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Dangers of Subutex Abuse

Subutex is used in treating Opiate addictions; its active ingredient is Buprenorphine Hydrochloride. Subutex works by targeting the Opioid receptors, which control the signals that release dopamine into the bloodstream. Subutex is usually prescribed to help someone withdrawal from opiates; it targets the same Opiate receptors as other Opiates, like Heroin, allowing for people to replace one drug for the other.

Doctors can control and lessen the severity and discomfort caused by Opiate withdrawal with a Subutex taper, which is an initially high dose gradually moving to lesser amounts. Subutex is an opiate and can be addictive. It is common for people who use drugs such as Heroin or Oxycodone, to become addicted to Subutex.

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Since doctors prescribe Subutex for withdrawal, patients can become addicted to that prescription, just as one becomes addicted to Heroin. Even though Subutex is a prescription drug and has many benefits, it can take you down like any other drug because of its addictive properties due to its euphoric tendencies that it gives users.

Street Names for Subutex

People who are suffering from an addiction, who are not ready to go through a detox or rehab program may choose to use Subutex as their new drug of choice. This is not uncommon as people who abuse Subutex are likely to suffer the same exact consequences as those who abuse other Opiates, such as Heroin, Morphine or Oxycodone.

Even though a doctor may prescribe it to someone to help detox off drugs like Heroin or Morphine, it doesn’t mean it is safe. If you feel your loved one is abusing Subutex, knowing the street names can help you know for sure. The street names for Subutex are: Subs, Strips, Withdrawal Drug, and Back-Up plan.

Keep an ear out for these names when your loved one is on the phone. It will allow you to help them get treatment in the proper way.

Subutex Effects

The signs of Subutex addiction are not easy to pin point. If you suspect, you or a loved one is addicted to Subutex it needs to be acted upon as soon as possible. Addiction can lead to serious health problems, physical and emotional harm and death.

Because Subutex is used to help treat people who have become dependent upon Opiates, Subutex abuse will appear similar to other Opiate abuse. Since both drugs are opiate based they will have similar symptoms of abuse.

Some of these Symptoms are: mood swings, change in sex drive, loss of interest in hobbies, and increased tolerance. Other long-term effects of Subutex use are: organ damage, liver damage, depressed respiration, increased blood pressure, confusion, slowed reflexes, depression, anxiety, and brain damage.

Warning signs of Subutex abuse in a loved one

Subutex abuse is dangerous for many reasons. Just because it is used to help people get off drugs, such as Heroin or Roxicodone, doesn’t mean it is safe to mess around with. Your loved one may have just gotten off Heroin but still acts just as he or she did before. It is common for individuals coming off drugs to turn to Subutex as a “safer” alternative; Subutex abuse is dangerous. There are a few signs of Subutex abuse to look out for like:

Subutex abuse is tricky to spot in a loved one, but it’s not impossible. A loved one is may always complain of an upset stomach, when abusing Subutex. This can be a side effect from the medication or him or her coming off Subutex and going into withdrawal.

Another sign of Subutex abuse would be a loss of interest in hobbies. Subutex removes motivation from people, and their goal will be how to get Subutex and stay high. If your loved one is not doing what he or she once loved, it can be a sign of abuse.

You may notice that your loved one has not been sleeping much. When your body is addicted to Subutex if you are not continuously using it all day, you will fell anxious and suffer from insomnia. Keep a look out on your loved one’s odd sleeping patterns.

Factual Dangers: Subutex

If you think your loved one is abusing Subutex, you may feel like your world is falling apart and there is nothing you can do to save him or her. You can help, but your first step is to make sure it is Subutex he or she is abusing, so you can go about getting him or her the proper treatment that specializes in Subutex addiction. Trying to figure out if your loved one is addicted to Subutex is be tricky, here are some signs to help you out:

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True Stories of Addiction: Jes Discovers Self-Love in Recovery

Jess was introduced to a drug like Subutex at an early age. This drug ended up controlling her life, until she found recovery. It is a miracle she is alive and sober today. – View all episodes now

Subutex Rehab Treatment

Since Subutex is an Opiate, the person will need to go through a period of detoxification when he or she is ready to quit using. Detox is going to be painful, so it is best to go to a medically supervised facility. In a medical detox, a doctor will help you taper down from Subutex properly, and give you other medications for withdrawal symptoms, like anxiety or nausea.

Once completely detoxed and clear headed you will be able to get the treatment you deserve. Keep in mind, the use of mood and mind-altering substances, such as Subutex, is well regarded as a coping skill aimed at masking intense emotional and physical pain. Abusing drugs is a symptom of this underlying problem, which, when addressed, will make using drugs pointless. Addiction rehab is aimed at identifying and addressing these underlying problems and learning healthy coping skills.

Each person learns about the disease of addiction and what causes cravings. Through therapy everyone learns how to overcome triggers and stressors in the future without using drugs or alcohol. It is important to get a solid aftercare plan while in rehab so you can insure your long-term recovery. There will be bad days in your recovery, but it won’t compare to how terrible your life was in active Subutex addiction. The combination of detox, rehab, and aftercare will help you live a life of recovery. – Learn More

Subutex Detox Treatment

When your body becomes physically dependent on a substance, it adapts to the presence of the drug. Subutex affects dopamine, for example, which causes the brain to alter the production and expectations regarding the neurotransmitter. When Subutex is removed, it no longer causes the cascade of effects in the brain and body, forcing the brain to adapt to its absence. The brain and body’s lack of the drug is what causes the withdrawal symptoms.

The length and severity of withdrawal depends on the amount used, duration of use, genetic factors, physical factors, as well as many other contributing factors. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include, anxiety, nausea, sweating, diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight loss, vomiting, tremors, aches and pains, headaches, insomnia, cold and flu-like symptoms and intense mood swings. Withdrawal is painful so to combat the effects, go to a detox facility where a doctor will evaluate you and properly taper you off Subutex to make your withdrawals less severe. The doctor will also administer medication to help you with other symptoms such as anxiety or nausea.

Detoxification must be followed up with treatment so you don’t have to go through the pains of withdrawal again, because treatment will prevent relapse. It will also show you how to live life and feel normal without the use of Subutex in your everyday life. – Learn More

Addiction to Subutex

Addiction devastates many Americans today. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that approximately one in every ten American adults struggles with substance abuse. This progressive, deadly and widespread disease quickly and quietly sneaks up on many people. Opiate addiction, including Subutex addiction, is becoming more common as many people are being prescribed prescription pain killers or Subutex for extended periods of time, leading to a dependence and an addiction.

Many people find themselves stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction and cannot see a way out of their existence of substance abuse. It may get to the point where you lose your house or job because you put all your time and energy into finding the means and getting more Subutex to stay high. You may feel hopeless because your addiction has taken over your life, but this isn’t true. There is hope and help is available. Getting help for Subutex addiction is going to take a lot of time and effort, but when you have recovered you will be grateful for every moment.

There are many people who have gone through exactly what you have, so you need to understand that it is possible for you to recover as well. As the numbers of people who are addicted to opiates has risen, so has the number and sophistication of treatment facilities. Reach out and get the help that you need today. – Learn More

Subutex Dependency

Subutex is an Opiate used to treat Opiate addiction. Since it is an Opiate, the person using it will develop a tolerance to the drug. When a tolerance develops toward Subutex, or any other Opiate, a higher dose of the substance is required to obtain the same effects. Subutex is highly addictive and people very easily become dependent upon it, even when they are following the orders written by a professional.

Since Subutex can be addictive itself, doctors usually only prescribe it in the event of an adverse or severe reaction to Suboxone. Subutex may be prescribed to manage chronic pain in some cases as well, however, Buprenorphine is typically prescribed under a different brand name, such as Butrans, for long-term pain management. There are also drug dealers who offer Subutex to their customers who want to get clean off Heroin. The customers then believe they are curing their addiction by taking Subutex, but shortly after, many realize they can’t seem to get off it. When they go a few hours without Subutex, their body gets aches and pains, they are nauseous, and feel the exact same way as they did when trying to get off Heroin. – Learn More

Intervention for Subutex Abuse

The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful and claims the lives of far too many each day. If you believe that a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, especially Subutex, do not hesitate to step in and get that person help. For many people caught in addiction’s vicious grip, denial is a significant factor.

Many people who use Subutex are unaware of how their using and behavior negatively affects themselves and others. An intervention is a great way to communicate concern while showing support in a non-judgmental fashion. An intervention is simply a conversation where the person is confronted about his or her Subutex use and encouraged to find a healthier way to live life. It is important to only tell the Subutex addicted individual how much you love them and how concerned you are for their life. Any spark of negativity or argument could trigger him or her to leave before everyone has had a chance to voice their concern.

It is important everyone gets a turn to speak to the Subutex addicted individual because the more love he or she sees, the more likely he or she is to accept the treatment being offered. Most often, people are encouraged to enter a Subutex addiction treatment center immediately, however, if this is not possible or if the person declines, the intervention was still successful in getting the person headed in the right direction. Any nudge towards a healthier lifestyle is a huge success and may mean the difference between life and death in the long run. – Learn More

Recovery from Subutex Abuse

Recovering from any kind of substance addiction is going to be difficult. When recovering from Subutex, there are some important steps you should take to ensure your recovery. Since Subutex is an Opiate drug, when trying to get off it, your body is going to go through painful withdrawal symptoms. To combat these painful withdrawal symptoms, you should go to a medically professional detox facility and follow it up with Subutex addiction rehab treatment.

Detox will help you clear your mind and rid your body of the dangerous toxins, and treatment will show you that it is okay to live life without the use of Subutex in your everyday life. When you have successfully completed detox and treatment you may wonder what is next for you to do. It is important that you keep in mind your recovery doesn’t just end there and that you are magically cured. You will need to work for your recovery and sobriety daily to stay off of Subutex and all other mind-altering substances.

While in treatment, ask your therapist or a staff member for a list of 12-step meetings around your area and go to them when you get out. Walking into your first 12-step meeting may be intimidating, you will see smiling happy faces. What you may not realize, these faces are going to become your closest friends. People in the 12-step rooms help each other to stay sober and recover from their addiction. It will be good for you to get involved with others that are also in recovery so you don’t end up going back to your old ways.

  • How Do I Recover from Subutex Addiction?
    Inpatient treatment is possibly the best way to recover from a Subutex addiction, followed up with support groups like the 12-step program.
  • Will I Be Bored in Subutex Recovery?
    If you attend Subutex support groups, you will connect with many people, attend various events and participate in numerous activities.

Dangers of Subutex Overdose

Subutex is an Opiate, and as such it is highly addictive and too much will cause an overdose. Even though it is prescribed by a medical professional, it is a strong Opiate and can easily cause physical harm, coma or even death. Signs of Subutex overdose are like an overdose of any other Opiate. Some of these include: shallow or slowed breathing, slowed heart rate, weak pulse, cold or clammy skin, pinpoint pupils, extreme weakness, extreme drowsiness, fainting, hypotension, respiratory depression, blurred vision, coma and death.

Because there is a risk of falling into a coma or even dying when overdosing on Subutex, you need to call emergency services immediately if you notice any of the less dangerous symptoms. This is because emergency services will be able to prevent a fatality from happening. They won’t call the cops on you and report your drug use if you are truly calling them in fear for your life. It is more important to any emergency services to save your life then to get you into trouble with the law. So, don’t let the fear of getting into trouble with the police stop you from calling emergency services if you believe that either you or a friend is experiencing overdose symptoms.

The only surefire way to prevent an overdose is to stop using Subutex and other drugs. If you feel like you are ready to stop, don’t hesitate and make the decision to get the help you deserve. It will be a scary step to make but you will thank yourself when you see what recovery does to your life. – Learn More

Subutex Use, Abuse and Dependency

Subutex is an Opiate drug and is the trade name for Buprenorphine. Subutex is used by medical professionals to assist in Opiate detox treatment. It will help ween you off other Opiate drugs, such as Heroin, without the intense pain of withdrawal and will also reduce the strong cravings for the drug you are trying to come off. Subutex is used for a brief period of time in detoxification centers or will be prescribed for long-term Opiate addiction treatment.

The reason why Subutex is used for your detoxification process is because it is also an Opiate and has the same effects as Heroin. Because Subutex has the same effects as Heroin, it will hit the same Opiate receptors in the brain, which will block you from feeling the full effect of Heroin if you were to go and use while on Subutex. Just because Subutex is prescribed to get you off drugs, such as Morphine and Opium, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for you to get addicted. Remember, Subutex is an Opiate, just not as strong as drugs like Heroin.

It is possible for you to become addicted to Subutex because you feel like it is “safer” than Heroin and can be prescribed by a doctor. It is also possible a doctor gave it to you to treat your Heroin withdrawal symptoms, but you ended up buying it off the street when the prescription ran out, or your Heroin dealer offered you some and you now abuse Subutex because it is a better alternative from Heroin. It doesn’t really matter how you started abusing Subutex though, what matters is you stop your abuse before it becomes a full-blown addiction. You may already be addicted to Subutex without knowing it, if you are curious to know if you have an addiction try and stop or see if you show the signs and symptoms of Subutex addiction.

Subutex addiction is no joke. It can take you down as quick as a Heroin addiction would. If you are addicted you might be losing jobs or missing so much school you had to drop out, neglecting hobbies that used to hold a high importance to you, have violent mood swings, tend to get flu-like symptoms when you haven’t taken Subutex in a while or not having money becomes normal to you. These are just a few symptoms of a greater problem. Things will only get worse if you keep moving forward with your Subutex abuse.

Your life can easily start to fall apart and you will be no different than the guy you have given food who sleeps at the gas station near your house. You will begin to do anything for Subutex, the high will control your life and the disease of addiction will make you feel like everything you are going through is just “bad luck” or “a coincidence.” Well, having your significant other leave you because you are a different person and don’t care about anything isn’t bad luck. Losing your job because you decided to go and get high off Subutex was not a coincidence. These are both direct results of your Subutex addiction. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t fool yourself. You are not special, things will come down on you just as hard or even worse.

There is also the chance you can die from your Subutex addiction. If you aren’t getting it from a doctor and you are buying it off the streets, you could possibly be dealing with some dangerous people. There may be a day you have no means to get the high you need and you feel as if your withdrawals are killing you. So, you make the decision to rob the person who is supplying you with Subutex. You could consider this person a friend because you see them all the time but they could react to your theft in a negative way that will cost you your life.

If you get your prescription from a doctor and that scenario is not possible, you are not off the hook quite yet. Anyone who abuses Subutex has a risk of suffering an overdose. Many people confuse being “really high” with the beginning signs of an overdose. If you don’t catch the signs in time you could fall into a coma and if you don’t get the medical help you need that can lead to your death. Things like this are possible when you are dealing with a Subutex addiction and it may be an eye opener to realize it.

If this did open your eyes, you are probably wondering how you are going to get help. If possible, reach out to family member and friends. Let them know you are ready to take the next step in your life to strive for better things. You will then have the support you need while you will be going through treatment for your Subutex addiction. There are many choices when it comes down to deciding what to do for treatment.

You can choose outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, support groups, 12-step fellowships, therapy or you can choose all five. The choice is yours but it may be a good idea to talk to someone who has gone through what you are going through. For this reason, you should give us a call. We are here to help you figure out what treatment will be right for you. Give us a call. It is never too late to make the decision to better your life.

  • Why Should I Attend Family Therapy?
    You will build a stronger bond with your family and repair any damage caused from Subutex addiction.
  • What Will Family Therapy Help?
    When you abuse Subutex, you may have caused your family great harm. Going to therapy can help your family see you are changing and they will give you their full support.

Family Therapy for Subutex Addiction

When one person falls prey to addictive substances such as Subutex, the whole family of that person feels the impact. Family therapy is a fantastic way to begin the process of healing for the family unit. Education classes help family members learn about the disease of addiction. Everyone is shown how the neurobiological roots of this disease impact people’s behavior, which is as result of the disease and not a moral failing.

Each member comes to understand that the addiction was not his or her fault, and is the responsibility of the one affected. The disease of addiction is confusing and it will take time to truly grasp and understand it. You may never understand it if you haven’t lived with it, but for the sake of the Subutex addicted loved one, it is recommended to at least try. Having more information about the disease of addiction will show you how the drug has affected your loved one and the way he or she was acting isn’t truly who he or she is, it is who the drug made him or her become.

Also, understanding the addiction will give you relief that with treatment, and if your loved one is doing the work to stay sober, he or she will return to the person you always knew him or her as. He or she will be back to the loving self that you once knew before you even realize it. Family therapy sessions are also helpful, because it allows each family member to work through all the problems that have occurred in the past and learn better coping skills for stress that occurs in the future.

Group Therapy for Subutex Abuse

People in Subutex addiction recovery are more likely to stay abstinent when treatment is conducted in groups, like group therapy. The reason for this is believed to be related to the therapeutic factors that group therapy supplies, such as affiliation, confrontation, support, identification and gratification. These are feelings that are going to be new to the Subutex user because he or she has been masking emotions with Subutex. When he or she understands that feeling a certain way is possible, it will help prevent him or her from going back to Subutex as an escape from reality.

Group therapy is conducted within an atmosphere of peer respect, collaboration and, subsequently, brotherly love. Group therapy is conducted this way because it shows people who have been struggling with addiction that others are going through the same thing. It will also remind many that people can be there for each other, not just to get high, but to truly help one another. Each member can give and receive advice, allowing each to learn from others experience and get to know other group members on a more intimate level.

As everyone is dependent on other group members for guidance and support, strong bonds form and life-long friendships are common. Forming these friendships is a vital aspect for recovery. It is always nice to have support from people other than your family that understand how hard recovery can be somedays and will be able to remind each other there is no reason to go back to abusing Subutex.

  • Will Group Therapy Help My Subutex Addiction?
    Yes. Group therapy will show you that you are not fighting your Subutex addiction alone.
  • What Do I Do in Subutex Group Therapy?
    In group therapy, you will talk about your Subutex addiction and relate with others’ battle with their addiction.

True Stories of Addiction: Emily’s Recovery Story

Emily thought she had her addiction under control because she still had a job and a place to live. In reality, her life was completely out of control because she was stealing from her job to support her Subutex habit. She would take advantage of her parents by using drugs in their house because she knew they wouldn’t kick her out. Although Emily had all the drugs she needed, she still felt empty and alone inside. She decided she wanted a change and walked into the 12-step fellowship hoping it would help. After she attended a few meetings, she finally found the Emily she was looking for. Emily is happy today and abusing drugs like Subutex is the last thing on her mind.

Seeking help for a loved one.

  • Why Should I go to Inpatient Treatment for My Subutex Addiction?
    When you are addicted to Subutex, it is a good idea for you to leave the environment you are in, during your recovery, to clear your mind- inpatient rehab can do that for you.
  • Is Inpatient Rehab Successful?
    If you are going to Subutex treatment for yourself, do what is suggested and are vigilant in staying clean, you will have a life-time of sobriety.

Inpatient Subutex Rehab

Inpatient treatment is widely considered the best avenue for ensuring lasting and successful recovery from Subutex abuse and addiction. This is because, inpatient programs offer the most comprehensive and intensive treatment options and are preferred by many experts in the addiction field. With a wide variety of therapies, including individual, group and family therapy, inpatient treatment provides the most support and guidance. The individual addicted to Subutex learns to identify and overcome the underlying issues that drove his or her addiction. This is usually done in therapy.

A therapist’s goal for the Subutex addicted individual is to get to the root of their problem. The therapist will talk with him or her about their childhood, trauma and their daily life before the addiction took over. The therapist may also have him or her do some writing, meditations or healing paperwork packets to help surface the root of his or her Subutex abuse problem. Once the problem has shown itself, the two will begin to work through the emotions that have caused the addicted individual such suffering for the majority of his or her life.

Inpatient treatment offers structured schedules and residential facilities, allowing the Subutex addicted individual to focus on him or herself and leaves the rest to the professionals. Integrate treatment programs provide excellent treatment protocols, which are tailor fitted to each individual and ensure the most effective use of the person’s time and resources. – Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient programs offer similar therapies as inpatient, however on a part-time, non-residential basis. Education groups will help each Subutex addicted individual understand the disease of addiction, while individual and group therapy will help the person identify and overcome the underlying issues that caused the Subutex addiction to take form in the first place. The individual continues to live at home while commuting to the treatment facility several times a week.

Program participants are allowed more freedom and responsibility than those in inpatient treatment. It is highly recommended to attend inpatient before outpatient rehab. This is because the addicted individual will have already been taught how to deal with the triggers and temptations daily life brings. For this reason, outpatient treatment should only be considered for someone who has already completed detox and has fully stabilized. He or she will have also been removed from the real world, allowing him or her to truly focus on themselves and bettering their Subutex addiction.

If inpatient is not something that seems possible, try to pair your outpatient rehab with a support group, such as the 12-step program. This will hold the addicted individual more accountable and introduce him or her to other people who have gone through the same thing and has recovered. Regardless, any type of rehab is going to be helpful for the Subutex addicted individual. It will introduce him or her into the beautiful life recovery has to offer. – Learn More

  • What is Subutex Outpatient Rehab?
    Subutex outpatient rehab is most effective when you have already completed an inpatient program. You will travel to a facility a few times a week for different types of therapy.
  • Why is Outpatient Helpful to My Subutex Addiction?
    Any rehab or therapy is helpful for your Subutex addiction if you listen and do what it takes to recover.