5 Ways To Help Your Addicted Partner

Heroin Addiction and Abuse

“This will be the last time, this will be the last time, and it never was,” Gary said.

Heroin addiction and abuse will create destruction in not only your life, but the life of your loved ones too. Addiction will impact your family dynamics, creating harm that cannot be repaired easily. Heroin addiction is a disease that affects not only the addict, it affects many individuals you are in contact with, especially your loved ones.

When abusing Heroin, you do not think before you act, which can cause trauma and struggle in your personal relationships that might not be repairable.

“She [my girlfriend] didn’t have it no more, she was just tired of enabling me,” Gary said.

Heroin has used up a large share of your time, attention and liveliness, making Heroin use and abuse your top priority. Because of your strong focus on using and abusing Heroin, there is little time left to spend with your loved ones. This may cause resentment and leave your family and friends feeling negative emotion toward your Heroin abuse; anger, bitterness and sadness.

Because of your Heroin abuse you may notice several arguments arising with your friends and family, and your relationships beginning to grow apart just like Gary and his girlfriend’s because he put the drugs before her and their child.

Heroin Addiction Causes Financial Struggle

When you are abusing Heroin, it will cause financing issues in your life and the life of your families. It has become normal to you, spending all money you can get your hands on for Heroin. You can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fueling your Heroin addiction in as little as a week.

“I smoked every day, I bought it and I asked my mom for money,” Gary said.

Your Heroin addiction is now so severe that you no longer function in a normal life causing you to lose your job. This will create a bigger burden on your loved ones as they are then obligated to provide for you and the rest of your family.

Just like Gary and his family, many other families are at risk for foreclosures, bankruptcy and losing their life savings due to Heroin addiction. Your Heroin addiction is seriously distressing the welfare and security of you loved one’s on an enduring basis.

Heroin Addiction Hurts Children

Heroin addiction, any addiction for that matter, may cause grave mental and emotion harm for your children. Your abuse may source in you becoming forceful, emotionally abusing them, creating damage that will scar them the rest of their lives. Several children of Heroin addicts grieve from long-term emotional and mental damage that causes grave damage on their education, psychological health and social constancy. Gary is lucky his addiction didn’t cause much harm to his child because it was too young to understand.

It is at the point where abusing Heroin has caused your children to lose all respect for you because you are not playing the parent roll you need to be, causing harm against them and you. There will come a time where your home will be lacking parental guidance that may cause your child to live a similar life as your own because they need to escape from the pain of their reality. Through a lack of confidence, your child may start to blame your Heroin abuse on themselves, instigating additional emotional and mental damage.

An estimate of 50-80 percent of child abuse and neglect incidents are a result of the parent, or parents, being involved with drugs or alcohol.

Your Partner Suffers from Heroin Addiction Too

Heroin addiction changes a person, that said, your addiction could possible lead to abuse in personal relationships; emotional and physical. This will cause horrible effects on your relationship. Also, suffering through Heroin addiction may lead to cheating by the one suffering with addiction, who then validates their actions. Your partner or spouse may sympathize with you; however, this is manipulation and justification on your part to rationalize you damaging behavior.

An estimated 75 percent of domestic violence incidents occur because one or more of the individuals involved having used drugs or alcohol.

Heroin Affecting Health

Heroin and all other mind altering substances can impair your judgment, this may cause you to participate in risky behaviors such as using drugs intravenously and sharing needles with others. When you share needles, this puts you at risk for contracting a blood disease like HIV or Hepatitis C.

The Effects of Your Addiction

“I just want to stay sober but I don’t know how,” Gary said.

The effects of your Heroin abuse may lead to broken relationships with your partner. It may possibly cause an unstable environment for your child, causing physiological and emotional hard. Also, there is a possibility that your health will deteriorate.

There is nothing positive about Heroin addiction until you decided to get clean and sober- all it is doing is causing emotional, physical and spiritual harm to yourself and others. There is never a better time than now to start your recovery, if you can’t do it for yourself try for your family. Addiction is a disease that can be beat with the proper tools. Get help before it is too late. Save your life, today.

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