Bryce: 10 Reasons Why the 12-Step Program Works


True Stories of Addiction: Bryce

Bryce was a normal kid who grew up in a not so normal neighborhood. Everyone around him was using drugs to cope with their life, which made him disgusted with the idea of drugs. He never wanted to end up like his peers and steered clear of the people who were abusing substances in their daily lives. However, the idea of using drugs as a coping mechanism came to Bryce when he went through a horrible break up with a girl he loved dearly.

He did not know how to cope with this break up and turned to Heroin as an outlet. When Bryce was introduced to Heroin, his so-called friends told him it was Opium and not nearly as bad as Heroin so he kept using day in and day out for weeks. He eventually found out the truth, but that didn’t stop him. He fell in love with Heroin and the way it made him feel. It had the ability to take away his guilt, shame, heart-ache and depression. He felt like he was finally whole again when he was using and did not plan on stopping anytime soon.

After using Heroin for a long period of time, Bryce started using a larger variety of drugs, because the void in his heart kept growing. He would use whatever he could that would take him out of reality, even if it was just for a moment.

Bryce was miserable and introduced to the 12-step program when he was around 19-years old. However, he didn’t feel the 12-step program would work for him and didn’t try and apply it into his life to get better, so he kept using Heroin and other substances as his way of coping.


As time went on, Bryce got into some trouble with the law. His probation officer approached him and made it clear that if he didn’t go to detox and get treatment, he would be sent to prison. He felt as if he had nothing in life to live for and trying one more time to clean up his act wouldn’t harm him, so he went into detox.

Finding Recovery Through the 12-Step Program


When Bryce went into detox, he thought he was just going to get out and go use Heroin again, but instead, he went into a treatment program where his life changed forever. He now goes to 12-step meetings daily, works with a 12-step sponsor and has his own sponsee. This all happened in just a few months of him deciding to better the way he is living his life.


His old ideas of using Heroin are still there, but for the first time in his life he knows right from wrong and will not give into his temptations. He loves the life he lives today and believes in his heart he wouldn’t be living if it wasn’t for the 12-step program.

The 12-steps have taught him how to stay sober and have fun being sober. He has made so many unbreakable bonds with other people in the 12-step rooms and couldn’t imagine his life any different.

If you or a loved one are looking for a way out of addiction, give us a call. We will gladly help you find the perfect solution for your drug or alcohol addiction.

  1. Thanks for spreading the message of how effective the 12 step program is. If it wasn’t for this program, I wouldn’t have my sister. For those wanting to help their loved ones, it just takes a bit of patience and understanding, not preaching, and praying of course. It took us so long to get my sister to go to treatment, but she was a new person when she left. It’s been 7 years and she is clean. She had been addicted to painkillers.

    1. I thank God for the 12 step program and the effort everyone put In to make sure that the addicts treatment work for them. Well done detox to rehab.

  2. It definitely works. It’s a solitary period to cleanse oneself void of all addictions. It’s a period where full focus is guaranteed via self determination. It has to obviously work.

  3. In my opinion those 12 steps is really good. That’s way many people can be better through those steps, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Thanks for the 12 steps program, there is no doubt about it that it is really working. Thank you for spreading the effectiveness of the program, it is the best program for an addict. Thank you Detox to rehab for sharing.

  5. I am curious about that 12-step program. I heard a lot sharing how effective it is to get self renewed. Whatever the process is, I am sure that this program is really doing its very best to help others from drowning. Whoever the person or the people behind this program, congratulations and thank you for helping others.

  6. I will completely recommend this 12 years program for anyone going through similar cases. Knowing fully well that it works.

  7. Taking up heroin when one’s mind is trouble isn’t a good option. The best thing is to seek help from the professional counselor.

  8. Putting a stop to drug addiction takes a lot of courage and determination. Bryce was determined and took the steps to recovery, and it worked for him.

  9. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing this post with all of us.Addiction is not the solution of any kind of problem.The 12 step program is really very good .

  10. Thank you brother for sharing such a relevant things. You really talked on the point. Hope it will help more and more people.

  11. Well, his friend gave him heroin and claimed that it is opium? What kind of “friend” was he? It is much better to not have such kind of friends and remain alone. Such kind of “friends” are the main reason why people get into trouble and these “friends” are the ones who introduce drugs to you. I hope the 12-step program is a nice way fior anyone to fight-off addiction. This is a hope for many people who want to get rid of addiction.

  12. just like Bryce, some people go into detox thinking they would go back to drug. The 12 program really works. A lot of people have given testimonies. I just hope more people will try the program to overcome their addiction

  13. Staying with ppeople of similar goal helps fasten the healing process. That’s one thing that makes 12 step work effective

  14. Substance abuse is detrimental to people’s health. However, Bryce’s story makes people to know that they can still have hope with the help of Detox.

  15. Tbe 12 step program has been the best choice for addicts else they see the prison. More really reason success are recorded using it

  16. The 12 step program is really helpful. It was develop and can be easily adapted by addicts. Thus making it popular amongst rehabilitation centers.

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