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Drug addiction treatment can begin the moment someone suffering from addiction asks for help. At Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), we are passionate about helping people find the road to recovery. As a nationally recognized provider of drug rehab programs, we genuinely care about the increasing number of individuals who are suffering from addiction. With a philosophy founded on clinical excellence and customer service, our guiding purpose is to help individuals discover recovery through our carefully designed curriculum of evidence-based addiction treatment programs and recovery services. For many, we are able to restore lost happiness. For others, we help them find it for the first time. Las Vegas Recovery Center offers a complete continuum of care for anyone who needs drug rehab services. Medically managed withdrawal and detox is often necessary upon admission in order to physically stabilize the client and free him or her from the effects of mind-altering substances. Medically managed withdrawal is only the beginning of the recovery process and is administered in a safe, confidential, and clinical environment that ensures the least amount of discomfort during addiction treatment. For many, medical detox is recommended for safety reasons since withdrawal may otherwise lead to medical complications.
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