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Drug and alcohol withdrawal can certainly be a very painful process. Countless neural and hormonal systems are effected by substance abuse, then when that substance subsides, these systems are tossed into disorder. Many people are not aware that detox from an addictive substance has many potentially life-threatening effects. Consequences of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol may include but are not limited to excessive worry and anxiety, headaches, shakiness, seizures, and more. The patient’s blood pressure may increase or become at risk, he/she could perhaps sweat excessively or develop tremors. Extreme nausea and physical pain is typically very common. If you are experiencing any of these withdrawal symptoms when you stop using or simply cannot stop yourself from using, effecting your work, family and relationships, you most likely need a professional detox and treatment facility. Today’s addiction specialists such as SoCal Detox, have pharmacological tools at their disposal that can ease the pain and suffering of addicts, and help prevent relapses. Having experience with detox and rehabilitation with all drugs including, alcohol, ambien, benzodizaepines, heroin, methadone, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone/oxycotin, pain killers, prozac, xanax and more, SoCal Detox is the first name in drug and alcohol detox.
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