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About White Deer Run - Kempton, PA

At White Deer Run, our residential treatment programs focus on treating the disease of chemical dependency, which requires physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation. We offer residential programs for adolescents, aged 13-17, and adults, 18 and above. Through daily group and individual counseling, patients develop understanding and self-awareness, making recovery possible. The average length of stay for treatment is based on the individual need of each client. Long-term specialty programs are also available. Our adult residential program tends to the treatment needs of those adults 18 years and older who are struggling with substance abuse and associated mental health disorders. At White Deer Run, we recognize that adults require a variety of treatment modalities in order to achieve sobriety and/or proper mental health. Our adult program works to provide the highest level of comprehensive care possible for

and every one of our clients so they can return to their everyday lives with the tools needed to maintain sobriety and good health. White Deer Run at Blue Mountain is a residential substance abuse program located in the Blue Mountain range near Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. With guidance from our clinical team of Masters level licensed staff, our adult clients begin to learn increased self-awareness, gain an understanding of their interpersonal relationships and receive an education on the disease of addiction through both group and individual sessions. Addiction treatment at White Deer Run at Blue Mountain is 12 Step-based and aims to help patients achieve and maintain abstinence through an increased understanding of chemical dependency, acceptance of the disease of addiction, learning tools of recovery and relapse prevention and encouraging the use of personal support groups.

Listing Type

  • service not providedDetox Facility
  • service providedInpatient Rehab Facility
  • service not providedOutpatient Facility
  • service not providedTherapist/ Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist
  • service not providedIntervention
  • service not providedSober Living
  • service not providedMethadone Maintenance Clinic
  • service not providedPain Management Program

Length of Stay

  • service provided28/ 30 days
  • service not provided45 days
  • service provided60 days
  • service provided90 days
  • service not providedOther

Treatment Model

  • service provided12 Step
  • service not providedSMART Recovery
  • service not providedFaith based
  • service not providedHolistic
  • service not providedDual Diagnosis

Phone: 877-756-4023
Website: http://whitedeerrun.com
Location: 8284 Leaser Rd, Kempton , PA 19529

Setting (Inpatient)

  • Residential

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