SMART Recovery Treatment Programs

Last Edited: December 29, 2023
Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC
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Jim Brown, CDCA
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Understanding SMART Recovery: A Compassionate Approach to Overcoming

In the world of addiction recovery, numerous approaches and programs exist to help individuals reclaim
their lives from the clutches of substance abuse. Among these, SMART Recovery (Self-Management and
Recovery Training) stands out as a unique and effective option. This modern, secular, and science-based
approach empowers individuals through self-empowerment and self-directed change. Let’s delve into
what makes SMART Recovery a vital tool in the journey to sobriety.

The Philosophy of SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is grounded in the empowerment of the individual. Unlike some traditional models of
addiction recovery, which may emphasize powerlessness over addiction, SMART Recovery focuses on
harnessing an individual’s inner strength and choice. It is based on principles derived from evidence-
based psychological therapies, particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Core Aspects of SMART Recovery

  1. Four-Point Program: SMART Recovery’s approach is structured around a four-point program:
    • Building and Maintaining Motivation: Recognizing the reasons for change and keeping the commitment to change.
    • Coping with Urges: Learning to handle urges and cravings without relapsing.
    • Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors: Understanding and changing the thoughts and feelings that lead to substance abuse.
    • Living a Balanced Life: Balancing momentary desires and long-term goals to create a fulfilling life.
  2. Self-Empowerment and Self-Reliance: The program encourages individuals to become self-reliant, giving them the tools to control their addictive behavior, rather than seeing themselves as being in recovery indefinitely.
  3. Scientific Foundation: SMART Recovery is continuously updated and refined based on emerging scientific evidence in the field of addiction and psychology.

The Growing Popularity of SMART Recovery

As of 2020, SMART Recovery operates over 3,000 weekly meetings in 23 countries, indicating its growing
popularity as an alternative to traditional 12-step programs. The increase in the number of meetings and
participants highlights the program’s effectiveness and appeal.

The Effectiveness of SMART Recovery

Studies indicate that participants in SMART Recovery programs show significant improvement in terms
of addiction recovery, psychological health, and quality of life. A 2017 study published in the journal
Addiction Research and Theory found that participants in SMART Recovery experienced improvement in
both substance abuse and emotional health.

How SMART Recovery Differs From Traditional 12-Step Programs

Unlike traditional 12-step programs, SMART Recovery does not require the acceptance of a higher
power or lifetime identification with addiction. It also places a significant emphasis on the latest
scientific research and psychological therapies.

The Role of Meetings in SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery meetings, which can be found worldwide, are free to attend and are facilitated by
trained volunteers. These meetings provide a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can
share their experiences, learn from others, and apply the principles of the SMART Recovery program to
their lives.

Online Resources and Community

SMART Recovery offers a comprehensive online support system, including an online community,
message boards, chat rooms, and online meetings. These resources provide vital support, particularly
for those who may not have access to in-person meetings.

Who Can Benefit from SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery is designed to help anyone struggling with addiction – whether it’s to alcohol, drugs, or
addictive behaviors like gambling. Its flexible approach makes it suitable for people from various
backgrounds and with different beliefs.

The Importance of Choice in Recovery

One of the key tenets of SMART Recovery is the power of choice in addiction recovery. The program
empowers individuals to choose recovery and to find their path to sobriety, which can be particularly
motivating and empowering.

Support for Family and Friends

SMART Recovery also acknowledges the impact of addiction on family and friends. The program offers
resources and support for loved ones, helping them to understand addiction and how they can support
recovery without enabling addictive behaviors.

SMART Recovery offers a refreshing and scientifically grounded approach to addiction recovery. Its
emphasis on self-empowerment, choice, and the application of evidence-based psychological
techniques provides an effective alternative for those seeking a path out of addiction. The growing
popularity and effectiveness of SMART Recovery highlight its importance as a tool in the fight against
substance abuse. For anyone seeking a way to overcome addiction, SMART Recovery represents a path
filled with hope, choice, and the promise of a healthier, more balanced life.

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