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Tracy asked 3 years ago

I can’t seem to stop drinking. Every time I try I feel like I can’t breath so I take a drink to feel better. I would go to treatment except I don’t have the time. How long does treatment last?

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Keith answered 3 years ago

Inpatient treatment varies by program. It also depends on how long you need to recover. It sounds like you need help detoxing, which is shorter than inpatient rehab. Typically people need detox, followed by inpatient, but you can also do detox followed by outpatient if you absolutely cannot get the time off. Keep in mind that your sobriety is the most important thing. Alcohol is dangerous to stop suddenly and if you feel like you can’t breath you need to find a detox center now. Alcohol detox can be deadly if not managed properly. A detox center can help.

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