How Treatment Can Save Your Life

Terra grew up believing she was going to be a model or a star. Her elders admired her and always told her she was going to do great things. Because Terra believed she was going to be so great, she thought she could do what she wanted and have no consequences. Her idea that she would have no consequences backfired and she ended up walking a bumpy road. It is by the grace of God she is alive and is two and a half years clean and sober today.

Smoking Weed

Terra was introduced to Marijuana at a young age. Her and a group of friends decided they were going to try it and she fell in love as soon as she inhaled the smoke.

“People said like if you cough more then you will get more high and I like believed all the rumors like if you drank more orange juice then like you would be more high and stuff like that,” Terra said.

Due to her Marijuana abuse she ended up not passing the 8th grade and had to go to summer school. In summer school, she was introduced to different substances such as a cough syrup called Robitussin. The cough syrup gave her a euphoric feeling she could not explain and she needed more.

Terra ended up dating someone older than her to try and get closer to drugs and alcohol but soon found out he was a “straight edge,” he did not use drugs or drink. She was trying to impress him because she liked him so she didn’t drink or use either when she was with him. Her boyfriend ended up leaving town for two weeks and she was alone to be with drugs and alcohol at last.

“When he was gone I went hard. I stole my parent’s alcohol and I would steal money for weed.”

Terra’s friends gave her a call when her boyfriend was gone and asked if she wanted to hang out. She had not hung out with her friends in a while so she was excited.

Doing Heroin

“They came over and they were like do you have $20 and I was like of course I do, you know?”

She was eager to make her friends happy and handed them her $20 as they waited for their drug dealer. They told her they were getting hash, a type of Marijuana with pure THC. Terra was ecstatic over this because she loves THC. The dealer arrived and they got the hash and were getting ready to smoke.

“So they pulled out the tinfoil and a straw and we all smoked and they were like hold it in as long as possible like you’re wasting it, you’re wasting it.”

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She held it in as long as she possibly could. They get done smoking and Terra felt tired so she went home. She threw up as soon as she walked in the door and went to bed. She ended up waking up in a pile of throw up and thought it was awesome. So, she kept using that THC.

Tarra wanted all her friends to feel the high she did while smoking this amazing THC. Her friend checked the THC out before they started smoking and looked at Tarra and told her that it was not what she thought it was, it was Heroin. Even though Tarra was shocked, she did not want to stop doing it. The feeling it gave her is compared to no other. She wasn’t giving it up. Tarra ran out and had to call her dealer for more.

“And I got introduced to Meth because like the dealer ran out of Heroin one night.”

She did not want to smoke Meth in her father’s house so she went to the park while it was raining, waiting for the Heroin dealer to show up.

“All I had was my little meth pipe and I was sitting in that slide just so cold and being like at least I have you [her meth pipe] and then um it falling down the slide into the wet sand.”

As her pipe hit the sand she knew she need help, something to make her feel like a person again. She knew she was powerless over drugs and alcohol because she was thinking of smoking sand that was mixed into the pipe with the meth.

She ran home to her father and asked for help. Terra’s father acted as soon as she said “I need help” and he packed her bags. When her father was packing, Terra realized she was going to have to live without Heroin and didn’t think she could do it, so with no shoes on, she ran.

While she was running six cops picked her up and told her to settle down and that she needed help. They dropped her back off to her father and he was ready to bring her to treatment. As they were driving Terra decided she didn’t want to live without the use of drugs.

“If I am going to get sober we are all going to die and I grabbed the steering wheel and steered him in to oncoming traffic.”

Nothing happen to her dad that night but they did end up getting pulled over by highway patrol. The highway patrol men chained Terra to a poll while she was screaming, “I am a good girl. I don’t do drugs.”

They ended up putting her into the back of the cop car and her father rode with her.

“I was handcuffed and I was kicking him and they put my hand cuffs on my feet.”

The police dropped her off at a detox facility and she was admitted immediately. However, she didn’t stay for long. Terra ended up leaving the detox facility with a few guys she met to go and get high.

A few days after she left her dad found her and told her to get into the car.


“I was so hungry so I got in the car and he took me … to this treatment center.”

This treatment facility was a four-month program and Terra ended up staying for 10.
She remembered trying to prove to people she was the one acceptation to the disease of addiction but ended up letting go of that idea and letting God.

“I became very willing, I surrendered a lot when I looked around me one night and realized that I had a bed, I had two pillows I had walls, a door, and windows and I had friends. It wasn’t okay to push people around and I needed that, it was the humility I needed.”

With humility came serenity. She started working a 12-step program, reaching out to others and she did not realize how much she needed that. She is now 21 and have two and a half years sober. Terra and her father have a beautiful stress free relationship today. Her life keeps getting better and better and it is all thanks to a 12-Step program.

“When I was struggling no one could tell me anything like it wasn’t really an option because I didn’t believe there were other people my age who were dealing with it. I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and there is one. For some people, it comes very quick and for some people it comes later but there definitely is one and it is a lot of fun.”

  1. Every step we take as human beings, have a repercussion(s). Terra failed to realize it so she didn’t prepare for consequences of her actions.

  2. When you do drugs, you are actually ruining your good life. I love this post for its good and true content. I am a living witness of the positive result of treatment and how it has helped saved my life. This is a lifesaving post everyone one need read.

  3. Addiction is something so killing that if proper care is not taking it can ruin ones life. But thanks to this great author who wrote this article showing how treatment can really change a life.

  4. Going through treatment with people and friend that loves you around encouraging you, it helps the process faster. Thanks for sharing, its really an eye opener.

  5. Alot if people have found their self put in the mess of addiction and bad influence either knowingly or unknowingly. Well irrespective of what mess you might have put yourself into, getting a last longing solution out of treatment is the paramount. Thanks for this lifesaving post for this guides.

  6. Taking treatment of one’s addiction is a great turn of events not only for themselves but also for their family. Treatment can indeed save anybody from any form of destruction. Let us give everybody a chance to take their treatment provided with family’s guidance

  7. I´m glad that mandy got help and got to change her life for the best. I can see that humility was an important part of the process and I’m glad it worked out.

  8. I am aware that some prohibited drugs has medical value but still if anyone would go that route regulation is a must after all these things can lead to addiction so yes. If you are addicted seek rehabilitation immediately. The earlier it is the better.

  9. It is quite an inspirational story. Coming out of this sort of a addiction is a great thing and the way she did.

  10. Terra’s story is very sad and at the same time encouraging because at that age young people are very curious and challenge each other and few manage to get out of their vices. What I did not know is the effects of Robitussin syrup this can start as a game but it can end very badly.

  11. This is totally not good for our health,Smoking and taking drugs are very bad things ,Those who are smoking and taking drugs ,they must leave that and if they are suffering from any disease they must go for their treatment otherwise these things can’t live you in this world.

  12. Doing drugs would always mess one up no matter how calculative you try to be. I’m glad there was light at the end of the tunnel for her.

  13. I got emotional while reading. Thank GOD there was a Way out of her addiction. This article is really an eye opener.

  14. How treatment is beneficial? There can be literally a million answers to this but to me it simply means giving back a life to who it truly belongs. Giving a person a chance to be part of society again and freeing them from the claws of addiction. It aint easy but it is a must.

  15. This is very interesting life story. In my opinion, the lesson we can learn from Terra’s story is Life is full of choices. Once we decide to make our choice, we should find the good tutor and learn from it. Otherwise we’ii trap our self in to a failure.

  16. Being treated is the best thing to do. The addiction to the drugs must have cause harm to her body system. Thank God it wasn’t too late for her.

  17. Our decisions would result in consequences. The best thing to do based on your experience is to seek medical treatment from a specialist. In that way, you will be diagnosed properly and be given the right treatment.

  18. Smoking is very injurious to our health, and Terra smoked different types eben her to in, and weeds etc.

    Its by God’s grace she regained from the sober, which occurred through the influence of smoking and drinking. She should be grateful for her father that always made sure her health is restored.

  19. Terra looks so beautiful you would not believe she would want to go down this Lane. But it is good thing that even though she fell at one point to drug abuse she was able to to retrace her steps no taken the 12 step program

  20. We should take care of our health. To keep ourselves healthy, we should make a regular routine. We should stay away from intoxicants like smoke, drugs.

    1. We should take care of our health. To keep ourselves healthy, we should make a regular routine. We should stay away from intoxicants like smoke, drugs. Leave always be happy.

  21. I’m happy that she got treatment and is doing well in life. Hope she continues to strive for it. Keep up the good work! Thank you sharing her sad yet inspiring story.

  22. It a no for me when it comes to drugs. But I really hope those who are addicted to drugs get help fast. It really breaks my heart seeing young promising young women and men getting addicted to drugs. Good review.

  23. Absolutely , Treatment can save your life, Addicted with anything is not good , Addiction means bad habit,If anyone wants to leave addiction by treatment then that’s good for him .

  24. Terra is right in her place but my personal advice is natural beauty is best . Never go through any treatment which makes your screen damage.

  25. Addiction is a bad thing to get into cos it ruins your life and makes it meaningless..thanks to this author one can learn that treatment works.

  26. Wow so sad you had to go through things like that. I am glad things are better now and I hope others learn from your story as well.

  27. Having believe in oneself isn’t a bad idea but care must be taken so as not to go astray as well as the kind of friends one keep because they can either make or mar ones future. Thanks to God who has surrounded Terra with people who are loving.

  28. Treatment of oneself isn’t a day job and it starts from what we eat, drink, wear, etc. Care must be taken in respect of some of the items listed above. We also the attention of good people around us like Terra.

  29. I am so happy for Terra. An adage says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. One need to be extra careful with the kind of friend we keep. Doing drug is very bad most especially combination of more than one drug is deadly. This is a good testimony for drug addict as God can restore them back.

  30. Smoking and taking drugs is so harmful to one’s health. Why having pleasure to the detriment of your health. It’s a relief she got helped.

  31. Canabis is indeed a miracle drug. We just need to have an open mind regarding it. If it is properly controlled, our government can even make a vig profit from it.

  32. That’s what peer pressure can cause, Terra was influence by friends and lack of parent interferences and caring. We thank God she came out of it and her story will be a lessons to others.

  33. Terra’s story is quite sad and encouraging, getting into drugs is easy but coming out of it is challenging. Encouragement and love from family and friends is essential when in rehab.

  34. It’s a good thing to hear about Mandy getting help. Thanks for sharing this awesome life changing story. Kudos to the team

  35. With humility came serenity. This is true and applies to every aspects of our life. This story is an inspiration to those going through something but don’t know how to recover. It will start with your decision that you need to change. Stay strong.

  36. It’s so saddening that a lot of youth turns out to be victims of addiction. It so much destroys them . Thank God for the awareness been created, this will go a long way

  37. All this drugs are really a killer to the system it finds itself. Coming out successful requires really great commitment and help from friends and family. Thanks for this real story

  38. Treatment really helps one understand how dangerous this addicts are and the need to get out from it soonest. You see people of your age, that help you come out faster because it’s better .

  39. Going sober isn’t related to death at all, intact it’s a step to your break free from this harmful lifestyle one have chosen. Treatment is really a the best one like this can get, people with thesame energy around you.

  40. One of the worst thing that could happen to an individual is getting hooked on drugs. You can just go cold turkey..I deeply understand what Terra went through and I can only hope she gets better day by day..

  41. What an amazing turnaround. The truth is, when you experiment with drugs in the young developing years, it’s harder to quit. I’m so happy that Terra’s treatment worked and that she can serve as a good role model for addicts looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

  42. Addiction is something so killing that if proper care is not taking it can ruin ones life. This is very amazing blog. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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