Leaving Behind Drugs to Become Who God Made Me

man in recovery shares his testimony on how he left behind drugs with Gods help and has become a new person

Justin got in trouble the first time with the law at 18 years old. But he might have been arrested for many things before that incident. He was using marijuana between 12-13 years old. He was doing cocaine and acid by 15 years old. He became a full-time raver by 15 too. By the time he got in trouble at 18 for having a pipe in a car with his friend, he had started using Special K.

Justin says he didn’t necessarily want to use Special K, but he had to get tested by his probation officer due to his drug bust. Special K was a drug the court system didn’t test for yet. What’s more, he only had the drug bust because he took the rap for a friend who was on probation already. When the police pulled them over, the pipe was his friends, but Justin took the rap for him. From that point forward Justin says, “he was on a downward spiral he wasn’t sure how to get out of.”


A Tendency Towards Rebellion

Justin experimented and was dependent on various drugs well before his addiction started. When Justin got in trouble with the law at 18 years old, he had taken or was dependent on Ecstasy, Heroin, Acid, Special K, Marijuana, and Alcohol. In 2001, his parents ended up finally divorcing after 18 years of telling him they would. Justin moved to California with his mom when he was 21.

Justin thought because he gave up Special K and the heroin he used to take, he’d be okay. For the next four years, Justin only used marijuana and alcohol. Because he was only using marijuana and alcohol, he felt he was in control of his need for drugs. In his mind, he had downshifted to recreational drugs that didn’t mean much of anything.

Around the same time, Justin ended up falling in love with a woman who was unfaithful to him. A domino reaction started as he ramped up to various other drugs like heroin and Oxycontin. He kept trying to get clean when he was sent back to rehabilitation or jail. But when he got out he would still drink alcohol excessively and find a way to use what he considered a ‘lessor’ drug.

Justin went in and out of jail and rehab until he started using Meth. Then Justin got a residential burglary charge when he and a friend was dope sick from Meth. He and his friend got caught stealing items from unlocked cars and a home they thought no one was at. He and his friend were both arrested, and this time Justin went to jail with a felony. Justin learned if he went to rehabilitation he got time off his jail sentence.

That system worked for him, so at the end of his rehabilitation, he was given a certificate that he was cured of drug addiction. Justin was let out of jail with $200 gate money. Justin says, “he drank until he blacked out.”

Never Ending Trouble

Justin has probably been to about 10 different rehabilitation centers. Justin has also been to jail or prison a few times. Each time he came out, he would use again. Sometimes he would experiment with other drugs while always combining it with alcohol.

Justin started to think maybe he wasn’t really an addict because he could switch out and use different drugs. Sometimes it was heroin, sometimes Meth, sometimes marijuana and alcohol. But every time he got out of prison or rehab, he started using drugs again.

Then Justin ended up getting searched in a mall parking lot and was arrested by the police for a needle partially loaded in his car. Justin thinks when he got out of prison for that arrest is the first time he got clean for the first time for the right reasons.

But even then Justin left rehab he at Step 8 thinking he didn’t need them anymore. Somewhere in the middle of the rehabs and jail time, he remembered a time when he and his friends took advantage of a developmentally disabled guy back when he still lived on the East Coast. Justin thinks they drained over $30,000 from the guy. It may have been at that moment, or soon after, Justin decided he needed to change.

Finally Finding God

Justin went to his last rehabilitation center, and he started having a spiritual awakening while at ABTRS. Justin’s spiritual awakening happened when he said to one of his sponsors, “I keep looking for a burning bush when I search for God. When really God was with me the whole time.”

It was while Justin was in ABTRS and working with his sponsors he realized he needed to be accountable and take responsibility for his past actions and addictions. At the same time, he realizes his mom, had been his greatest support system through it all. Justin says, “My mom is the closest person to me in the world and is the only example of unconditional love, I know.”

With Justin’s accountability and becoming responsible for his past, he speaks of being at level 8 again. It’s the level he remembers he left rehab last time. This time is different. This time Justin prays, and he knows God sees his heart. Justin wants to move forward with his life, and he’s ready. Justin says, “A lot of things happened in my life that I could have avoided if I tried to get clean earlier. If I had tried instead of going through the motions. My advice to you – don’t waste ten years of your life as I did.”

  1. Justin is a true example of try try and try again untill you succeed. Justin will move forward in his life because God is with him and he is now responsible person.

  2. Wow, this is very serious. Thank God for divine intervention because people that passed through this kind of situation are no where to be found. Justin combination of drugs was too much. Just hearing of Special K for the first time. .

  3. I belive God Will guide people who pray for him, blessing life and whatever God Will bring the right path,I hope you sober permanently and happy sober

  4. Justin’s story is really a testimony, what proof do one need to know it is pure miracle, God took control. It is really cool reading through his story and seeing that he scaled through.

  5. Justin’s experience is really Challenging and I must say it’s Wonderful to know he didn’t Give up.
    One thing was present in his Actions to Recovery which is Consistency.
    His Faith and Prayer saved him 🙏.

  6. Justin just decided to go rouge with his habits and addictions at some point. Addictions like this can really be consuming. I’m glad he had an encounter with God. Thanks for being amazing as always Detoxtorehab.

  7. wow.. using marijuana at the age of 12 is terrible… Justin dependency on various types of drugs made his life worse..I love the fact that he finally found God..thanks for writing this article..it’s so inspiring

  8. Good for Justin for taking the bold steps. All the very best in whatever you are doing and going to do in the long last.

  9. There is no way one can become what God wants him or her to be by taking drugs and alcohol. But the day you decide to quit marks the turn around. Congratulations to you.

  10. God will truly help those who seeks help. Everyone one of us are capable of change, but not all.of us have the willingness to do so.

  11. Justin story is so emotional but i,m excited he discovered God,s purpose for his life.Thanks to detox to rehab for his recovery and for sharing this motivational story

  12. It is always good to find your creator God when you are in a fix. He will always help, he is ever ready to show mercy and compassion

  13. Justin really had a rough life. The feeling of being in control was a sort of denial that he was an addict. Well, going for the treatment and finding God was the best option he he could give himself.

  14. Sounds about right as they say you cannot lie to yourself nor you can run or hide forever. Besides Drugs is a bad loan shark, You may have to pay more than you are willing to give. Drugs will never be a solution nor an answer.

  15. I am glad Justin is able to leave his addiction behind and is able to follow God now. He’s indeed a new man. God is always there to help everyone.

  16. When we deviate from how our grand creator made us,the repercussions is simply inevitable. At least Johnson suffered the addiction effect before seeking rehabilitation later.

  17. Thank you for being amazing as always. Drugs and addictions have a very bad effect on our body. We should stay away from it. Justin’s story is very inspirational and motivational.

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