Muslim Addiction Treatment Programs

Up all night from fear and anxiety regarding where your loved one is and if he or she is okay is nothing short of torture. Substance abuse disorders and addiction has taken the United States by storm. Almost no one has been untouched by this vicious mental illness.

The disease of addiction claims the prosperity and lives of people from all demographics. This cunning, baffling, and deadly disease does not discriminate and those affected see its terrible effects physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When it comes to healing, there are many scientific studies that attest to the power of belief. Prayer and meditation are an integral part of nearly all recovery programs, regardless of specific religious inclinations.

Faith-based treatment programs may prove conducive to successful long-term recovery from addiction. Having addiction treatment provided in such a way that is supportive of one’s religious beliefs can be especially beneficial.

Muslim addiction treatment centers offer top quality addiction treatment that encourages and heartens one’s connection to Allah. By attending an Islamic-based treatment program, clients are able to make deeper connections and stronger friendships with fellow clients.

Below is a list of Muslim based addiction treatment centers.