Mike’s Addictive Personality to Faith Recovery

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Addictive Personality and Compulsive Behavior

Mike’s addiction started out with magazines of women that he found in his dad’s garage at age 12. Although his addiction and addictive behaviors toward women began early on, Mike didn’t try cocaine until he turned 22.

It wasn’t until Mike was 26 that he was arrested for the first time. The next year, at 27, Mike sought out to join a junior college football team in Palm Springs, California.

During his academic career, he earned two junior college degrees and his associate’s degree in respiratory therapy. After graduating, Mike got a job at a hospital.

One day, when Mike arrived to work in the intensive care unit, he discovered his co-workers snorting lines of cocaine. From that point on, Mike describes that he was off and running. His life took a turn for the worse and he spiraled out of control with drug use.

Drugs and Severe Addiction

Amidst the chaos of his meth and cocaine drug use, Mike went to a Calvary Church. At the church, he sat himself down in the first row—directly in front of the pastor.

Throughout the service, Mike cried and was unable to stop. After the service was over, the pastor approached Mike and asked him what was going on.

The only words that Mike could manage to speak were, “I’m reaping the harvest of a sinful life.”

His addiction took him to a dark and undesirable place. Mike eventually found himself living out of a cardboard box behind a small church located in California.

To support his addiction, every day he walked the streets with a plastic bag in hand, in search of aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

It’s common for those struggling with addiction to turn to selling aluminum and plastic to support their substance abuse, and Mike had experienced this first hand.

Prayer for Drug Addiction

Feeling defeated lost and broken, Mike dropped to his knees. For some reason, he was unable to cry or pray. Instead, Mike groaned out to Jesus, gripping onto the dirt underneath him.

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To his surprise, he explains that Jesus heard him. When Mike got up off his knees, something was different, and he no longer wanted or needed to use drugs and feed his addiction.

From that momentous day, 10 years ago, Mike has been in recovery from drugs and his sexual addiction. He describes his experience as a supernatural will.

From his experience, Mike was relieved of his obsession and driven to do God’s Will, not his own, for the rest of his life.

Addiction Recovery and Change

For Mike, recovery has changed everything about him. He goes on to tell us that his speech, priorities and even thoughts have changed. On top of all that, his desires in life, his friends, his perspective and his goals have undergone massive changes.

Many people who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction lose the ability to slow down and smell the roses. In other words, they are no longer able to recognize and enjoy the little things in life. In recovery, they can once again notice the little things.

Finding recovery from drugs and alcohol allows individuals to get in touch with the spirit. Identifying with the spirit and being freed from addiction often results in an individual’s selfishness turning into selflessness.

Recovery can be a challenge to achieve for those suffering from addiction; however, it’s possible. Enjoying a fulfilling life in recovery has become a reality for countless people all around the world.

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  1. Am happy for Mike. Majority took such combination and were unable to recover. I am very happy for him as he retraced his step back to Jesus for help.

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