Nebraska Substance Abuse Treatment

Last Edited: September 27, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

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Facing Substance Abuse Treatment in Nebraska

Nebraskans are well known for their enthusiasm. Need proof? Go to a sports game or hang around during the 4th of July, and why shouldn’t we? Nebraska offers much to be proud of. Maybe one of the most important sources of pride is ranking 3rd in the country for lowest number of drug-related deaths.

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This doesn’t mean that there is no addiction problem in Nebraska. In fact, Nebraska has a higher percentage of alcohol abuse than the US average. This just means that help is available. In fact, there is plenty of help. Alcohol and drug abuse exists everywhere. The important thing to remember is that there are treatment centers that can offer you help.

The hard part isn’t finding a rehab center in Nebraska, the hard part is deciding it’s time to go into substance abuse treatment. If you are considering treatment or have already decided on it, you’ve come to the right place.

If a friend or family member has an addiction problem, reach out immediately. Everyone caught in the grips of addiction needs help to overcome this deadly and devastating disease. The person needs your help, love and support to find his or her way back to a healthy, happy life.

Consider talking to the person or staging an intervention. We can help you find a professional interventionist, get you in touch with treatment centers and answer any questions you have about the disease of addiction and how to overcome its symptoms.

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