Maryland Substance Abuse Treatment

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment from Maryland

The state of Maryland is home to more than 6 million people, many of whom are in the grips of a devastating illness. The disease of addiction affects approximately one in 10 American adults, per the Center for Disease Control.

Anyone can become addicted to mood and mind altering substances at any time. Some people become addicted after the first use, while others require a longer period of exposure before the substance takes control of his or her life. What once was a celebratory experience or an aspect of social gathering can turn into something dark and deadly.

Many people with these disorders live with feelings of guilt, shame and hopelessness. However, those struggling with addiction should not be without hope. There is a way to regain your sense of self and find joy in living again.

Understanding that addiction is a mental illness and not a mere failure of willpower is the first step to helping a loved one with the disease. For anyone who has become addicted, only abstinence has proven to have long-term positive results. Most people need professional help to stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

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Maryland Drug & Alcohol Detox

Once you have decided that you are sick of using drugs and alcohol, the next step is to get help safely stopping all mood and mind altering substances.

The first phase of treatment is detox. Some of the most frequently abused substances, such as Benzodiazepines and alcohol, may cause deadly side effects if stopped suddenly. To avoid these potentially harmful consequences, the nurses and doctors in a detox center will monitor and support you through the cleansing process. Your mind and body will then reacclimate to normal levels of neurochemicals.

Many people are hesitant to start this vital first step due to apprehension regarding the level of pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal. However, with the help of medication and other healing remedies, the professionals can help you detox safely and as comfortably as possible.

Maryland Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Regardless of whether a person has an extensive or relatively short history with substance abuse, rehab treatment services will benefit you, by helping you get back on your feet, free from substances.

To get treatment for alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder and have effective results, consider going to a rehab facility. Rehab centers provide care, support and the necessary tools to overcome triggers for years to come.

As you begin your stay in a rehab, you meet with an addiction specialist and go through an evaluation process. The evaluation helps the medical professionals design an individualized plan to meet your needs. This ensures that you get the most out of your time and resources during your stay in a treatment center and are proven to produce the best and longest lasting results.

Finding Treatment

People who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to show many of the same signs. Appearance and health begin to decline. Obligations and responsibilities are not being met. Uncharacteristic money problems begin to arise. Maybe the most telling sign: you’ve tried to stop on your own but you can’t.

If you are considering getting the help you need and deserve, let us help you find the right place. Given the wide variety of methods that aim to treat addiction, finding the best treatment center for your needs could mean the difference between life and death.

To ensure you have found the right place you will need to inquire about the specifics of the center you are considering. The process may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Traveling for Treatment

Many people find traveling to be the number one way to ensure the time to focus on yourself. If you want to find love for yourself and learn how to be successful and happy without substances, consider traveling to a rehab.

Travelling for treatment is recommended to many people embarking on a life in sobriety. Often, negative influences can prove fatally detrimental to one’s recovery. Even though you may be working hard to make a better life for yourself, not everyone is doing the same and they may attempt to pull you back into the lifestyle of using. To give yourself and your new life the best chance possible, get away from such distractions by travelling for treatment.

We will help you with the process of getting the quality treatment care you deserve call (866) 578-7471 to discuss your options.

Why Is Intervention Important?

Maryland is a state that has it all; beaches, city skylines, and unfortunately, a high prevalence of drug addiction. Fortunately, treatment centers are just as widespread, so if you know of a loved one struggling with addiction, there is help out there.

These trained professionals can guide, lead interventions to help you get through to your loved one in need. Interventions that include the help of a professional tend to be far more constructive and successful than those that are not.

Remember, your loved one may not comprehend they have a problem, even if his or her life is getting out of control. Your love and support is needed to help him or her through this difficult experience. Please, do not wait. Far too many people die unexpectedly of this cunning, baffling and powerful disease.

Living Your Recovery

Maryland offers some amazing outdoor opportunities, from nature trails to awesome beach parties and everything in between. With all of Maryland’s beautiful beaches and welcoming weather, there’s certainly a great deal to enjoy once free of the mind-addling haze of drugs and alcohol. From ComiCon and Highland Games to music festivals and more, there’s always some kind of event to enjoy.

When living a life of recovery, it’s important to form habits that are conducive to a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. If a person in recovery continues old hobbies that may have contributed to addiction, the chance of relapse increase.

Healthy and drug-free doesn’t mean that life is boring. Those in the recovery community are some of the most fun-loving people around. You will find a more exciting life once immersed in sober community.

Treatment Options in Maryland

Maryland has a multitude of treatment options. There are many facilities, meetings, and a small army of people ready and willing to help you find the path to a better life.

Treatment modalities span a wide array of methods and many treatment centers incorporate a variety to ensure that each person finds what works best for him or her. From Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Art and Music Therapy, among others, as well as holistic healing practices such as massage and yoga.

Addiction is not a life sentence or a hopeless situation, no matter how dire it may feel. People overcome their addictions every day. We learn more and more about how to successfully treat addiction as time passes. Even the most hesitant person has become enthusiastic to maintain a sober life after clearing his or her mind.

Aftercare Services in Maryland

Learning to live free from drugs and alcohol doesn’t end with inpatient treatment. The real test begins when you step through the doors on your last day and face the world newly sober.

Anyone who has been through the process attests to the importance of aftercare. This refers to a plan for continued support and connection to a sober community following the present stage of treatment.

For many people aftercare looks like a sober living facility or daily 12-Step meetings. The best possible outcome typically comes when a combination of aftercare programs is utilized. You will certainly find the guidance and encouragement necessary living in sober living and attending meetings regularly. Give us a call today and we will figure out, together, what aftercare options there are for you.

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’”

Although recovery may seem like a hard goal to reach, it isn’t. The only thing you have to do in order to achieve recovery is want it to better your life. You deserve to be happy and recovery can do that for you. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you get the treatment you so deserve.

Pregnancy and Crack Cocaine

The term “Crack baby” was coined during the surge of infants born to mothers addicted to Crack Cocaine. These women were addicted to the drug during what has been described as the “Crack epidemic” of the 1980s and many continued to use while pregnant.

While Cocaine is considered a rich man’s drug, Crack Cocaine entered the picture and offered a more intense high for a fraction of the cost.

The prevalence of use within many urban areas in the United States, led many an expert to prophase of future catastrophe and a so called lost generation. They were wrong, thankfully. However, the abuse and health risks assigned to these children are significant however, the culprit may be surprise you.

Crack Cocaine: Facts

Derived from the coca plant, Crack Cocaine is an illegal substance with severely addictive properties. This crystalized and diluted form of Cocaine got its name from the cracking sound it makes when smoked.

The low cost of Crack Cocaine make it the go-to substitute for those already addicted to Cocaine. Due to this lighter financial burden, many people switched to using the stronger, cheaper and more readily available drug. Though most commonly smoked, some users may inject the drug to achieve a more intense high.

Crack Cocaine, a central nervous system stimulant, results from the combination of Cocaine with toxins such as ammonia and applying heat. This process removes the hydrochloride and lends a crystalized form of Cocaine.

The immense effects of the drug on the central nervous system are incredibly intense. The euphoric effect is so rapid and strong that it is believed by some to take over the life of the user from the very first use.

Treatments Prove Hopeful for Infants Born Addicted

Prior to birth, mother and child are so closely bound that they are essentially one. Statements from the National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIH, indicated that each year an estimated 750,000 children are born who were exposed to Crack Cocaine while in the womb.

A fetus has an underdeveloped system and therefore more time is required to remove toxic substances from their tiny body. Damage to the rapidly developing neural networks is potentially much greater than that done to the mother.

Crack Cocaine restricts the vascular system and subsequently decreases the amount of oxygen received by the fetal brain. Scientists suggest that this oxygen deficiency many significantly impair neural development.

Infant Addiction Treatment

The health problems possibly created by in utero exposure to Crack Cocaine are significant, but not insurmountable. The profound ability of children to overcome even the most devastating circumstances continues to impress.

There is no doubt that serious and concerning potential damage is posed to the fetus when exposed. However, given that the unborn child lives until childbirth, the damage done may prove curable with love, extra care and hard work.

From day one, children exposed to such psychoactive addictive drugs in utero demand special accommodations and care. The optimal environment for these children starts with addressing their special sensory needs and strengthening their responsiveness to social stimuli.

These children should have a limited number of caretakers to increase their comfort level and limit disruptive influences. Soothing bonding activities, such as structured physical contact, eye contact and soft talking will help keep these children consistently soothed, touched and comforted without overstimulating.

Distinguishing Factors are Environmental

All problems directly caused by prenatal exposure to Crack Cocaine are likely able to be remedied. This, in and of itself is a miracle considering the toxicity and disruptions that the drug causes. The problem remains, however, in a broader issue: poverty. The children born addicted or who were exposed in the womb tend to be born to impoverished parents and lack the necessary medical, social and other forms of support to overcome the early obstacles.

One study funded by NIDA, followed children exposed to Crack Cocaine in utero throughout childhood and into adulthood. This multi-decade study revealed that the differences between children who were and were not exposed were not great enough to draw a correlation. It seems that the early exposure to Crack Cocaine did not produce the prophesized symptoms that the medical community expected to devastate these individuals’ lives.

The children followed in this study came from the inner city of Philadelphia. Often, they tested below expectations on tests that aim to rank their IQ and other measurements pertinent to their age group. Poverty itself is to blame for deficits, or so this study’s researchers finally concluded.

What about poverty specifically was to blame? Many of the children followed in the study had witnessed death and extreme violence by the age of 7. Experiences such as this lead to behavioral, emotional, cognitive and other such problems throughout their childhood development.

The children that did the best seemed to receive the most comfort, love, stability and support and the factor of early exposure to Crack Cocaine did not appear relevant.

The reality of what afflictions matter most has proven far more complex than the original predications of a “lost generation.” Despite the dire circumstances that these children live with daily, this research still points to the endless ability for humanity to overcome adversity.

After all, what a single human being is capable of no one can predict.

Maryland & Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems facing Maryland citizens. 748 Heroin related deaths were recorded in Maryland in 2015, which is nearly two and a half times as many Alcohol related deaths. Heroin abuse has increased exponentially over the past decade and the death toll is still rising.

Drug abuse is a serious problem accounting for thousands of lives lost and immense loss of health, prosperity and relationships. Individuals who took a wrong turn and became addicted drugs need all the help they can get to remind them there is such thing as health and happiness. They need you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse or addiction symptoms, please, reach out and get the help you need and deserve today. Our number is: (866) 578-7471.

Maryland & Alcoholism

Alcoholism is an increasing problem for citizens of Maryland. Since 2010, the number of deaths attributed to alcohol has been rising steadily and in 2015 totaled 309, nearly double that of five years prior.

Alcohol has to be one of the most abused drugs in the world. Due to its legal status and how easy it is to obtain; many individuals do not realize the dangers that alcohol poses. Alcoholism is a deadly disease which requires help to overcome and thankfully there is help out there.

If you or someone you love struggle to control or cannot stop drinking, reach out and get the help you deserve. Far too many people are dying of alcoholism, a treatable disease. Get help today and recover from this progressive and deadly disease.