The Support Of Family In A Drug Addicts Life

Nicole was formerly featured on True Stories of Addiction about six months ago. She shared her experience, strength, and hope with us regarding her struggles with drugs and alcohol and how she has remained clean and sober. As a result of Nicole’s recovery, she now shares with us how boundless her life is today and what she is doing to keep moving forward.


When Nicole spoke with us in the past, she was confused about who the God of her understanding might be. She didn’t want to give up and surrender to a power greater than herself that could restore her to sanity. Despite this, in the past few months she learned God is always looking after her and couldn’t be anymore grateful for her surrender.

She surrendered and the magic of life started to unravel before her eyes. Nicole always struggled with fear, mental health issues, and rigorous honesty. Everything and everyone besides herself was the problem. She never wanted to face herself or her mistakes but with the help of God she now has no fear because she knows he has her back. God is truly doing for Nicole what she couldn’t do for herself, she even gets to see her family today.

The Love of Family

According to Nicole, “the family connection I have now gained is spiritual, absolutely fantastic, but I definitely had to be patient.”

Nicole got to see her son and mother shortly after her first “True Stories of Addiction” was made. She believes that is what her turning point was. She never truly felt content before she saw them.

Nicole now takes full responsibility for her actions because she was able to surrender to God and understands it as no one but herself that kept her from family. She feels it was a worthwhile feeling to be able to look her mom and son in the face and feel like she deserved to see them.

“It was very rewarding when I finally got to meet my mom and son and see a smile on her face.”

Before Nicole was allowed to see her son she was told to act like a friend, not a mom. It was a big pill for her to swallow but what helped her get through it was showing up and prayer. Even though she didn’t get to treat her son the way she wanted, she felt like it was a great and worthy visit.

Though Nicole got to see her mother and son, she was still aching to see her dads side of the family. Once again, God showed up for her and just two hours after her last True Stories of Addiction her dad called and she got lunch with him and more of her family. This is proving that God truly works in the lives of those who seek him.

Being a Woman of Integrity

“When I wake up the first thing I do id thank God that I am alive.”

Nicole was used to praying and demanding something from God, things are different now. She wakes up with positive vibes asking God to point her in a direction where she can be of service to Him and her fellows. She has a different outlook on life today and knows the world doesn’t revolve around her. Life to Nicole is giving back what was so freely given to her and to be the best person she could ever be.

“Today my goals are to be a woman of integrity and when I go to sleep at night I know I was the best Nicole I could have been that day.”

No matter what life throws at Nicole she knows she tried her best. She lives her life one day at a time and knows no matter how the day went, she tried, and that’s all that truly matters.

No Problems Here!

“I do think when I struggle, I grow the most.”

She slows herself to feel today. Even if it is crying she does it because she knows it will do no harm and only make her grow. Even when she is feeling down she knows her problems are very minimal.

“Today there is no such thing as a huge problem.”

Nothing compares to being on the streets, living in active addiction, and having no hope at all. From sleeping on the cement, having a bag of clothing, and living addicted to drugs and alcohol, Nicole knows her life is always looking up.

“Today my life isn’t hard, it isn’t at all. I go home happy and I do what I need to do in order to be happy.”

Nicole knows her life isn’t hard today. She has her family back, sponsors woman, has an apartment, and has two jobs where she might be getting promoted. Life can’t get much better than that.

In order to stay clean and sober Nicole shares her experience with others hoping to help them get on the journey of recovery. She is living a life she never thought possible and has no intention of going back.

“Detox, reach out, surrender, work the steps, sponsor others, today is a very simple process and it is life or death.”

  1. Nicole’s story is quite touching, especially the part that she had to treat her son like a friend. I am however happy she understood that she didn’t have to give into the power of adiction and the realisation that there is a greater God whom she turned to and who brought about her desired victory over drug addiction.

  2. This story is a good and encouraging one. Families should learn to make every members of the family as happy and expected. Be it tough or sweet times in life, we all need people around us to make us know the rightful things at that point in time. Thanks for this good and educative post.

  3. Love shown to Nicole is one thing that speeds up her healing especially the worm welcome from her daughter and mom. It goes a long way when someone see that live needed when going through recovery like this

  4. Wow, this really is needed to be read by so many people. Never again will I blame any person going through this addiction change bad, I will try my best support them because right now I know it’s what they needed most to fasten their recovery.

  5. When you hear statements like “Today my life isn’t hard, it isn’t at all. I go home happy and I do what I need to do in order to be happy”, its as a result of a resounding family support around such person. This story looks true as said and helpful to guide everyone to attain the highest height. Thanks for this good post.

  6. I am really happy for Nicole because I know how hard it is to struggle and overcome addiction. She has really struggled and I’m glad she is now in contact with her family. At the end of the day, family is all we got. The fact that she is closer to God and wake up everyday with a positive vibes shows that her life has greatly taken a turn for the better. this is such an inspirational story

  7. Addiction if proper care isn’t taken can kill one. Everyone needs 100% family care and encouragement to stand firm. This post added nothing to me but positive, positive in the sense that we need show ourselves love and support as one family. Thanks for this lovely support post.

  8. Definitely, family. Plays. a great role in helping the addicted especially when it comes to drugs. I think it does help them recover better

  9. Nicole, I am so.proud of you right now and I wish you total recovery. Your son is going no where, he loves u because you are trying to be better. It’s really important people around people like Nicole show her love especially her loved ones, it means alot

  10. I always say family is everything, the thought of family can make you retrace your steps when going in the wrong direction. Nicole valued her family and made the right decision and her will power also helped her in taking the right path. Weldone Nicole.

  11. So glad to hear, Nicole, of your amazing recovery and spiritual connectivity with God. Very glad you are blessed with family and the drive to stay clean. I’m sure your story will serve as a great model for those struggling with addiction and looking for a higher purpose. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nicole story is quite interesting. Two things that helped her is the fact that she knows there’s an almighty God who changes story and having the support of her family. This story can serve as a measure to overcome addiction. I am so happy you’re healed. Thanks for sharing this, you left a good prescription.

  13. Short answer BIG!!!! NOt just for an addict but for anyone really. However to me at times even if you are family you will not be on the same page/ There are even times that love and family are misused. To that I say these guys need help and I am no fan of being tough especially on family. However if it needs to be done so be it.

  14. Families play a major role in the recovery process and it is very crucial for them to show love and care to the addict so that the recovery process will be fast

  15. I believe with the help of families, addicted people will become something great in life. All they need is love and support.

  16. This is an encouraging story. Nicole’s life would not have been better if not for the support to overcome drug addict she received from people. This is a lesson for others to be ready to give hope and support to someone that is struggling with bad life like living on alcohol.

  17. The influence of the family members in the life of the addicts can’t be overemphasized. It enhances their recovery process.

  18. Nicole has been through a lot, from being fearful to having mental health issues, but at the end of it all, I’m so happy for her recovery.

  19. Congratulations to Nicole. Nicole had a believe in God and she was able to scale through. She value her family and she made a good decision in that direction.

  20. This story from Nicole is quite amazing. Thank God she knew what she wanted for her family and she went for it.

  21. Family is everything. I’m happy for Nicole’s transformation. The support and care can never be underestimated when a supportive family is involved.

  22. There’s absolutely nothing the mighty hand of God cannot do. I’m so glad that your bond with your family has been restored. God told us not to neglect the gathering of the brethren. He has restored you to a family where you belong forever. With God in your life, He’s your Father and He loves you forever. You have a big Universal Family now Nicole. We are brethren.

  23. Family plays an important role in our life. They offer help when there is no one else. Happy for Nicole that her family stayed with her.

  24. Supporting family in time of drug addiction is very crucial. Indeed, most of the drug addicts need our help to overcome their addiction.

  25. Family is one good thing that we can always have when let down. Happy for Nicole that she got the love of her family to overcome her challenges.

  26. The article is well detailed and comprehensive. Addiction is a serious situation in our society today

  27. This is a pretty informative and educative piece . It is has in a great shown us what the effect love been shown to a victim of addiction can achieve.

  28. Nicole’s story is really touching, not just that it is an inspiration to everyone out there. And I want to appreciate her family for the love they showed to get which helped her in her journey to recovery.

  29. Family support,love,care is so important in all process of recovery. Without your family and friends support determination can’t be fully reached.

  30. The support of family in a drug addict life is inevitable. The impact of the family will aid quick recovery especially those family members who are against addiction.

  31. The people who are closer to the victim are the one God will use to bring them back to the society. This is one of the best article I ever read

  32. Family Support is really helpful in any type of situation and in the life of an addict, family is the best the Addict can rely on

  33. I think that your family could play a really important role when it comes to supporting you in case you are addicted to any kind of substance or even behavioural addictions. Unfortunately, many of your family members and relatives would start disliking you when they discover that you are an addict. This is the kind of problem many addicts face.

  34. When you have support from family and also close friends, you have confidence to overcome addiction. This was a nice move for the family to take,

  35. The family connection has more than helped Nicole stay sober and happy. It’s all any recovering addict could ask for. Plus she now has something to live for.

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