Minnesota Addiction Treatment

Last Edited: September 24, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

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Finding Substance Abuse Treatment from Minnesota

Minnesotans aren’t people to showboat, but in addition to their famous lakes, their cross-country skiing, delectable apples, and Izzy’s Ice Cream they have one of the nation’s lowest rate of deaths due to drug-related incidents. While that’s a great accomplishment, Minnesotans continually turn to those that need help with their addiction.

With a wide variety of treatment centers in the country, we invite you to contact us so that we can help you choose a program that’s right for you. Once your system is clean, it’s easier to think more clearly and it’s likely that you’ll be glad you took the rehab route. After all, it’s nearly impossible to reach your life’s potential if your addiction is holding you down.

In This Article

Many people who fall ill to drug addiction and alcoholism feel that they have no hope because their addiction is too strong. That is not true. Help is available and you can live a life without having to be held hostage by drugs and alcohol.

It is our goal to help you get into a rehab facility that meets all your personal needs. Everyone suffers from addiction for a different reason. There are rehab centers that can help you get to the bottom of that reason and teach ways to avoid going back down the path of drugs and alcohol.

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