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Finding Substance Abuse Treatment in Utah

Some of us wonder why we’re called the Beehive State. Utah residents were seen as those whom lead the rest in frugality and diligence. The diligence and perseverance still runs through our spirit today and that may be part of why so many treatment centers in Utah have a respectable success rate. While you may have dove into using drugs and alcohol with both feet, your determination will do you good when it’s time to work at recovery. However, when pursuing recovery, you should examine to see if it’s possible that you are not only physically addicted, but also mentally addicted. Also, keep in mind that it is much more expensive to be on the drug than off of it. Stop addiction from taking everything from you.

You do not deserve to get your life stolen from you. Drugs and alcohol may provide a temporary outlet but will do more harm than good in the long run. Take a step back and look at your life. Are drugs and alcohol worth the havoc? We think not. You deserve to life a happy, joyous, and free life.

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Over 124,000 people in Utah reported to recent Alcohol abuse

An estimated 61,000 people in UT abuse illicit drugs

Utah saw 646 people die from drug overdose in 2015


stop substance abuse.

Why wait any longer? Call us today if you live with a substance abuse problem in Utah and are seeking professional help There is no reason to wait, start working toward your happy, healthy life now. When you call, we will help you decide the best treatment center to fit your needs. Don’t waist another day on your addiction. Whether you want to stay near home or spend some time out of town we can find the right place for you.

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Utah Drug & Alcohol Detox

Detox and rehab go hand in hand. Detox takes care of the medical side of treatment, rehab heals the mind and soul. Detox may be painful. However, there are medications available to help you remain comfortable while the drugs and alcohol are leaving your system.

Some detox medications are Suboxone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone and Valium. In addition to assisting in the removal of excess dopamine, these medications will also curb cravings that arise while your body is trying to rid itself from harmful chemicals.

It’s important to remember that detox is not rehab, it is only the first step to treatment. Detox alone will not recover your healthy lifestyle. Rehabilitation is needed to ensure long-lasting recovery.
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Utah Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Rehab is where your work begins. In rehab, you will be introduced to group and individual therapy. Group therapy will help you attain the social skills needed to live a sober lifestyle. Individualized therapy will help you figure out why you started drinking or using. The therapies will also help you create new, healthy behaviors.

When creating new and healthy habits, your determination is what will get you through the tough times. Many scenarios could occur that may make you feel like abandoning rehab altogether and go back to your old ways. Tap into that willpower and rehab will get easier as you obtain tools to help you make healthy decisions.

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Best Utah Treatment Centers

Finding Treatment in Utah

Of the reputable treatment centers in Utah, there are options that align best with your beliefs or personality style. Treatment centers vary from faith-based programs to holistic programs to even luxury programs where they include gourmet meals and massages in their treatments.

Contact us at (866) 578-7471 and we’ll determine what treatment centers your insurance covers and help you decide which ones of those will best suit your needs.

Treatment will start with detoxification for the body and then move to rehab for the body and soul. You may think to yourself that recovery is an impossible goal. However, treatment teaches you the tools necessary for long-term recovery. There is a perfect treatment facility for you, one that meets your individual needs. All you have to do is reach out.

Should I Travel for the Best Addiction Treatment?

Because traveling for treatment is a personal decision. There are pros and cons for both choices, and there are some things to keep in mind when making the decision.

Will it be hard for friends and family to support you through visits? Do you think it will help you recover, to remove yourself completely from your old surroundings? Are the risks of staying, greater than the benefit of travelling for treatment?

Often, travelling for treatment is the best option even though it means being apart from loved ones. However, treatment does not last forever. Your family and friends can support you from afar. Removing yourself from your old environment will help you recover. Traveling away from home will improve your chances for success. Put faith in traveling for treatment and choose what’s best for you.

Intervention: The Wakeup Call They Need

Known as the Beehive State, Utah is well known for the diligence and perseverance of its people. But addiction is no respecter of people or circumstance.

Many addicted people don’t realize that they’ve developed an addiction that is destroying their lives, even when the evidence is all around them. An intervention, planned with love and support, is often the splash of cold water that snaps them back to reality.

If you know of a friend or family member suffering from addiction, your love and patience will serve them well when overcoming their dependency. They might need your help to get started, however, so call (866) 578-7471 today to talk to a professional interventionist. Your loved one needs you, so don’t wait. Call today before it’s too late.

Recovery Aftercare in Utah

Once you have been through treatment, you may feel like you’re done and you’ll live happily ever after. Recovery, however, is something that will continue every day, because each day you will be faced with new challenges.

Before you leave the treatment center, meet with your therapist to discuss aftercare options. There are a lot to choose from, your aftercare will be as unique as you are. Some of the most popular aftercare options are sober living houses and fellowships. You could even do both. In fact, it’s recommended that you participate in a fellowship anyway, as it provides you with a supportive and understanding community and friendships.

Contact us today for more information on aftercare plans, outpatient programs, sober livings, half way houses, and more. (866) 578-7471

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease that has no known cure. It can, however, can be arrested by going through detoxification and treatment.

Addiction can strike anyone regardless of race, creed or religion. It hits no specific age group, it can materialize in anyone. Addiction isn’t a choice, people don’t plan on getting addicted to drugs and alcohol.

It can start out as an experiment and eventually lead into a full fledge addiction. When an individual abuses drugs and alcohol for a long period of time his or her body will then start to build a tolerance and develop a craving for the substances. This causes the substance to take ahold of the mind, body and soul. The only option then is treatment.

How Much Does Utah Treatment Cost?

Treatment can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars. That doesn’t narrow it down much, does it?

When reviewing your options, your first should be to find out what your insurance covers and work from there. If you don’t have health insurance, there are programs with sliding scale fees. Utah even has grants for those unable to afford rehab at all. There are also treatment facilities that are funded by the state. You will have to go through the process of getting on insurance. But it will be worth it because it will save your life.

Trying to sort through all of this information can be overwhelming sometimes. Call us today to explore your options and find affordable treatment that’s right for you.

“Today I know that I am in charge of the quality of my life.”

Addiction can throw your life into an uncontrollable downward spiral. Without help, it can be almost impossible to turn your life around. We are here to help you stop the spiral and get the quality of life you deserve. Call us today to start on the path to recovery!

Addiction and Treatment

Addiction seeks to destroy both your mind and your body. Although it may begin with a means to cope, or a way to pass the time, eventually addiction will force you to succumb to itself, taking over your entire life. However, there is a way to get your life back on track, and that is through treatment.

Get to Treatment. Get your Life back on Track.

People tend to believe that treatment is just detoxing and then going to meetings, but it’s much more than that. Treatment is all about healing both your mind and body, and attacking the reasons for addiction, as well as to why you would turn to a substance in the first place. It’s all about learning how to live life without the use of drugs or alcohol, because, although not apparent at first, you won’t know how to do a few basic things without the use of a substance to guide you through everyday life. Essentially, if you want your life to get back on track, a getting treatment for your addiction is the best way to make recovery last a lifetime.

Life of Recovery

First thing to do is to commit to a life without the harmful substances. After dedicating yourself to a life of sobriety, the first thing to do is to rid the body of the drugs or alcohol that are in your system. Detoxing, as it’s called, puts your body through a long and harsh phase that helps it get back to a state of natural homeostasis. Because of the strain your body can go through, it’s important to find a detox center with medical professionals that will assist in the withdrawal symptoms. The purpose of this is to leave the body’s nervous system with minimal discomfort.
After purging the harmful toxins from within your body, it’s important to realize that although the physical issues with addiction might have gone, or at the very least are healing, the mental damages of addiction are still present. Specifically, the reason you began using in the first place along with the mental need to continue to use will still be lingering. Treatment must follow detox in order to properly battle against the mental issues associated with addiction.
As soon as you enter into an inpatient treatment facility, you are greeted by staff members who are there to help you succeed in the battle against addiction. Finding the right treatment facility after detoxing is important, as this place is going to help you get back on your feet in a life of sobriety. It’s here that you will be able to focus solely on the recovery process without the distractions of everyday life. As well, you will also be given instruction and assistance in your life outside of a treatment center.
It should be noted that there are a plethora of different treatment options to fit any one person, and that is because no two people are alike. There are a wide variety of therapies available to suit your needs to help create the most effective recovery process there is. It should be noted that Psychotherapy has been clinically proven to assist individuals in understanding the nature of addiction as well as developing new skills and patterns that support a life without a substance.
Finding the reason, and in turn, the nature of your substance abuse and addiction is important to the continued existence to the life of sobriety. Oftentimes, there are painful memories or experiences that contribute to addiction. It’s important to be able to find a treatment center that fits your needs and doesn’t contribute to a relapse of substance abuse. It’s here that you will find the tools to continue life outside in normality.
There is also the possibility of going through an outpatient clinic if an inpatient center is not available for you. An outpatient clinic, unlike an inpatient treatment center, is essentially the opposite; it allows you to attend recovery without having to put life on hold and still engage with other daily activities, like work or school.
Sober living is also an option, either instead of or after the inpatient or outpatient facilities. It is a living arrangement, typically for people who have recently come out of a rehabilitation center and helps with the transition back to the world. Sober living is sometimes an option that people tend to pass this option by, as it’s not really a required element of the treatment and recovery process like detox and rehabilitation, but rather a helpful step. Nevertheless, it is recommended as it helps provide a smooth transition back into normalcy.
It’s important to note that treatment isn’t over after rehab; finding a meeting and a place to discuss your story of addiction and listening to others tell theirs is an ongoing process. Finding the right community is an integral part of life after rehab. As well, finding the right sponsor, someone who will help you continue your life of sobriety, is essential to your continued treatment. You should never have to go through addiction alone, because there is always help.
Finding the right treatment is important in a continued life of sobriety. There is a center for everyone seeking help, and from that center, your continued recovery and eventual life of sobriety will come naturally. All you have to do is reach out and start looking. Call 866-578-7471 to start your journey in recovery.

Has Your Use Crossed the Line to Abuse or Addiction?

If your life revolves around using drugs or drinking alcohol, if you’ve tried to stop and have been unable to, if you can never have enough of a substance; you may have crossed a line. If your priorities have changed dramatically since using the drug or drinking the drink; it’s time to take a good, hard look at rehab.

Rehab is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s certainly not the end of the world, although it may feel like it at first. Rehab is, in fact, the beginning of a healthy you, armed with tools and support, to become a productive and healthy member of society again.

If you wish to rejoin society and regain your happiness, there are many treatment options available. Contact us today to discuss your options with an addiction specialist.

Living in Recovery

Simply put, recovery is the process of overcoming addiction. It is a way of living a happy and full life beyond the darkness of addiction.

If you have a substance addiction or alcohol abuse problem, you have probably started to notice that parts of your life are slipping away. The best way to get the things that matter in your life back is to get into a rehab facility.

Recovery can be a daunting proposal, you may even find a life without substances unimaginable. You don’t have to do it all at once though, you just need to take the first action. Call us today and we will help you find the best treatment option for your circumstances; we will help you begin your recovery.

Stats & Facts

  • Opioids contribute to approximately three out of four drug overdose deaths.
  • An average of 21 Utah residents die each month from prescription Opioids.

84.9% of people do not get necessary treatment for drug abuse despite their need for care.

  • In 2015, over 75 percent of adults in substance use disorder treatment statewide had completed at least high school.
  • The public system is currently serving 14,841 individuals, or 10 percent of the need.

Nearly 12,000 adolescents, in the past year, reported recreational use of pain relievers.

Alcohol impairment is a factor in 16% of all fatal crashes.

  • An estimated 91.2 percent of people did not receive needed treatment for Alcohol abuse.
  • In 2013, the death rate due to drug poisoning was 57 percent above the national rate.

Getting Help in Utah

If you or someone you love is experiencing problems related to drug and alcohol abuse or addiction, there is hope and help. Click the button for information about the rehab process and get help for yourself and the people you care about.


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