Roxicodone Addiction and Rehabilitation

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Dangers of Roxicodone Abuse

Roxicodone is a prescription pain reliever that is prescribed for chronic pain. It also may be prescribed before surgery to sedate the patient and to reduce fear. It dulls the pain receptors in the brain and, at higher doses, also affects the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Roxicodone is an Opioid pain medication that is considered a schedule II drug, which is the highest schedule of narcotics that the DEA deems to have medical uses. Roxicodone is short acting and the 15mg or 30mg tablets are taken as often as every four hours. A prescription is required to obtain the drug, which is considered to have a high potential for abuse. Even though Roxicodone is a prescription medication, it can still be deadly if it is not taken as prescribed.

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People often begin with a legitimate pain and prescription and then become addicted to this medication. Eventually the prescribed dose is not enough to get the same response and subsequently the prescription runs out too soon. Without another prescription or unable to refill it, the person often finds another source to prevent the Roxicodone withdrawal. Very quickly people’s lives become controlled by drugs and the ways and means to get more.

Street Names for Roxicodone

Roxicodone is a dangerous prescription drug that has a high potential for abuse. It creates a euphoric high that keeps people coming back for more. There are people who start off using Roxicodone legally because of pain from an accident or surgery. Roxicodone can also be called: Roxi, Blues,30s, Rox.

Roxicodone Effects

Short-term side effects of Roxicodone use are constipation, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, lack of interest, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, sweating, weakness, and warm flushing of the skin. Any use of narcotics such as Roxicodone has the potential to turn into dependence and addiction. Use of Roxicodone for an extended period of time can cause kidney failure, liver failure, as well as reduction in the brain’s ability to adapt to new input. Continued use of Roxicodone may lead to dependence and addiction, which can lead to devastating circumstances and death. The effects of abusing Roxicodone won’t just pick and choose who it happens to, everyone abusing Roxicodone is at a high risk for catching these life threating effects.

Warning signs of Roxicodone abuse in a loved one

Roxicodone is a highly addictive, schedule II, prescription narcotic used to relieve pain. It is not uncommon for someone who has been prescribed Roxicodone to become addicted to it. This is because Roxicodone creates a euphoric feeling that is just like the euphoria Heroin creates. Just because it is a prescription drug does not mean it is safe. If you are worried a loved one is abusing Roxicodone, here are some signs to look out for:

Roxicodone addiction is hard to hide if you know what to look out for. If your loved one has lost interest in things that once held importance in their life. Such as a love of being outside and now all you find him or her doing is isolating away in the bedroom.

Your loved one may seem tense and unapproachable when abusing Roxicodone. This is because withdrawal symptoms might have set in and he or she is on the hunt to find means to get more before the withdrawal symptoms get to severe for them to think properly.

Another sign of Roxicodone abuse is weight loss. Roxicodone is now the most important thing in your loved one’s life. He or she is going to put the use ahead of food because the high is going to be, in his or her mind, more important than an empty stomach.

Factual Dangers: Roxicodone

There are a lot of things that could make you suspect your loved one is abusing Roxicodone. He or she may have been prescribed to it before and you see the bottles lying around and you don’t know if they are old or new. He or she could have been talking in code over the phone and you overheard. Regardless of why you think he or she is abusing Roxicodone, you must know the signs and symptoms to look out for to be sure about his or her abuse:

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True Stories of Addiction:

Connor was addicted to a drug like Roxicodone for many years. Thankfully, he found it in himself to recover and is living a better life today. – View all episodes now

Roxicodone Rehab Treatment

Roxicodone is habit forming. Even when taken as prescribed, many people find that they cannot stop using it without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. For people who have become addicted to Roxicodone and have trouble functioning without the drug, entering a rehab center is recommended.

Rehab is not a cure but will give you the tools you need to overcome your addiction and learn to live free from mind altering substances. In rehab, you will learn more about your Roxicodone addiction so you feel comfortable and understand you are not alone. Learning more about your addiction will also help prevent a future relapse. You can help prevent future relapse in treatment by working with a therapist. The therapist will ask you many questions and have you work on assignments to try and get out all the negativity that may have triggers your abuse in the first place out on the table. When the therapist feels like you have found the source of your problem, together, you will work through it and make it so you don’t have to feel that pain again.

Rehab teaches you many things and help you on your recovery journey. You will learn about life and how to handle all the craziness of the world without a drug to make you feel comfortable, you will get to the point where you feel comfortable on your own. Most importantly, rehab is going to remind you and teach you how to love yourself. – Learn More

Roxicodone Detox Treatment

During the detox process your body rides itself of all addictive substances. When dependence on Roxicodone occurs, the brain adapts to the substance. When the drug is removed the brain and body must acclimate to the change and the result is withdrawal symptoms. Stopping Roxicodone suddenly can cause unpleasant symptoms; however, you can gradually lower your dose to decrease the amount of discomfort.

Many people require help from a detox center to successfully stop using the drug. Medical professionals may prescribe medication to alleviate discomfort. Detox centers also provide around the clock monitoring to ensure that you are not alone throughout the process. It is vital to properly detox yourself off of Roxicodone. When you are going through withdrawals it will be difficult for you to think about anything else but getting high because you know that will take the pain away. With the help of a doctor and medication the process will be more comfortable for you and allow you to relax a little while you’re going through this process.

Detox is difficult and it takes a strong person to go through it successfully. However, detox isn’t the only thing you need to do for your Roxicodone addiction. There is no magic pill that will keep you away from Roxicodone forever. You will need to follow up your detoxification stay with rehabilitation to ensure long-term recovery and happiness. – Learn More

Addiction to Roxicodone

When you are getting high on Roxicodone, there are many consequences that come with it. You may have started abusing Roxicodone to give yourself a break or to relieve some stress. You have been taking it for a while and see no problem with it because it is a legal drug. Even though Roxicodone is legal, it doesn’t mean it is safe and non-habit forming.

Once your friend told you they have no more Roxicodone to give you, you begin to panic. Your body may start hurting and the craving for the drug is so strong you will do anything to get your hands on it. This is a cause for concern and you may have become addicted to Roxicodone. When you are addicted to something, you are a sick person suffering from a disease that has no known cure. Don’t let anyone tell you they feel you are week because you can’t stop using Roxicodone because you are not.

You are seriously sick. Addiction can take you to dark places because you are no longer in control of your life, the drug is. You may lose all your friends and the support of your family because you have done things to them like lie, cheat, and steal just to get more. No, you are not hopeless, you are just suffering from a serious addiction. There is treatment available like inpatient or outpatient rehab if you are willing to do what it takes to save your life from the depths of Roxicodone addiction. – Learn More

Roxicodone Dependency

Your doctor has just told you he or she is writing your last Roxicodone prescription. Normally you would be excited to get off medication but this time you feel a panic. It brings you back to a few weeks ago when you forgot to take your Roxicodone right when you woke up in the morning. You started to feel so nauseous and weak but as soon as you took that pill you were fine. You are wondering on how you are going to get through that pain because the doctor is taking your prescription away.

You are going to start considering calling some friends you used to party with in high school to see if they can get you some before you run out. You end up meeting with a guy and he sells you some Roxicodone and you tell yourself this is going to be the last time. It wasn’t the last time. You wake up three weeks later in more pain than you were when the doctor took the pills away. You have spent all of your savings on the pills and don’t know what to do. You start to consider doing terrible things to support your habit. Stop. You don’t have to go there.

Your body has developed a physical dependency to Roxicodone. If you want to stop abusing the drug and need help getting there, there is hope for you and your future. You will need to get into a detox facility and head right into treatment. The temptation to use may arise here and there but it is not worth going back to the way you were living. – Learn More

Seeking help for a loved one.

  • Do Roxicodone Interventions Work?
    The intervention process is extremely effective in getting a Roxicodone addicted person into a treatment center where he or she will get the help that is needed.
  • How Do Roxicodone Interventions Work?
    A close group of family and friends will have a pre-written letter that expresses love and concern for their loved ones Roxicodone addiction which will hopefully push him or her to accept the help that is offered.

Intervention for Roxicodone Abuse

Many people start using Roxicodone as part of a pain management strategy prescribed by a doctor. However, the drug causes a sense of euphoria and dulls the pain of emotions as well as physical ailments. Because people find relief from emotional pain and experience a high from the drug, many start abusing it and using it recreationally.

The drug is fact acting and short in duration, which means that users will experience its effects quickly. For people looking for quick relief from suffering use the drug as an escape from reality. Many people who use Roxicodone recreationally are in a state of denial about the gravity of their drug problem. If you feel your loved one is in denial about their Roxicodone addiction, there is something you can do to help.

An intervention is what people use for this type of situation. You will begin by calling an interventionist specialist so you have help properly planning the intervention. Then, you will get some other people who are concerned about the Roxicodone abuser such as friends and family. The interventionist will then meet with most of you one on one to help write a loving script voiced with concern to present to the Roxicodone addicted individual when the intervention is in session. Voicing how his or her addiction makes you feel may open your loved one’s eyes and help them realize there is a real problem. Once the addicted individual has realized there is a real problem and he or she is hurting the people that he or she loves the chances of accepting help are high. – Learn More

Recovery from Roxicodone Abuse

Roxicodone is a dangerous drug that has side effects very similar to Heroin. It is a drug that someone can’t just do a few times and put it down. After a few times of using Roxicodone, you can get hooked and will begin on the road of addiction. Once you are addicted it is hard thinking of life any other way.

You have become so used to having Roxicodone in your life that you feel there will be no life without it. This isn’t anywhere close to being the truth. It is kind of the opposite, once you put down the Roxicodone your life has a chance to blossom into something beautiful. If you have decided you want to put the Roxicodone down, you have made the best decision you could have possibly made. The process of recovery will be detox, rehab treatment, and aftercare.

You will want to detox off Roxicodone in a facility because the withdrawal symptoms can be painful. Detox will also allow your body to be clear from all the toxins once you enter rehab treatment. In rehab treatment, you will learn more about the disease of addiction and about yourself. You will be taught how to combat triggers, and say no to Roxicodone if someone ever offers. Once you have successfully completed rehab treatment, you must get involved with the recovery community to ensure your sobriety. The recover community is a fellowship of men and woman who want to stay clean and sober and better their life. You will meet life-long friends in the recovery community.

  • Is Roxicodone Recovery Possible?
    Roxicodone recovery is possible. You just need to have the willingness to change your life and have the strength to reach out.
  • How Do I Recover from Roxicodone Addiction?
    There are many ways one could recover from Roxicodone addiction. One of the most effective ways would be to attend inpatient rehabilitation.

Dangers of Roxicodone Overdose

Many people who are prescribed Roxicodone don’t understand that it is extremely habit forming. It only takes a short period of time for your body to become chemically dependent on the drug. Even when it is taken as prescribed by a doctor, an addiction can develop. A prescription doesn’t mean using it is completely safe. It works very well for the management of pain, but a tolerance will start to build with continued use.

As the tolerance starts building, you will require a higher dose of Roxicodone in order to produce the same effects. When taking higher dosages of Roxicodone your chances of overdose sky rocket. You could accidently take more than your body can handle and end up overdosing. Some signs of Roxicodone overdose are weak feeling in the muscles, coma, sleepiness, trouble breathing, dizziness, irregular heart beat and unconscious. If you begin to feel any of these symptoms in the slightest way you need to make sure to call emergency services. You wouldn’t want to end up passing out because the overdose is so intense and end up in a coma or even dying because you didn’t call when you should have.

It is scary to know your life can be taken from you at any moment when you are abusing Roxicodone. The only way to prevent Roxicodone overdose is to stop and get the help you need that will end up saving your life. It may be scary to think of life without Roxicodone but once you catch a breath of the sober life you will wonder why you were running from it for so long. Your life is worth giving yourself chance at sobriety. – Learn More

Roxicodone Abuse and Addiction

Roxicodone is a narcotic prescription drug and a brand name of the drug Oxycodone. Doctors will prescribe Roxicodone as a pain relief medication to patients that have been through some sort of accident or surgery. The drug is derived from morphine and has the same effects as Heroin when used in high doses. Roxicodone does its job and is great for reliving pain but it comes with a dangerous side and you can easily become addicted. An addiction will start out slow but will progress in a negative way. There is no moving up in the world once you have become addicted to a drug like Roxicodone.

Roxicodone is a popular drug that users seek because of the high it gives and how quickly you can feel the euphoria. Because it is so popular there are many people suffering with a Roxicodone addiction in the world today. You can develop an addiction to Roxicodone by taking more than prescribed, using it in other ways such as snorting or injecting, or by abusing a friend’s prescription because the high will take you out of reality for a short period of time.

You may think using Roxicodone is harmless because it is prescribed by a doctor. It is a doctor’s job to keep you safe, right? This is true in a sense. The doctor will treat you but once the prescription is in your hands it is ultimately your decision what you do with it. You have the choice to abuse it or tell the doctor you think you have a problem and it is time to take you off the medication.

If you didn’t obtain Roxicodone from a doctor and you are taking it from a friend or buying it from a dealer, you are at the same risk of addiction as someone who has a prescription. This is especially for people who are using Roxicodone to remove themselves from reality because they are not comfortable with who they are as a person. Basically, it doesn’t matter how you started. It is still dangerous to abuse because it is super easy to become addicted too.

Once you have passed the line into addiction you are putting your body at risk for a multitude of health complications. Roxicodone has the power to alter your brain on how it perceives pain while slowing down your heart rate and reducing your reflex to cough. After a few days of abuse, your bodies digestive system will slow down. This, in turn, will cause constipation, stomach cramps, nausea and occasionally vomiting. Along with the brain and digestive system, abusing Roxicodone will also slow your breathing and heart rate. The side effects don’t stop there.

If you are abusing Roxicodone you may always be battling nausea, vomiting, itching, dry mouth, stomach cramps, confusion, weakness, even hallucinations and seizures on a daily basis. You may notice your behavior is off but don’t think that it is because of the Roxicodone. You tell yourself, “oh it is just a bad day” or “I will be better tomorrow.” However, tomorrow never comes and the behaviors stay the same. You are constantly nodding off because you are so tired and always complaining how tired you are. It is normal for you if you are abusing Roxicodone to also lose interest in things that once held the highest importance to you in your life. Your life is changing for the worse daily but you are in denial about your addiction and can’t seem to realize that maybe taking Roxicodone is causing these things to happen.

It may take some time for you to realize your Roxicodone addiction is taking over your life and if you don’t plan on stopping anytime soon you need to learn about the dangers of suffering an overdose. Roxicodone is a dangerous drug and can easily cause you to overdose and if you don’t take care of the overdose it can lead to repertory failure or even death. If you ever feel week, confused, have very clammy skin, have trouble breathing or have a slow heart rate after using Roxicodone make sure you call emergency services immediately. If you don’t take the steps necessary to take care of your overdose, you can become unconscious, fall into a coma, or even pass away due to Roxicodone overdose.

No matter how you use Roxicodone or where you are at in your life, there is still a high risk of you suffering a fatal overdose. Overdoses don’t pick and choose the people it happens too, no matter who you are, you chance of overdose are the same as someone using Heroin. The only possible way to prevent an overdose is to seek treatment for your Roxicodone addiction.

When you seek treatment for your addiction it is important to include a medically supervised detox followed by inpatient rehabilitation. Detox will help to heal your body and rid it from all the chemicals the drugs you were abusing contained. While inpatient treatment will heal your body and soul by taking you through many therapies and getting to the bottom of your addiction. The thought of treatment and living life without Roxicodone can be very scary. If you take the right steps and stay positive, your life will change for the better before you realize it.

Family Therapy for Roxicodone Addiction

Family therapy is a great way to heal the entire family. Family members are included or have their own addiction education sessions, which helps them understand that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing. Members are included in special family therapy group sessions, which lends closure and clarity to all involved.

Together, all family members including the Roxicodone addicted individual will work through problems from the past and come together as a whole unit. All members learn new coping mechanisms and communication techniques to better handle future situations. There may be times in the future where you feel the recovering individual is using Roxicodone again. Attending family therapy will help you go about this situation in a calm manner so if he or she is using he or she can accept the help you are offering. When conversations like that get heated, there is a chance he or she will keep using over accepting the help.

There are three C’s involved with family therapy which help member understand addiction better. They are that you did not cause your loved one’s addiction, you cannot control the addiction, and you cannot cure the addiction. Family members learn that the addiction is not their fault, however they can learn ways to prevent enabling behaviors, which perpetuate the person’s using. All things learned in family therapy will be helpful while the Roxicodone addicted is in treatment and when he or she comes out. You will be able to work together in finding ways to communicate that won’t strike a confrontation. There is no harm with attending family therapy. It will help the addicted individual recover alone with yourself.

Group Therapy for Roxicodone Addiction

Group therapy is a natural ally of Roxicodone addiction treatment. There are various forms of group therapy, including process group, educational group, and experiential sharing. Process groups allow each person to process what is going on with their lives and recovery. Educational groups where everyone learns about addiction and other aspects of healthy living. And experiential sharing groups where each member of the group is able to give and receive feedback and come to understand issues from multiple perspectives.

With experiential therapy, the addicted individuals will learn how to speak up about their emotions instead of mask them with Roxicodone like they have done for so long in the past. Opening up about how they are feeling will give them a good chance at recovery. A common reason why addiction starts is because people weren’t comfortable opening up about their emotions that causes them to need an escape from reality, which for them was Roxicodone. Through group therapy sessions members of the group form strong emotional bonds which helps everyone overcome their addiction.

The support of the group helps people to overcome issues that otherwise would seem insurmountable. Often, isolation and isolating behaviors occur in conjunction with active using, which is why group therapy and support prove instrumental in overcoming the cunning, baffling and powerful disease of addiction. Group therapy is a great way for Roxicodone addicted individuals to overcome their addiction and feel more comfortable sharing their emotions with other people.

  • Why Should I Go to Group Therapy for Roxicodone Treatment?
    Group therapy will show you that you are not alone in fighting Roxicodone addiction.
  • Is Group Therapy for Roxicodone Addiction Helpful?
    When fighting Roxicodone addiction, group therapy will help you find others who are fighting the same battle.

Treu Stories of Addiction: Tanner Finds New Life in Recovery

Tanner had addictive tendencies since he was a young boy. At 9 years old, he started to drink Alcohol and smoke cigarettes with friends. However, his addiction didn’t stop there. He was prescribed an ADHD medication and didn’t like how it made him feel so he started using a drug like Roxicodone to help him fall asleep at night. It wasn’t his intention to become addicted to the drug similar to Roxicodone but it ended up taking over his life. He was in and out of rehab and declared himself as hopeless. He ended up finding the 12-step program and has recovered from his addiction. His life is full of joy today. Watch his story of hope.

Seeking help for a loved one.

  • Why Should I go to Inpatient Treatment for My Roxicodone Addiction?
    You should go to inpatient treatment to save your life from Roxicodone addiction. You will learn a new, healthier way of life while in inpatient rehabilitation.
  • What Will I Learn in Roxicodone Inpatient Rehab?
    You will learn how to cope with your addiction and learn how to live without Roxicodone in your life.

Inpatient Roxicodone Rehab

If you or someone you love is suffering from a Roxicodone addiction, there is hope. Many people have overcome their addictions to Roxicodone with the help of an inpatient treatment center. During an inpatient rehab stay you will be medically detoxed off Roxicodone and medical professionals may taper you off or manage your symptoms with certain medications used solely for opiate withdrawal.

They will constantly be checking your vitals to make sure the detox is going safely and your body is reacting well to the medication. Inpatient rehab stays vary in length, however often the programs range in length from 30 days to a year. Each facility is different however, all residential programs usually include group therapy, one on one therapy, addiction education and family therapy. This form of treatment offers high sobriety rates because they help to address any underlying causes of addiction and they will help to teach the tools to stay clean outside of treatment.

It is truly important to look for inpatient rehab that offers detox and all therapies listed above. Detox will help clear the Roxicodone your body and make the craving for the drug less severe. While therapy will treat you mentally and spiritually. You can’t just detox off a drug and stay off it forever. You will need proper treatment to help heal your mind from the lies your addiction told you. You can live without Roxicodone for the rest of your life if you are willing to do the work rehab and aftercare programs suggest of you. – Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab offers similar programming to inpatient programs, but on a part-time basis. Outpatient programs are typically non-residential and require travelling to the facility several times a week for individual and group therapy. Most programs include some addiction education and may have family therapy options.

Outpatient treatment is typically better suited to someone who has already detoxed off the drug and has stabilized. With this sort of program, the individual is allowed more freedom and responsibility. While this works well for some, others may require the higher level of care. For this reason, it is recommended to attend inpatient rehab and follow it up with outpatient. This way, you will have already detoxed, learned how to process emotions, and combat the triggers of daily life.

If there is no way possible for you to attend inpatient, don’t worry. As long as you are truly ready for change recover is possible. There are going to be some difficult days but keep reminding yourself of where you came from and why you chose to recover in the first place. You have the opportunity for a new life waiting for you in the outpatient and 12-step programs. It just takes some work and dedication. With that work and dedication, you will be able to rebuild a life you never thought was possible. Before deciding on which type of rehab program, talk to a professional who can help assess your needs. – Learn More

  • Why Outpatient?
    If you want to recover from Roxicodone but can’t leave work or family obligations, outpatient will allow you to get the therapy you need while staying at home.
  • What Will I do In Outpatient Rehab?
    When fighting Roxicodone addiction, you will go to outpatient rehab and attend a multitude of therapies to help you recover from your addiction.

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