Top 6 Cities for Addiction Treatment Centers

Top 6 US Cities for Alcohol & Drug Treatment
Last Edited: December 2, 2020

Andrew Lancaster, LPC, MAC

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Addiction issues in the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area have been on the rise over the last decade, with statistics from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte pointing out that much of the addiction problem of the region falls on young people.

A significantly higher percentage of UNNC students have tried marijuana than others in Charlotte, and the numbers for all of Charlotte are significantly higher than national marijuana use numbers. Use of methamphetamine has also been on the increase in recent years. These statistics point out the need for top-flight, effective addiction treatment centers in Charlotte, NC as well as aftercare and family therapy options.

Top addiction centers include Fellowship Hall, which provides cost-effective, comprehensive substance abuse care that includes detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient aftercare, all supervised by medical professionals. Charlotte’s Hope Valley focuses on inpatient treatment as well as its sober living program, starting with the 12-step program and expanding them to provide therapy that helps patients turn the corner on their addiction.

Kansas City, Kansas, which is part of the larger metropolitan Kansas City area, is a welcoming, hospitable city that reaches out to locals and visitors alike. Fortunately for those battling addiction, it’s also hospitable and ready to help with several top-notch Kansas City addiction treatment centers. About one out of every 10 people in Kansas struggles with some form of addiction, parallel to the statistics for the nation in general, and drug and Alcohol treatment are available here to help you or your loved through rehab and recovery, with many of them accepting new enrollments.

Valley Hope Kansas City offers drug rehab, inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment at several locations in and around Kansas City, including in Atchison and Overland Park as well as in Boonville, Missouri. This highly regarded addiction treatment center focuses on patients’ need for healing in every aspect of their lives, providing individualized treatment that supports each person’s journey toward sobriety and happiness. The facility uses the patient placement criteria of the American Society of Addiction Medicine to make sure the right decisions are made during every stage of treatment, including admission, continuing stay and discharge, whether dealing with drug or Alcohol treatment.

Louisiana has a higher rate of drug use than the average state, and those numbers climb even further when you come to Baton Rouge, the state capital. Drug trafficking is a real problem here, because the port of New Orleans, the fourth busiest port in the country, makes it relatively easy to sneak dangerous substances into the state. Louisiana also knows how to party in a big way, as the whole country sees during Mardi Gras each year and all that partying results in a fair amount of alcohol abuse and addiction. The Alcohol and drug treatment in Baton Rouge is very effective and highly regarded.

The Bridge House, New Orleans and the Grace House Louisiana are well-known in Baton Rouge as two facilities that welcome those with substance abuse issues to become inpatients for 90 days to a full year, undergoing detox and rehab as well as experiencing a sober living community. The dormitory locations allow clients to develop a community as they move through rehab and begin to handle independent living successfully. Each client is taken through an individualized program focusing on self-esteem and self-worth. Women find themselves in a safe, therapeutic environment in which they can receive inpatient treatment and begin to heal.

Fort Worth, along with its sister city Dallas, has a deep sense of its own history, and with that comes a desire to help keep its residents healthy. A wide variety of detox and rehab treatment centers are available here, all with trained professionals who know how to get you or your loved one through the difficult transitions involved in detox, rehab and recovery. Outpatient treatment is also widely available, with many Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings ready to open their arms and offer safety, anonymity, and emotional support.

Among the highly regarded addiction treatment centers in Fort Worth, TX is the Santé Center for Healing. Doctors, therapists and other medical personnel join together at Santé to design individual treatment programs for each patient, maintain open and honest communication not only with patients but with their loved ones. The focus at Santé is on meeting recovery goals, and patients’ families appreciate the way the facility eases the way when dealing with insurance paperwork.

Las Vegas earns its reputation as a hard-partying city, so it’s probably not surprising that drug and Alcohol abuse run rampant. In between the world-class entertainment and dining, the Cirque du Soleil shows and magic shows, far too many residents in Vegas end up fighting addictions that began as just an easy way to augment a fun experience.

Fortunately, Las Vegas isn’t just home to some of the best restaurants and entertainment in the world — It’s also home to several high-end and highly effective Las Vegas addiction treatment centers offering both inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment to help keep Vegas residents healthy.

Las Vegas Recovery opens its doors to those seeking help with detox and rehab, and it also provides intensive outpatient treatment. The facility uses evidence-based treatment protocols to help you or your loved one through recovery, offering a complete continuum of care, including medically managed withdrawal.

At the Center for Addictive Medicine, the staff is committed to patients for the long term, helping them to regain independence and functionality without relying on Alcohol or drugs. From detox to recovery, this facility uses cutting-edge techniques to bring clients to sobriety.

Another highly regarded Las Vegas center for drug and Alcohol treatment is A Better Today Recovery Services. This center works hard to build a long-term connection between therapists and patients to aid in recovery within a safe, nurturing environment.

Even in Salt Lake City, where there’s a lot of societal pressure to avoid the use of Alcohol and other addictive substances, addictions still take over people’s lives. Fortunately, there are top-rated addiction rehabilitation centers in Salt Lake City to help people overcome their addictions and fight their way to recovery, with well-trained and caring professionals ready to help you or your loved one make this big change.

Recovery Ways Salt Lake City has several facilities to welcome those with drug addiction problems in the Salt Lake City area, including a facility in the nearby community of Murray. Former clients point to Recovery Ways as the treatment center that helped them make it all the way to recovery when they weren’t able to succeed in previous efforts. The well-trained professionals at Recovery Ways walk side by side with you or loved one to probe the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction, providing all the tools needed to reach a place of healing through a well-defined continuum of care. Recovery Ways also provides intervention services as well as treating those with co-occurring mental health problems.