Pregnant Women Addiction Treatment Program

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The day one learns that a new life will be coming into the world should be met with nothing but happiness and joy. When an individual is using and unable to stop, however, this news can also come with a great deal of concern and apprehension.

Substance abuse and addiction combined with pregnancy brings an array of special concerns and complications.

In some cases, the mother cannot fully detox from substances without causing damage to her unborn child. This is often the case with Opioids. In these cases, the mother may be prescribed an Opioid medication, such as Methadone or Buprenorphine to prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms.

Other substances can cause significant problems that must be addressed during pregnancy. All drugs are thought to increase the potential of developing birth defects and other long-term consequences.

For a woman who is pregnant, there is never a better time to get help with your drug or Alcohol abuse problem. Getting the proper medical and psychological treatment means the difference between life and death for you and your baby.

Don’t wait until the situation becomes tragic. Get help today. Below is compilation of treatment centers that accept or focus on the specific needs of pregnant women.