Escaping Reality with Drugs | Lindsey’s True Story

A Story About Escaping Reality with Drugs

Like many with addiction, Lindsey started escaping reality through substance abuse. As a result, she developed drug addiction in youth. Her belief is that unless you’ve been through addiction yourself, you’ll never be able to understand what a someone with an addiction is going through and she is totally right.

Addiction takes away your willingness to live a healthy and happy life. Which is exactly what happened to Lindsey. Before Lindsey got drug and alcohol treatment, she truly believed in her heart that she’d be better off dead.

Partying Hard to Escape the Pain

Lindsey began experimenting with drugs and alcohol in high school. Partying hard on the weekends with her friends, she didn’t want to stop. Unlike her friends, she was using substances to escape reality not just to have a good time.

The reason for Lindsey’s need to escape her emotions was her home life. Her mother was an alcoholic and violence was an everyday occurrence while she was growing up.

She couldn’t handle seeing and physically going through the pain and violence every day. So, drinking and drugging was the only thing Lindsey had to look forward too.

Although she dabbled with substance most of her life, things really took a turn for the worst when she got a job as a car saleswoman.

Pain After Car Crash

While working in the car business, you’re obviously in cars most of your day. For Lindsey, instead of getting the car deal following the test drive- the drive resulted in an accident. Which, in turn, came with many repercussions.

The accident wasn’t just a fender bender. Lindsey was in enough pain for the doctors to feel it appropriate to write a prescription and she ended up getting prescribed painkillers. The opioid painkillers made Lindsey feel alive.

They had the ability to relieve her from pain and trauma like no other drug could. However, when the prescription ran out, the pain pills on the streets were too expensive. This caused Lindsey to start using harder substances such as Heroin, Meth, and Cocaine.

While using these heavy drugs, she was living with her parents. Even though she was older, the alcoholism and violence were still ongoing from how it was during childhood.

Unable to afford moving out and not having any friends in the area, Lindsey was stuck with her parents. At this point, drugs were the only thing that kept her going in life.

Lindsey grew up living with addicted parents and despite her pain, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol herself. Developing addiction, she hurt the people she loved the most.

Substance Abuse Causes Homelessness

As time went by, Lindsey was continuing to abuse substances and ended up getting engaged. Her fiancé, at the time, begged her every day to get the help she needed and deserved. However, her addiction was in full force and she didn’t want to give up her method of coping.

Refusing treatment, she ended up homeless for some time. After living on the streets, she started thinking that treatment might be a good idea. But she didn’t make her decision to get treatment fast enough.

Lindsey ended up being arrested for trespassing and assaulting a police officer. Lindsey ended up going to jail and was sentenced to court-ordered rehab.

Before getting treatment this time, she had already been to a 30-day drug treatment program that didn’t work. She explains that the treatment didn’t work because she wasn’t willing to do the work that was needed to get sober.

When court-ordered rehab ended, she couldn’t stay clean and things got worse. Being unable to stay off the drugs, Lindsey had lost everything she’d put her efforts into achieving. After losing everything, Lindsey got extremely depressed.

She got to a place where he contemplated if life was even worth living. At this point, she felt the need to get deeper and more intensive treatment. Realizing this, she reached out to her fiancé to see if the offer for treatment still stands.

30 Day Drug Treatment Programs

Her fiancé was ecstatic that she was ready to change her life. He paid for a 30-day rehabilitation program and helped her get into sober living after treatment. She tells us that he did this for her because he saw past her addiction.

Her fiancé knew that deep down she was truly a good person. Lindsey explains that he expressed the desire for her to get a decent chance at changing her life around.

During this time, Lindsey’s life started transforming into something she never dreamed was possible. Her fiancé and she kept in minimal contact. She was grateful for everything but really wanted to work on herself and new life in recovery.

Despite this, he came to visit her and brought her engagement ring with him. Although he proposed to her many years before, the offer still stood. She wanted to marry him but needed to work on her recovery before making any decision.

Clean and Sober Living

Working on her recovery took up her time and she felt it unfair to him. Doing what she felt was right, Lindsey went to sober living and started doing everything she needed to stay clean and sober.

Even if you don’t use drugs or alcohol, you can still party and have fun. However, Lindsey, she didn’t think that partying in sobriety was a good fit for her. She took life very seriously in the beginning and it did end up helping her stay sober.

Lindsey was so serious about her recovery and doing things on her own. So much so, she even denied getting rides to 12-step meetings. She did this because she wants to remember how hard life is for someone in early recovery. Moreover, she didn’t have to go through it again.

During her eight months of staying in sober living, she cultivated lifelong relationships. Lindsey has made her first true friends because of recovery. These friends aren’t just hanging around her for the drugs she has.

Similarly, she isn’t just hanging around them for a place to stay. Today, she has genuine relationships and friendships that are dear to her heart. After sober living, Lindsey took the steps she needed to take to live a normal life. She got her license back, enrolled in school and got a job.

Working in Recovery

Her job was at a home furnishing store where she worked her way up to the top. Although money was great and life was good, something was missing. Lindsey felt the need to start working with others.

Working with others is something Lindsey has a passion for. However, she never felt that is was within reach. Feeling unfulfilled, she ended up going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. There she met people who worked at various alcohol and drug rehabilitation institutions.

Lindsey was introduced to the owner of a recovery company. She set up an interview and got the job. Shortly after working at the addiction recovery center, Lindsey was promoted. Now she gets to work with individuals in recovery and their families.

Explaining to us that because she followed her dream, she is now doing what she loves. The reason Lindsey loves her job so much is that she understands what it’s like. She has a personal understanding of the addicted person’s side and the side of families.

Her experience and appreciation for the family side are because she grew up living with alcoholic parents. Having this experience helps Lindsey really care and feel for her clients.

She treats them as she would treat her own mother or friends. She understands how loving someone with addiction is a touchy subject and the only thing she wants to do is help families and addicted loved ones.

Aside from her job, Lindsey loves her life today. She feels blessed for eventually wanting recovery for herself. Lindsey had tried to recover for other people many times before and it never worked. However, when she reached out on her own and was willing, her life got better.

Lindsey knows what that addiction is a complex disease. Because of this, she will keep doing what it takes to stay sober. Attending meetings, doing 12-step work and keeping in contact with her higher power always is essential. She knows if she stops doing any of those things, there’s a risk of relapse. For Lindsey, relapse means death.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction like Lindsey once did, get help. It’s important to keep in mind that recovery is possible. You just must want it for yourself and do the work as she did.

If you are ready to recover, do the work and live a life you never dreamed possible, reach out for help (866)578-7471. We believe in you and want you to get the help you deserve.





  1. Oddly enough this ” ESCAPE THE REALITY BIT” is only temporary as far as any addiction is concern. Name it may it be alcohol or drugs as often times this illusion that it provides where people think it makes things better but in reality it does not. My dad use to say when you drink you can escape but for how long. Once you wake up your problems are still there right???

  2. I’ve heard that it’s common to take drugs to escape from reality and the situation for the person addicted gets very bad. Many people who are on drugs don´t think they can have a life enjoyable being clean.

  3. Drug addiction makes the mind think that its virtual world is its reality. But in reality, it is often more disappointing. People should try to stay away from these as much as they can.

  4. I really feel for addicts because their lifes are changed, denying them of the normal ways of life. All they think.about is how to get tbe money for the next pills. It starts with just taking small.drugs

  5. Lindsey’s recovery is quite motivating and luring to me. Her mindset in the recovery process is appreciable.

  6. I dont think you escaped from reality, you only push it forward to the future when the drug warn out. This even makes one loose focus from the normal way of living, one looks like an outsider in his home

  7. “Even if you don’t use drugs or alcohol, you can still party and have fun”, I got a friend then that was afraid to come clean because he thought he wont be able to parth again. That’s not through just try not going with your old friends, get clean and ones that truly love you, life will be more easy by then.

  8. Lindsey words are captivating to me. Through basic and daily small steps is a good way to get out of the addiction.

  9. Yes sometimes most people want to escape reality by substance abuse, they just want to live in a world where they think less of bothering issue thereby getting addicted. They tend to live in a world which is not theirs but it’s so obvious at the end they struggle to get out but hard. Facing reality and coming out of it strong is the best for anyone, avoid drug abuse, face reality because reality is life.

  10. I agree that it takes only a person who has experienced addiction and it’s struggles through rehabilitation can understand what she went through. However people should learn from the experience of others and know that it is better to stay clear of somethings than get hooked in it. I am happy though for lindsey that she had a good fiance who was willing to stick with her and help through with rehab, he is a blessing.

  11. It is quite unfortunate how some people tends to run away from their problems or life by going into drugs. Having addictive parents made going into addiction easy fro Lindsey, but I am happy she decided to make a u-turn and is living a better life now.

  12. Her mother was an alcoholic and violence person and it was an everyday occurrence while she was growing up. So touching. Great piece.

  13. Thanks Lindsey for give such a great article. I learnt so many things from you. I also want to share my thought some people use drugs to enhance reality or to enjoy the world around them more. This is why jazz musicians picked up the use of marijuana, and allegedly why jazz has so many unusual time signatures—because cannabis slows down the user’s perception of time. Drug abuse is just like any other modes of escaping reality, such as recreational activities—playing games, reading books, watching movies. Reading books for example, specifically speculative fiction, creates an imaginary realm that lets the reader escape his reality. In the same manner, Marijuana, which has hallucinogenic effects, lets the user also escape his reality on deluding himself an imaginary realm, which is technically the same as reading (yes, I imply that reading is tantamount on using weeds, but at least not on the same degree).

  14. Hopefully, there are more and more other Lindsey, that willing to change and at the end, inspiring others to do so.

  15. a lot of people experiment with drugs in high school..Linsey is no different..the truth is when you start taking drugs, your willingness to live a healthy life is taken away..The fact that drug abuse made her homeless for a while is terrible..I thank God for her fiance who paid for her 30 day program
    and the fact that she decided to change her life ..keep living a healthy life Lindsey and thanks for sharing

  16. In as much as we think we can escape the reality with drug abuse is simply futile because we can’t run away from challenges and drug abuse isn’t the remedy instead draining us down.

    1. Lindsey i think too, addiction is complex deases,twist and turn your life make you aware that there is no peace of life with abusing drug, proud of you that you are get rid off from addict

  17. Congress Lindsey. In the same manner, Marijuana, which has hallucinogenic effects, lets the user also escape his reality on deluding himself an imaginary realm, which is technically the same as reading. Thank for sharing this blog.

  18. I having through articles for a while now snd this I’ll say is the saddest I have come across, I really felt the pain lindsey would have gone through. Anyways thank God the right rehab was there when she agreed for a way out.

  19. Lindsey story is quite very inspirational one. I’m so happy she got help and she is doing well now. Thanks for sharing your story.

  20. This is a very touching story. Lindsey’s childhood had a negative impact on her life particularly through her mother. Glad that she found her path to recovery

  21. Lindsey’s experiencing homelessness as a result of the abuse is touching. Thanks for sharing this with the world

  22. Don’t have it in mind that Recovery is impossible! with help and proper steps taken towards recovery, addiction can be fought against.

  23. This is a pathetic story. This story further proves that drug addiction has many negative consequences. So happy for Lindsey for taking the 30 days treatment program to find her way to recovery.

  24. Lindsey wanted the long experimental route and did get it. Weighed her options and noticed the flaws. I call her a strong willed and positive being. I’m glad she didn’t get totally consumed before finding the light.

  25. Wow this really touched me. I remember my senior year, I so most used because of some situations am not proud to relate to right now. Drugs can solve anything

  26. People thinks partying in sobriety is mo big deal but it is, you can’t decide to live in the presence of temptation. If you need hubbies in sobriety, you get some through the 12 step program

  27. It is best if one accept things as they come. Nothing is to be assumed or ignored. You might think it is fine to have peace in drugs but end up miserable.

  28. Drugs can take us away from reality, though it feels it those but nothing long lasting. It makes the cases worse when the drug leaves one’s brain. Drugs only damage our brain.

  29. Escaping from drug addiction is a great victory. This might have truncated one’s life. Detox is changing lives positively.

  30. Do not know how many people have ruined their lives by taking drugs. People take drugs just for show or because of some tension. We should stay away from addiction.

  31. “Addiction takes away your willingness to live a healthy and happy life.” Sincerely, this assertion is undoubtedly correct, because addiction makes people see the important things as irrelevant and thereby waste away people’s lives.

  32. Drugs and alcohol addiction replace realities with frivolities which leads to the destruction of lives. Thanks to Detox Rehab.

  33. Partying away with drugs is the panacea to addiction. Trust Detox in rehabilitating drug addicts by giving hope to the hopeless, succour to the needy.

  34. Thank God her man was able to see the good part of her and also be of help to her recovery. This is a good step in the right direction.

  35. Her perception about addiction was wrong and that was why get venture into it. This eventually brought her to the state of dilemma. Thank God for Detox Rehab community.

  36. Am happy she’s going through rehabilitation. It isn’t easy to leave drugs you are addicted to. Her story is very captivating and emotional

  37. Lindsey never had a good childhood which played a role in her life to led her towards addiction. Thank God, she finds sobriety and has been able to recover and get her life back.

  38. This is a very sad and motivational story, you can’t escape reality with drugs it’s not possible. Thank God for her recovery from drugs. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this wonderful story of recovery.

  39. Addiction is so bad that it changes one’s life negatively. It’s so sad hearing or seeing the addicted. She is lucky to find a way out cos not every one does.

  40. I agree with her when she says that unless you have been an addict yourself, you wouldn’t have an easy time understanding how the addicts actually feel. i also believe that when the doctor prescribed her painkillers, it was the point when her addiction started and this is how she led herself to other addictive substances.

  41. This is one story kept me emotional through out me reading it. It good that she got the needed treatment that helped her become sober and clean. Drug abuse can really mess one up

  42. Addicts just changed their life to just get money for their next pills. I agree with her when she says that unless you have been an addict yourself, you wouldn’t have an easy time understanding how the addicts actually feel.

  43. It is very true that your mind should be more prepared than anything else for getting recovery as you can get anything if you are willing to get it.

  44. Lindsey you have really inspired a lot of people out here with your story. it shows we do all have the second chance to do better. So let us always fight to win aganist all odds

  45. I agree with her , you can never understand other’s pain until you suffer. The way speaking and atitide is really awesome of her. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  46. It is not possible to escape reality through drug it is not a permanent solution it will only worsen the situation, Lindsey story is emotional and inspiring. Thanks to detox to rehab for the 30day program and for sharing, it really worth it.

  47. Drugs does more harm than good to anybody. Lindsey should be very grateful for having a fiance who stood by and with her through her addiction period. The fact that he encouraged her to get treatment pleases me. I wish lindsey al the best going forward.

  48. Drugs does more harm than good to anybody. Lindsey should be very grateful for having a fiance who stood by and with her through her addiction period. The fact that he encouraged her to get treatment pleases me. I wish lindsey all the best going forward.

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