First Responders Addiction Treatment Program

First Responders Seeking Recovery

The disease of addiction is one of the greatest health threats to Americans today. First responders may be amongst those most affected by this cunning, baffling and powerful mental illness. In many areas of the nation, first responders almost exclusively tend to the rising epidemic of overdoses, which now ranks as the number one cause of accidental death, above car accidents and gun-related deaths.

Substance abuse disorders and addiction affect people of all demographics, and first responders are not immune to this progressive and deadly disease. First responders are true heroes in this drug and Alcohol addiction and overdose epidemic.

Because of the heart-breaking situations they intervene in, first responders also deal with mental disorders such as PTSD, depression and substance abuse related problems. First responders who need addiction treatment often also require additional focus on the co-occurring disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety are common problems for first responders and may be considered a sort of occupational hazard.

First responders deserve the best addiction treatment has to offer. Addiction treatment programs that are equipped to meet the needs of first responders most likely address co-occurring disorders and trauma related issues.

Below is a list of addiction treatment centers that cater to the specific needs of first responders.