Janene Used Meth to Deal with Trauma


True Stories of Addiction: Janene

Janene was raised to be a good Mormon girl, meaning that she had to follow some very strict rules. Unfortunately for her, Janene struggled to follow these rules as she had to deal with crazy mood swings that only drugs and alcohol seemed to maintain. Although Janene was using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, things went relatively smoothly until she turned 17 and went on a family vacation.

Janene and her family were on their way home from their vacation and Janene was asked to drive. As she was driving, the car hydroplaned and flipped down the side of the freeway. As the car was rolling down the freeway Janene’s 13-year-old brother was ejected from the car and was killed instantly.

The trauma of losing her brother caused her so much guilt, the only way she could ever feel normal was when she was getting drunk or high. Her life was spiraling out of control, but when she became pregnant, she stopped stop using drugs and drinking. Although Janene was happy she was having a child, she still couldn’t deal with the thought of losing her brother.


As soon as her daughter was born, she ran back to the bottle and drugs. She didn’t know how to cope otherwise and just wanted to feel peace for once in her life. It was hard for Janene to be a parent but she didn’t want her parents to take her child either. Janene admits keeping her daughter was the wrong decision, but she didn’t see it as one at the time. Life wasn’t easy for Janene and her child but she was too stubborn to let her parents take her daughter.

One day, Janene had run out of the drug she was using at the time and decided to go re-up. When she left, she also left her seven-year-old child at home. The neighbors called the cops on Janene for leaving her daughter at home, giving her a horrible reputation. Janene was arrested, which saved her life for a moment, but as soon as she was released from jail, she went to a bar, as that was the only thing she knew how to do.


Meth and Other Drugs

Janene was put on probation because of the incident with her daughter so she wasn’t able to use drugs. However, this did not stop her from drinking, which ended up becoming a very important part of her life.

Janene’s drinking did catch up to her though and she ended up getting a DUI. After her DUI, she met her new boyfriend who showed her a different side of the drug world.

This side of the drug world was nothing Janene was used too. She started robbing people at gun point and became a pro at stealing money and drugs. Her got so out of control, that she lost everything. After losing her home and job, she lost her boyfriend as well and was alone on the streets. Janene didn’t know what to do, so she started doing things she wouldn’t wish on anyone just so she can have a place to stay and have drugs in her pocket at all times. Janene felt so hopeless and thought this is the way she is going to live the rest of her life.

Janene ended up getting called in to her probation officers and she was caught with Meth and a pipe. She went to jail and instead of going to the bar when she was released, she checked herself into inpatient rehab.

Finding Recovery After Meth Abuse

As soon as Janene walked into the doors of her inpatient program, she could finally see her life with clarity and was finally able to work on herself. Janene was finally living life the way she should. She decided, through her experience, she wanted to help others find recovery. So, she got certified as a peer support specialist and got a job in the recovery field.

Along with working in the recovery field, Janene was also working the 12-steps with a sponsor. The 12-steps saved her life and makes her want to help others that much more. She ended up getting a new job at a different treatment center where she believes she has met her family and is truly happy.

Janene changed her life, you can too. For more information on how you can better your life and escape addiction, give us a call. Our number is: (866) 578-7471

  1. Seeing drugs, meth, alcohols as a getaway solution is the most wrong decision one can make. It messes one up over and over again. Feels like plunging deep down into a dark abyss with no clue on when getting out will ever be. I’m really happy Janene is so much better now

  2. The trauma of killing her brother during the accident must have taken a huge toll on her. I bet that made her get even deeper into addiction.

  3. Wow, happy for Janene. With 12-steps program, she was delivered from drugs…. Doing drugs is one thing but combining it with alcohol is deadly. Let us stay away from drugs because of our loved ones.

  4. This is really sad. She had a rough time accepting the loss of her brother but no one ever helped her. Family should always be there to help and save those in need. It is really hard to cope with your struggles once your family turned their back to you.

  5. That is not the solution to problem, the first thing she should have done is sit down and look for the solution of the trauma or what is the causes of the trauma, using drugs or alcohol will only compound the problems.

  6. It’s so touching that she decided that through her experiences, she would help others find recovery. She has the heart of an angel.

  7. Self-medication is never a good idea. Even I used to take myself without asking a doctor to write a prescription for me and I ended up suffering a lot. Fortunately, the effects of the medication subsided quickly with a couple of days. In the case of Janene, she was using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and using such kind of substances is worse for your health, but it is great to read that she is recovering.

  8. From the stories and testimonies I have read, the 12 step program is doing wonders for addicts. I will most definitely look into the program more and recommend it to a few friends.

  9. There’s only so much that one can escape while using drugs. Eventually you have to face your problems and I am happy she chose to do so with a sober head.

  10. Changing your life can only be done by your determination to be free from whatever burden you are carrying. Janene’s story was both touching and inspiring, thank God for your life. Thank you Detox to rehab.

  11. Janene relapsed quite a few times but in the end made a recovery. That should inspire anyone who thinks that recovery is impossible.

  12. What a story! Addiction could go to any extent to destroy one. It started with the loss of her brother, then gradually till she lost everything. I’m glad she was able to check in to an inpatient rehab, that was the beginning of her healing. Always good to seek help from professionals for those having addiction problem.

  13. The death of her brother is something she blamed herself for her entire life. Sometimes learning to forgive ourselves and moving on can do a lot for our well-being.

  14. She should have let her parents have her daughter while she was still an addict. That would have given the daughter a more conducive environment to grow in.

  15. I can’t believe at one point she started robbing people at gun point just to get her fix. Drugs can really take over a person’s life.

  16. How lovely that she feels like she met her new family at the recovery center. Everyone needs to have that sense of belonging and purpose.

  17. In my opinion Janene has a very powerful soul. If I’m on your position, I think I can’t become a better person. Thanks for sharing your story.

  18. I salute the courage of Janene for taking an unwavering step towards freedom from addiction. I strongly believe people need to follow the footsteps of her for recovery from drug addiction. Bravo!

  19. Janene has proved beyond every reasonable doubt with her impressive story of meth addiction that people can be emancipated from drug addiction. It is a right step in a right direction.

  20. I can imagine the guilt she felt because of the accident that killed her brother. I thank God despite all, she had the strength to realise that she needed to make that change., and the enthusiasm she put into it.

  21. Sadly Janene had to go through all this traumatic experience and had to turn to drugs. However, i am happy she didn’t make the drug addiction a permanent part of her life.

  22. This is the sad part, People think of drugs as a shield or a white knight until it is too late. In a way addiction thrives through this. The weakness of people. That is why I said not all reasons that lead to it are not all bad.

  23. I don’t know why people got addicted with something.Addiction will ruined their life in terms of family bonding and many more.People should try to recover from the addiction.

  24. It’s nice feeling that at last janele recovered from alcohol addiction to working in the recovery center to help people recover as well through her own experience.

  25. When tragedy strikes and we feel responsible for it, taking to drugs may seem to be the only way to overcome our guilt. I can relate to what this lady went through. I’m glad she is getting the much needed help..

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