The Heroin Addiction Rehab Process


True Stories of Addiction: Ashley

Growing up Ashley knew something wasn’t right. She felt she was different than all the other kids when she was only 8 years old. Ashley would look around at the other kids and feel so out of place- there was something they learned that she didn’t. She felt the missing piece to her puzzle was Heroin.

She Needed an Escape

Ashley had this friend who she idolized. This friend was developed, popular, and Ashley wanted to be her- she wanted to be anyone but herself. They met around the time the movie “Mean Girls” came out and they were pretending to be Mean Girls.

“I felt bad about myself so I started to bully people,” Ashley said.

They made a list of things they could and couldn’t wear, were bullying people, telling others they couldn’t sit with them because they felt as if they were too good for everyone else to be around. They would treat people so poor because they didn’t feel okay on the inside themselves.

Because she was not okay on the inside, she needed an escape. She was always afraid of Marijuana and Alcohol but when she was offered Cocaine she did not hesitate to give it a try. Time went by and her experience with Cocaine was not enough anymore. She craved something to help her escape and found that escape in Heroin.

Heroin became the love of her life at just 15 years old. She was acting out, wasn’t listening to her mom, and was dating an older boy. A few years down the line when she was 17 her boyfriend’s house got raided. The cops called her mom and she picked her up and took her to detox.

In detox, she was on the phone with her mom and she was telling her how her sisters missed having her around. They were lonely without her and were worried about her safety.

“It hit home for me because I was living at home the entire time and so like that was the first time that like I was like maybe I am affecting people by what I am doing.”

Her little sister begging for Ashley back was not enough. She left detox and went back to doing what she knew to do best- get high. She was getting high for so long the drugs stopped working.

It was Never Enough

“This is not enough and there is never going to be enough but I can’t stop.”

She was scared without Heroin and would do anything to get more. One day, she was at Walmart and people were asking her if she was okay, if she needed food or water and it made her realize how unhealthy she looked, which brought her pain in her heart. She wanted to stop but there was something that possessed her and she couldn’t stop no matter what she did.

When people were asking her if she was okay Ashley would look at them with confusion. She didn’t understand how they were living without drugs and alcohol. She didn’t understand how people could be so normal. She got to the point where she wished she was dead.

Ashley’s life was a terrible- she was constantly miserable. Life got so bad she would be sleeping and have a nightmare and wake up to realize her life is worse than her horrific nightmares. She was done with Heroin but she didn’t know how to stop.

It was by the grace of God Ashley had a friend who would keep asking her about getting help for her addiction. He would bother her every day and she would say “tomorrow I’ll go,” but tomorrow never came.

“Until one day I was like ‘fine’ you know.”

She packed the one bag of clothing she had and moved to a treatment facility in Colorado. However, she was only there two weeks in and wanted to leave.

Her Addiction Recovery

“I was like I am going to leave, that’s what I am going to do, I’m going to relapse because that’s what I do.”

While contemplating getting high the owner of the treatment facility told her to come talk about the reasons why she wanted to leave. As soon as Ashley stood up to walk over to the owner she busted into tears. Ashley was so confused and wanted to stay sober. She told the owner she was now willing to do whatever it took to stay clean and sober.

“I got a sponsor, I started to work the steps and like slowly but surely like probably like a month and a half later I like didn’t want to die or get high.”

She felt a relieved, finally had the obsession to use and drink removed. Ashley stayed at the treatment facility for six months and moved into the alumni house where she could practice living life on life’s terms.

While she was living in the alumni house tragedy hit and her best friend died from a Heroin overdose. She was heartbroken but didn’t get high because she kept focused on doing the next right thing.

“I continue to go to meetings; I continue to pray and call my sponsor and do these things and like so even when it doesn’t feel like a success it is.”

Ashley keeps doing the next right thing and has been able to build friendships with people she was never able to before because the drugs came first. Now her recovery comes first and she wouldn’t give it away for the world.

“Even when it doesn’t feel like a success it is. I go to bed sober and I like really never thought that was possible.”

    1. Ashley’s addictions to heroin is due to peer influence. Because once you are in it it very hard to come out of it thanks for this informative post.

  1. As far as I am conceded, addiction means the none able to control of the use of something. This is a cool story that will help change the lives of so many fellows in her shoe. Thanks for this live changing post.

  2. I’m sure Ashley is doing her best to keep herself clean and I hope she succeeds. Being in the trap of heroin can destroy the life of the person addicted and his/her family.

  3. Earlier I said that addiction makes you a slave and why? because once you are hook it is never gonna be enough. In the contrary the cost will ramp up more and more until you find yourself in a hole deeper than the one you started with. It never solves issues it just adds to it.

  4. Ashley’s story is motivating to the people who are involved in this deadly addiction from early age. But, she gave a lesson to everyone that only self control and discipline is the key factor here to get out of it.

  5. So terrible experience, it all boils down to always remain yourself never intend to go with any trend in town. Addiction is one thing that you can leave, i am happy for her she was later freed.

  6. Parents presence and availability are keys to children development. Heroin addiction in this story isn’t a good one especially for minors. It makes them behave abnormally and wield.

  7. I feel bad for people with cocaine addiction. I’m just glad that Ashley made the decision to stay clean. The past is gone and what we do with the days ahead counts. This type of stories need to be read by those struggling with any addiction. I just hope that Ashley keeps doing things that will keep her clean and I hope she doesn’t fall back to the addiction

  8. I have always known right from my high school that bullies have some mental problems. Good that Ashley was able to recover

  9. Addiction of any drug not only heroin causes many types of disease like cancer,problems related to lungs,kidney and liver also.And it may lead to death also.And early age addiction is very bad,Ashley’s story is very motivating and inspiring story.

  10. I have seen and heard of various cases of heroine addiction. But this vase seems different and ends well. The truth need be said at this juncture that she is so lucky to have ended as a guide to others who falls victims of such addiction. Thanks for this exposure and lifeguarding post.

  11. This story should serve as a motivation for those that are addicted either young or old. I so believe that this addiction can be dealt with if one is well determined and have self control. Thanks for this great motivation story.

  12. Ashley’s story mirrors that of a lot of young girls out there today. Peer pressure and the need to find an escape from our reality is a big reason why people get into drugs. Ashley is lucky to be on the right path to recovery right now

  13. Ashley was being childish in her approach and this made her a victim of addiction. Thanks to Detox To Rehab for this wonderful story.

  14. Ashley your story is really overwhelming but teachable too. it is good to learn to do only the right thing. it does help with giving us peace.

  15. The past is gone and what we do with the days ahead counts. The past is gone and what we do with the days ahead counts. Thanku.

  16. Ashley was unable to put her actions and inactions under control and this almost cause her, her life. Thanks for this piece of information.

  17. This is a kind of traumatic experience. this is why it is good to be oneself and forget about idolizing anyone. but to know you are better now

  18. This is a very pathetic story about Ashley. She got so frustrated through addiction to the point of becoming a bully. Glad she got herself back on track through recovery to be happy.

  19. Getting exposed to drugs at such an early stage is so way off the chart. I’m happy she’s better with Detoxtorehab taking charge now.

  20. Ashley life was truly dominated by the drug. Thanks to Detox To Rehab for her selfless effort to bring her back to her feet.

  21. Addiction of substance is like Oliver twist, you take one then you ask for another. Only Divine intervention and self determination can break loose such person.

  22. This is why I do not give in to peer pressure or should I say I am PICKY with it especially if i know it is not good for me. I know it is hard to resist but we must. It co,es with age too so be careful who we hang out with.

  23. Ashley’s story is one of so many girls out there who wants to belong and fit into the society no matter what. Thank God she found the right path to recovery. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing her story of recovery.

  24. Recovering from addiction is not something easy. I’m happy for Ashley for finding his way back to normal life. Your story is so impressive a d many people will be able to learn from it

  25. Thank God that Ashley was able to recover and ended to be as guide to others. There are lessons to learn from her story. Thank you for sharing this educative information here.

  26. Thanks God you are staying sober. Just as I’ve been saying, Movie have a great influence on people. Children shouldn’t be exposed to dangerous movies until they are able to process and determine what’s good and what’s bad. Stay sober Ashley and continue to tell your story to change lives for surely your story will change lives.

  27. Even upon the all the odds Ashley faced she still came out victorious that’s a good indicator that recovery is very possible. Congratulations to you.

  28. Your way to get sober is not easy,many obstacle you have to fix it,stay sober and other people why can life without drug and alcohol Because they never or don’t want abusing drug or alcohol

  29. Drug addiction generally isn’t a good thing expecially when it comes to heroine. This story is motivating. Thanks for sharing

  30. The most important thing we can learn from that life story is we should take care of our children and to make sure they’re always stay away from drugs. Thanks for sharing this.

  31. This blog is very interesting and motivational. Thanks for sharing this information. Drugs and alcohol are not options in my life.

  32. Drugs are very harmful effects of our body. Don’t take it. I so believe that this addiction can be dealt with if one is well determined and have self control. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  33. So many people out there has experienced what Ashley went through, her story serves as motivation for them. Thanks for this

  34. Heroine is a dangerous drug substance that destroys, if one continually takes it bon stop. Those who went through rehab after heroine addiction didn’t find it easy just as Ashley find it uneasy.

  35. Heroine can never be solution to any problem and at such a small age how can you even think that the void in life can be filled by such a distructive thing. I hope for our better life ahead.

  36. Addiction can be likened to a terrible slave master. It’s keeps driving it’s victims until they are all fagged out and lose the meaning of life.
    Ashley’s story is one that further inspires hope, no matter how deep the pit of addiction is, there’s an escape.

  37. So many people just follow multitude, try to blend into groups and later get addicted. Stand yo ground, never be intimidated and never try abuse , it’s a road to destruction.

  38. No drug is better than another, even some kills faster. Using drugs to find inner peace is a death sentence. We should be ourselves mirror and stand for ourselves

  39. Drugs and alcohol are not options in my life. So many people out there have experienced what Ashley went through, her story serves as motivation for them. Thanks for this life-changing post.

  40. Ashley’s story of drug addiction is emotionally touching. However, it is a cheering news that she sought revovey early.

  41. Ashley’s story is really a heart felt one, because some kids actually feel out of place with their peers and they find a means of escape, which usually ends up in substance abuse. I am glad she eventually decided to get treatment and is now sober.

  42. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something and try to recover from that.

  43. It takes courage to know that you need help. I commend Ashley for doing so, and in the process she is now on her way to recovery! BRAVO!

  44. She Got addicted to a Harmful substances at a very young age and It must have been really tough Overcoming it…
    I feel Parents and Guidance has a load work to do in Preventing their Childrens from Harmful substances.

  45. I’m so glad Ashley was finally able to fill that void in her life without drugs and alcohol. It must have been very traumatic undergoing all those challenges, especially having her best friend die from heroin. Ashley is definitely an inspiration proving that recovery is within reach for any addict.

  46. For me I’ll say, Ashely was Determined and she Felt being Normal once again without being addicted to any Substances.
    It’s really Great Everything put together to Overcome Addiction worked for Her.

  47. This is a lesson for young people who are battling with these deadly addictions. A person can get rid of a serious addiction whenever he wants. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  48. Never use drugs to make you feel worthy and involved, it’s end is always disastrous. We deserve better and we need to pursue that better.

  49. Addicts should be shown all love and when it’s time they will realise their actions affects not just them alone but all that’s around them. So painful seeing how life has been wasted for years.

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