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Help For Our Law Enforcement

No community, group or demographic has been unscathed by the disease of addiction. Substance abuse disorder is classified as a mental illness by the medical community and affects nearly one in ten American adults, according to the CDC. This illness claims more lives than car accidents and gun-related deaths in the United States.

Law enforcement is not exempt from this cunning and deadly disease. Law enforcement personnel are prone to serious injury and such mental illnesses as PTSD, depression and anxiety as an occupational hazard. Injuries often mean Opioid painkillers, which, when combined with PTSD and other issues, can easily turn into substance abuse and addiction.

These community heroes deserve the best in addiction treatment care. When it comes to addiction treatment programs for law enforcement officers and persons, a program that caters to clients with co-occurring disorders is most likely best.

Co-occurring disorders refers to simultaneously struggling with a substance abuse disorder and another mental illness, such as PTSD. Addiction treatment programs that treat clients with co-occurring disorders understand that both disorder must be treated at the same time for the individual to successfully overcome either mental illness.