Jewish Treatment Programs

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The disease of addiction is a complicated, multi-faceted mental illness that affects people from all demographics and belief backgrounds. Addiction is thought to be a disease that affects people physically, mentally and spiritually.

Substance abuse disorders and addiction require intensive and comprehensive treatment. Without proper care, many people eventually die tragically and unexpectedly from this disease.

When it comes to treating addiction, there are many different ways to address the spiritual aspect. 12-step programs are spiritually, but non-religiously based. This means that all you need is higher power and the particulars of your beliefs are of no consequence.

Understandably, people of faith often opt for a treatment program that includes their religious values and beliefs. By participating in a Jewish based treatment program, one can associate and bond with others who hold similar beliefs and perspectives.

The power of belief is enormous and known to promote positive results when healing from any illness, and addiction is no different. The value in having one’s addiction treatment framed in such a way that works with one’s beliefs, or furthers them, can be immeasurably help an individual recover from the disease.