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Faith Based Treatment Programs

Faith plays an enormous role in our lives. Many argue that life without a higher power of any kind is a life that lacks fulfillment. When one believes in a higher power, the world ceases to cause the same kind of fear and anxiety as a life spent alone.

Many studies have been conducted regarding the role of spirituality on healing the mind and body. The healing and calming aspects of prayer, meditation and belief have no limits.

Addiction is a disease that affects people of all faiths indiscriminately. This mental illness has reached epidemic proportions and claims the lives of over 52,000 Americans a year. Overdose deaths are now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, above car accidents and gun-related deaths.

12-step based treatment programs may be in the majority and are spiritually based programs. 12-step programs encourage belief in a higher power, however do not differentiate based on the identity or characteristics of that higher power.

Faith-based programs are addiction treatment programs that center on one religious belief. Many people of faith require addiction treatment as addiction affects people from all demographics. Below is a list of faith-based programs, which can help treat addiction through one’s religious understanding.

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