Mormonism Addiction Treatment Program

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The role of faith and belief is one of major foundational aspects in life. Addiction treatment programs that are congruent with one’s religious beliefs can be all the more successful at promoting recovery.

The disease of addiction affects the individual physically, psychologically and spiritually. A successful treatment program aims to heal and remedy the harm and suffering for all aspects of the disease.

Faith-based treatment programs can be especially beneficial and helpful in promoting sobriety in an individual. It can be to one’s great advantage to have addiction treatment framed such that it considers and incorporates one’s own religious beliefs and values.

Mormon addiction treatment centers are often chosen over non-religious based treatments by those who adhere to the Mormon religion. These programs help heal the harm done by the disease of addiction while acknowledging, furthering and healing one’s connection with God. Addiction education is also a cornerstone of treatment, teaching individuals about the disease of addiction in terms that are congruent with one’s religious beliefs.

There are plenty of high-quality Mormon based programs to choose from. Below is a list of top addiction treatment centers that are centered on the Mormon faith.