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12 Step Addiction Treatment Program

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12 Step Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction threatens everything good in a person. All opportunities, hopes, relationships and health all become spoiled and ruined. When you find yourself obsessing about any substance, looking forward to an event simply because it involves using, then it may be time for a 12-step program.

12-step programs are the oldest and most successful programs for the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. These programs have helped millions of people worldwide recover from substance abuse disorders and addiction.

In the 1930’s, the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous marked the beginning of a new age and solution for those unable to control their drinking. Shortly after, Narcotics Anonymous was formed to cater to those struggling with narcotic substance abuse and addiction.

Since then, many organizations that used the original 12-step recipe have come into existence. Cocaine, Heroin and many other substances all have their own 12-step program.

These programs are successful because they help people learn a better way of living in addition to helping overcome addiction. The main focus is on not using, however, as a result, people find that their quality of life in sobriety far exceeds any and all expectations.

If you struggle with substance abuse, find a 12-step program today. Below is a list of treatment centers that incorporate the 12-steps.

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    500 W 57th St
    New York, NY 10019
    The overarching goal of treatment at ACI is to improve our patients lives in all areas of life: physical, emotional, familial, occupational, and social. This is accomplished in a patient-centered, trauma-informed therapeutic environment. Our comprehe...
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    323 Derry Road, Hudson, NH 03051, United States
    HCRC provides integrated medical and counseling approaches grounded in an individualized recovery-oriented philosophy that treats addiction as a bio-psychosocial disease. These services include pharmacological treatment with methadone and other medic...
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    12851 Grand River Ave
    Brighton, MI 48116
    For more than six decades, Brighton Center for Recovery has treated people suffering from addiction, and we have tended to their affected friends and family members. We have always evaluated new and emerging treatment approaches so we can continue...
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    34225 North 27th Drive, Phoenix, AZ, United States
    Core Recovery provides individualized assessment, education and treatment for substance abuse, addictions, and mental health conditions. Located just minutes North of the 101 and I-17, you will find our main office nestled at the base of the Sonoran ...
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    4150 Earhart Blvd
    New Orleans, LA 70125
    The Bridge House treatment program, which is based on the disease concept of addiction, is intensive and highly structured. Residents reside in a dormitory setting and progress through several phases of treatment: stabilization, primary, independent ...
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    1201 3rd Street Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States
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    175 Emery Highway, Macon, GA, United States
    Our Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services include, but are not limited to, crisis services, assessments, service plan development, individual counseling, group counseling and skills training, family counseling and skills training, physician assessme...
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    1502 N 58th St, Omaha, NE 68104, United States
    The A.R.C.H. is a private, non-profit halfway house, with two sites. Incorporated in 1972, the A.R.C.H. has helped thousands of men recover from addiction. The A.R.C.H. is governed by a Board of Directors. These people are members of the professio...