Christian Treatment Programs

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The power of belief has astounding positive effects on the mind and body during treatment. The role of religion and faith in treatment can be a significant one that works to the advantage of the individual.

The power of spirituality and belief over illness of the mind and body is enormous. God, after all, has the power to guide and heal all sufferers.

The disease of addiction does not discriminate against any person, group or belief system. This disease is classified as a mental illness which requires treatment, same as any disease. The role of spirituality in treatment cannot be dismissed or undermined.

Most treatment programs involve some degree of spirituality. 12-step programs are spiritual programs that do not distinguish between individual’s conception of a higher power.

Many Christians who struggle with substance abuse and addiction would prefer a faith-based treatment program. There are many to choose from in the United States that take into consideration and help promote one’s relationship with God.

Below is a compilation of treatment programs in this country that will help you find a better way of living in sobriety and further increase your closeness and understanding of your beliefs.