You Can and Will Overcome your Addiction

True Stories

Over the passed year you have heard many stories from people in recovery, some heart-wrenching some heartwarming, but all have overcome.

Sharing your story is an important part of recovery, not only does it help you keep it green, it can also help many others who are sitting in the same situation thinking there thinking there is no way out.

Miles said in his TSOA “I was hopeless,” which is a sentiment many people in active addiction feel.

“I’ve been there over and over and over again,” Justin said.

For some recovery is something that might take more than one try. That doesn’t mean that it is unattainable, everyone’s road to recovery is different.

The Whys are Varied and the Bottoms Hit Differently

Everyone has different reasons as to why they decided to use.

“I was never thin enough, I was never pretty enough, I was never enough …” Nikki said.

Not feeling like being yourself is good enough is a common thread through TSOA. Using to try to fill that void or because using is a way to become the person that you want to be is a quick fix.

Breana used to help her not to feel the pain of the world. However, when child protective services came to take her daughter away, she didn’t feel that either.

Active addiction can make you feel like nothing else matters, not your family, not your friends and not even yourself.

“I was totally okay with burning my life to the ground,” Sam said.

In addiction you might feel like this is all your worth, that you don’t deserve to get help and start a happy healthy life. But you’re wrong.

Turn it Around

When you give rehab and recovery a chance, go to meetings and work the steps, change will happen.

Finding recovery showed Janelle that it wasn’t over, “I still have a life to live.”

There is a lot of help out there, but you have to be willing to change. All of these stories have that one common thread, they have overcome. There is hope, no matter how deep in you think you are, no matter how hopeless it may seem. You can do to this, just like everyone who shared their stories with TSOA.

Just like Bianka said, “I believe in you.”

  1. I support your point here in the article, that one can overcome any form of addiction. But the fact remains that only individual decision can make that work. Thanks for sharing this good post.

  2. Well change is definitely possible. The challenging thing is how to keep it that way? For one being used to a system for so long granted a bad routine in this case makes it a lot harder for one to give up!!! This is where the strong support and mental fortitude kicks in.

  3. The story of recovery is always motivating for others. When it’s story of addiction of things like drugs, then the struggle behind the story really matters a lot.

  4. All of these stories have that one common thread, they have overcome. There is hope, no matter how deep in you think you are, no matter how hopeless it may seem. This is the truth, they all overcome and it is possible.

  5. You can see what Miles have to say and many others like him, we not saying it’s very easy but it worth the whole stress and depriement. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. The recovery phase varies depends on the person who is willing to get treated. Sometimes, it really takes a lot of time, but it is surely attainable.

  7. We shall overcome someday, hope is in my heart, I could believe that we shall overcome someday. What’s painful is that, that day isn’t know but I believe it will come.

  8. stories about recovering are very touching and I´m sure they motivate people who are struggling with addictions to give the next step to change.

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