortable but taking the health of your baby into consideration is important. If you have tension headaches, Fioricet may be the right option. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know before you start using Fioricet during your pregnancy.

Many people wonder what is Fioricet used for and are there any side effects you need to consider before using it. Fioricet is a prescription medication created using three major components, acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine.

The combination of butalbital, acetaminophen and caff tabs caused a breakout in the medical community and many questions were raised about the safety of the product. Acetaminophen is a pain-relieving element that can help to minimize the pain that comes with headaches and migraines. Caffeine is a stimulant. Stimulants have been shown to help minimize the effects of migraines and headaches by boosting the effects of acetaminophen. The sedative butalbital can help to minimize the anxiety and stress that often comes with these severe headaches.

When determining what the medication is, you need to consider the most common Fioricet uses. Fioricet is designed for the treatment of migraines and tension headaches. Tension headaches and migraines are often quite painful and can slow you down because they limit someone’s ability to be exposed to noise, light and even movement. Many people find themselves becoming bedridden in a dark room until the tension headache or migraine passes. When the Fioricet ingredients are combined, they provide relief from headaches and migraines. This allows people to get on with their daily life as quickly as possible.

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Is Fioricet Safe During Pregnancy?

Fioricet should only be taken when it’s prescribed by a doctor to ensure that the proper doses are ingested. If you are battling tension headaches or migraines, it can serve as a great prescription headache medicine for pregnancy. When women worry about taking Fioricet during pregnancy because they are fearful of it causing birth defects to their baby. Studies have shown that taking Fioricet during pregnancy isn’t dangerous for your unborn child.

Fioricet is a potentially addictive drug so some expectant mothers worry about becoming addicted to the Fioricet during pregnancy. If you take the medication as prescribed and avoid taking Fioricet every day during pregnancy, you shouldn’t develop an addiction to it. Taking the drug in higher doses or more frequently can lead to addiction so follow your doctor’s directions closely.

Fioricet and pregnancy have been shown to be safe, but what about after the baby is born? Mothers often worry that their child will have to go through Fioricet neonatal withdrawal after they are born. They also wonder “Can I take Fioricet while nursing?” Fioricet will not cause your baby to go through withdrawals after birth. The medication travels through your breast milk, but it’s in such small doses that it won’t cause an addiction or adverse effects to your baby.

What are the Side Effects of Fioricet?

There are potential side effects with any medication that you take and taking Fioricet medication is no different. Before you take a Fioricet pill, it’s important to consider the side effects and determine if they are worth risking as an option of how to heal headaches during pregnancy.

The Fioricet side effects during pregnancy are the same as taking the medication when you aren’t pregnant. The Fioricet while pregnancy side effects can seem more intense at times, simply due to the fact your body is changing and some of the side effects may coincide with other issues that arise while you are pregnant. Nausea and vomiting are common side effects associated with Fioricet that can mimic some of the morning sickness that come naturally during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, it’s common to feel tired and lethargic at times. One of the side effects of the medication is that it can also make you feel drowsy and tired. Confusion is a side effect that is common in pregnancy and with taking Fioricet. Many women claim that they have “pregnancy brain” when they are pregnant. They become forgetful or are easily confused at times. Confusion happens from time to time when someone takes Fioricet, but when you are pregnant, being confused could be caused from your pregnancy or the medication.

If you are wondering how long does Fioricet stay in your system, it’s important to determine if you mean how long is the drug active in your system or how long it is still in your system and can be detected on a drug test. When considering how long do the effects of Fioricet last, it’s good to know that it is typically effective for only a few hours. It will wear off over time, however, it will stay in your system and show up on a drug test for days after you take it. The more frequently you take the drug, the longer it will stay in your system.

Can Fioricet Cause Birth Defects?

Many expectant mothers are wary about taking Fioricet in first trimester because they assume that it can cause preeclampsia, birth defects or even wonder can Fioricet cause miscarriage. Studies have shown that taking Fioricet during pregnancy is safe during the first, pregnancy second trimester and even your third trimester. Fioricet is taken so infrequently that it doesn’t actually cause any issues to the baby. Babies whose mothers took Fioricet during pregnancy are not born addicted to the drug either. They will not have to go through withdrawals after birth.

Taking Fioricet while breastfeeding has also been shown to be safe. Your body absorbs so much of the medicine that Fioricet breastfeeding only allows small amounts of the drug to go into the breastmilk. In order to feel comfortable with taking Fioricet and then breastfeeding, you need to do ample research and talk to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to prescribe a dose for you that works well for your body so that as much of the medication can be absorbed as possible. It is even possible for the doctor to run a test on your breast milk for you to be able to see how little medication is in it. This can help to ease some of the anxiety you have about taking the drug.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]

Is Fioricet a Narcotic?

Many people wonder “Is Fioricet a controlled substance?” The answer is, it depends. Fioricet medication is available in different forms. Traditional Fioricet dosage can vary. Fioricet 50mg, 300mg  and 40g are all available. The Fioricet strengths vary based on the amount of pain and frequency of the headaches that someone has. The Fioricet drug class is Fioricet is a Schedule IV drug. On its own, Fioricet isn’t considered a narcotic because it doesn’t have opioids in it.Fioricet with codeineis a completely different classification though because it does contain an opioid and is considered a narcotic.

It’s important to take any medication as directed but taking Fioricet with codeine requires even more care. You want to be aware that it’s possible to be addicted to Fioricet with codeine. You could go through Fioricet withdrawal if you try to stop using the drug after you have been abusing it. There are even times when a Fioricet overdose can occur. This happens when you take too much of the drug for your body to handle. Nausea, loss of consciousness, slowed breathing and many other overdose symptoms are easy to spot in someone else but may be difficult for you to recognize when you are on the drug.

Fioricet High and Addiction

If you’re still wondering “Is Fioricet addictive?” the answer is yes. You can develop a Fioricet addiction based on how does it make you feel. Many people find that taking Fioricet and alcohol intensifies the effects and makes them feel like they are in a dream and have no worries in the world. Drinking while taking Fioricet with codeine is often even more intense and is often where addiction kicks in.

People become obsessed with the feeling of relief that the drug gives them. They enjoy not only being able to eliminate the pain that their tension headaches bring, but also that they don’t have to deal with any stress in their life when they feel high. Once addicted to the drug, many people start taking it even when they don’t have a headache or feel one coming on. They start taking it just so that they can enjoy the high that it gives them. This is dangerous because you could overdose and if you are taking it while pregnant, you could then cause health issues for your unborn baby. Taking the medication as prescribed is safe. Taking it however you want could be deadly for you and for your baby.

Alternatives to Fioricet While Pregnant

If you have had a problem with addiction in the past, you may want to look for Fioricet alternatives rather than trying the drug for the management of migraine in pregnancy. This allows you to ensure that you don’t put you or your baby at risk of addiction.

There are many different ways to effectively treat tension headaches without medications. Some people find that chiropractic care or even acupuncture can be very effective when it comes to treating their headaches. Lack of sleep can cause the headaches to be intensified so taking regular naps during pregnancy could also help to diminish the headaches you have.

Also, your diet can greatly impact the intensity and frequency of your headaches. Foods that are filled with chemicals, sugar, and carbohydrates can be hard for your body to digest and cause you to develop headaches. It’s best to eat as much whole, clean foods as you can so that your body can get the nutrients that it needs in the safest way possible at all times.

Many people find that prepping their food ahead of time makes it easier for them to be able to stick with a healthy eating routine. Having food readily available for you to eat whenever hunger strikes to decrease the chances of you eating something unhealthy just because it’s quick and easy.