Using Cocaine and Prescription Opiates at a Young Age

Troubles of Addiction and Drugs Precede Her

Kelsey may have been predisposed to addiction even at birth. Her parents struggled with substance abuse, which always raises the chances for a child to also experience addiction. She was born with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome and was physically dependent on Methamphetamine. Luckily, her grandparents adopted Kelsey and she had a loving home to grow up in.

Early Trauma and Greif Lead to Drugs

Tragically, at just eleven years old, Kelsey discovered her beloved grandfather dead. Finding the dead body of someone you love is a traumatic experience for anyone, especially for a child, and it deeply affected Kelsey.

Her grandfather’s death left Kelsey utterly heartbroken and she sought comfort in drugs. She tried smoking weed, but it made her feel paranoid and she didn’t like it very much. When she moved on to try Cocaine, though, she loved how it made her feel. She was only twelve years old and at that impressionable age, addiction started to settle in.

Eventually, the adults in Kelsey’s life were noticing changes in her and became worried. She wasn’t sleeping enough and was getting nosebleeds all the time. She stopped using Cocaine for a while, but she didn’t forget how it made her feel.

Prescription Opiates Enter the Picture

Even though she ended her Cocaine use, Kelsey continued to dabble with drugs. She experimented with Bath Salts and psychedelic drugs like Mushrooms. It didn’t take her very long to be introduced to prescription Opiates, and she liked the results.

The way Opiates made her feel was just like the feeling Cocaine had given her—it filled the void she felt.

At this point, Kelsey was still just a teenager, but addiction started to consume her. She was lying about being sick to get Morphine, stealing pills from her mom, and mixing Opiates with Alcohol.

She wanted to quit, but she couldn’t manage it. Struggling constantly to get her next fix, she spiraled into depression and desolation. Eventually, she decided that the only way out would be suicide.

Kelsey planned to take her own life, but thankfully she never followed through.

Life Changes in Recovery

Then Kelsey met a guy in recovery. At first, she didn’t want anything to do with him because he was sober, but they wound up dating instead. She realized that she couldn’t go on the way she was, so she listened to him and did what he said.

Kelsey went to an intensive outpatient rehab and she listened to the people there. She took their suggestions, found the steps, and a mentor.

After about 30 days, Kelsey really started to fly as she saw her life begin to change. It wasn’t easy to get where she is today, but she did it.

Anyone can get clean and sober with the right treatment and support. If you feel like your only options are to keep using drugs or death, there is another way. Call (866) 578-7471 to get the help you need, and watch your life change for the better.

  1. I’m glad Kelsey is doing good. It’s important for addicts to know that life CAN get better. Are her and the guy she met in rehab still together do you know? Just curious how that works out meeting another ex addict.

  2. So sorry for Kelsey grandfather loss. Her life could have been much better if not for the loss. It is the parents responsibility to take care of their wards in a proper way and avoid strong drugs during pregnancy because of it residual effect on the fetus.

  3. Reading this made me so disappointed with her theirparents, what happened to them taking responsibility of there own child. It so crazy and disappointing reading about kesley been addict at that early age .

    1. Drug addiction is dangerous and highly detrimental. Rehabilitation transforms lives positively.

  4. Kelsey Story is so emotional and inspirational also. I’m so happy she looks so happy and beautiful and she was able to stop addiction.

  5. This sad to hear about Kelsey background and birth. Parents should be very careful of substances taken before Coitus as it can have effect on their children most especially the male. Happy for Kelsey recovery, glad she made it.

  6. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something.

  7. She is pretty tho. and has a second chance. Hopefully she gets her life back and not fall again. Grief can really affect a person nut drugs will never take it away. It only makes it worst.

  8. She’s went through the thick and thick having being born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It’s not an easy thing to shake off. I’m glad she listened to the guy she met and followed through with the turnaround program.

  9. Being an addict at an early stage was as a result of improper guidance. Parents or Guidance has Great responsibility on them when it comes to child Care.

  10. Thanks Detox for giving kelsey her life back. And parents should also monitor and take responsibility of their children

  11. True. Using cocaine after prescription can cause addiction at a very young age. Kelsey did not have the parental guidance she required at a very young age which caused her to go into addiction. Congratulations to her on her recovery.

  12. Those were the bad days of Kelsey . She got like a new birth and she have time to prove , noting she lost. best of luck for your journey.

  13. I am so happy for Kelsey for this wonderful story of recovery, it is not easy to come out of an addiction. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this emotional and inspirational story.

  14. It is a good thing to hear that Kesley’s story ends well. Sincerely, she had more than what she could handle but glory to God for His intervention in the life of Kesley.

  15. when your parents struggle with substance abuse, the probability of you getting hooked to drugs is very high…I feel for Kelsey because she really had it rough… thank God she is taking a new path now..drug

  16. Using drugs at a young age can really damage your health. But as we all know, our body is able to heal and recover if we do not abuse it. Good job Kelsey and keep being sober.

  17. It is sad to see that she stopped using cocaine only to star taking other kind of drugs. Addicts often sitch from one addictive substance to another. I think this is because they feel bettwr when a new drug is intriduced into their body. It is really great to hear that she is recovering now.

  18. One cannot stop the use of drugs alone, not when you started the use from tender age. Learn to ask for help when you needed it most

  19. Lack of parental care also leads to a child going astray at an early age via alcohol and drug abuse. Parents failed to take absolute control of their child’s welfare at an early age , which made the child to live wild and free, leading to addiction of drug abuse.

  20. Change comes with many baggage, how prepared we are to accommodate those excesses. Noce piece and happy getting tonread this. So lovely

  21. The parents are to be blamed for not taking proper care of a good thing she is well and doing great now.

  22. Is not until we lose someone dear to us before we take the challenge to change. Change to good is very paramount and we need to embrace it.

  23. In the early age, people often adopt the wrong path. This is a very bad addiction, we should be against drugs. Thanks for sharing this information.

  24. Oh my! That is why as parents we have to be careful with our actions. I am glad that Kelsey had the strength to go to rehab. I wish her the best of luck

  25. Very pathetic and heartbreaking story,how could a child be predisposed to addiction from child birth,parent should be careful of what they exposed themselves to because it really have a long way to go in training up a happy for Kelsey recovery. Thanks for sharing

  26. Childhood drug addition should be totally guided by enacting laws as regard that. Not everyone has the opportunity to scale through like Kelsey.

  27. I’m glad that Kelsey got out of her addiction. Drugs and addiction in general can definitely ruin your life. This story was quite the sad yet inspiring read. Cheers to Kelsey that she got the help that she needed.

  28. This is one of the example of how the lost of our loved ones can lead us to wrong practices, but in such situation we should back ourselves and be strong.

  29. I saw her struggle and recovery on YouTube before. She is very brave I would say, after recovering from the trauma she faced.

  30. Cocaine usage is not a good thing. Most people start using it at a very young age and affects them as they grow older negatively. People needs to be self aware and gather the courage to prevent the use of drugs.

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