Addiction Came Later in Life


True Stories of Addiction: Jessica

Jessica had a lot of traumatizing things happen to her before she found drinking and drugs as a way to escape. She was never the type to drink during high school or go wild at parties. She could keep her cool and not abuse Alcohol when she did decide to have a drink with a friend. There were no early signs of addiction for Jessica, it was the constant trauma she went through that made her give up and turn to Alcohol.

At 19 years old, shortly after high school, Jasmine learned she was pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. Her and her boyfriend were more than excited to be bringing a life into the world. The pregnancy was going great and she went into labor at 38 weeks pregnant. In the hospital, there were no signs of complications but her daughter, Payton, ended up coming into the world as a still birth. Jessica had no idea to cope with the loss of her baby girl but ended up fighting through the pain.

When she turned 21 years old, she had a flash back of her biological father molesting her when she was very young. The flash back destroyed her but didn’t bring her to drinking and drugs. Shortly after she found out about her biological father, she got the news she was carrying twins. However, at 11 weeks pregnant, one of her babies had died in the womb. She was devastated but was able to hold it together for her son that survived the pregnancy.

Here Came the Addiction


Being 21 years old with a child was very difficult for Jessica and her boyfriend financially. She knew she needed to do something for a steady income and decided to go to a strip club so she can support her family. When she started dancing, she realized a lot of the woman there drank because it made them loosen up, so Jessica gave it a try. Jessica wouldn’t just have one to two drinks though, she would drink to the point where she couldn’t tell if what she was drinking was water or vodka.

This went on until she found out she was pregnant with her second child. She sobered up the whole pregnancy and got pregnant again with her third child. After giving birth to her beautiful babies, Jessica got a new job where she met a man named Daniel. She ended up drinking a lot with Daniel and decided to leave her husband and children to be with him. A few years later, she was in a car accident and was prescribed Opiates for the pain. The Opiates ended up taking control of her life and she would go from doctor to doctor to get more meds.


The doctors started catching on to Jessica and stopped prescribing her medication. She still needed an escape and found it in the Cocaine Daniel introduced to her. Her life spiraled out of control and things got really bad. Jessica realized she had a problem when her husband took her to court to fight for the custody of her children. The judge told Jessica that if she gets treatment, she will still have her kids when she gets out but if she decides to keep using, she will lose her children for good.

Fighting Addiction with Treatment

Jessica immediately found treatment because she did not want to lose her kids. She went into a 30-day inpatient rehabilitation program and came out clean with no intention of using. She moved back in with her husband and children and life was good. After a few months, Jessica got reconnected with Daniel and shortly after she relapsed on Cocaine.

After her relapse, she moved out of her husband’s house and left the kids to go use drugs. She was staying with another alcoholic friend and the insanity of addiction took her life again. After about a month of using, Jessica went back to treatment and knew this had to be it. She was done living the way she was living and was finally ready for change and wanted to be a mother to her children.


Jessica moved away from all the negativity in her life and has stayed clean since. She has a great job and never lost custody of her children. She works a 12-step program and is living her life to the fullest. She knows there is nothing positive drugs and Alcohol will do for her. Her life has never been better and encourages everyone who has a problem to reach out and ask for help.

  1. There is nothing positive drugs and Alcohol will do for people, rather it destroys lives. So sad that Jessica passed through a lot at her tender age. It is good to have a determination within never to do drugs any longer and stay away from bad friends.

  2. Being able to overcome this things is an achievement. I am really sad to know that she was molested by her very own father. I am.glad that she was able to understand the situation and realized that it needs to be changed.

  3. It has happened with most of the youth that they find a way to escape from the past trauma through drugs. It is indeed more deadly for them.

  4. When we facing a bad problems, the easy way to forget it is by using drugs or drink alcohol. If you understand it, it’s just forget our problems for a second and create another big problems.

  5. Another touching story from a really young girl. At quite a young age, Jessica has gone through hardships of life. I’m happy she’s better now.

  6. I am proud she has decided to have herself cleansed.. Her motivation to be better had great results for both her and her child.

  7. I don’t know why people got addicted with something.Addiction is not the solution of any kind of problem.Addiction may lead them to death.It destroys our immune system.

  8. Either it comes late or early does not matter. Drugs when abused is never a good thing. In my country the President has always been at war with it and it will always be a perenial problem. This is where awareness comes in.

  9. Jessica had a good home and husband so I see no reason why she turned to drugs, I am happy she came to her senses and realised that nothing positive comes from the use of drugs or alcohol.

  10. Why the people didn’t get these things never take to the positive side . Even It will destroy your life too. A chapter should be added in text regarding this and child should train so that They don’t lay them to that side.

  11. Drug addiction does not only affect one’s health but also lead to financial difficulty. It is evidently clear that one needs to stay away from drug abuse if one needs to live a better life.

  12. Thank you for sharing Jessica’s story very sad and touching, getting into drugs or alcohol is very easy but coming out of it is very tough. Thank God for the 12 step program it is saving a lot of lives. Thank you for sharing this story.

  13. I’m glad that Jessica went to treatment. I can’t imagine how her life has been. But I wish her all the luck to be able to continue to be strong for her family.

  14. This is an unpleasant experience. From, molestation to lost of children to the addiction. I want to sincerely thank the 12-step program for the job well done.

  15. It’s sad to read about Jessica’s traumatising experience, but I am glad she chose the right path after all she experienced. I pray she remains this way for the sake of her childre.

  16. It’s a very emotional story about Jessica, she went through traumatic times, coupled with child losses and financial degradation that made her engaged into drug abuse to fight inferiority complex to earn money doing what she doesn’t like.

  17. It looks like this woman was introduced from one kind of addictive substance to another kind of addictive substance. She used to drink alcohol and then she switched to opiates. When she was not getting the opiates, she switched to cocaine. Instead of helping her, her boyfriend named “Daniel” brought cocaine for her? She was also having babies at a young age and managing life with babies and being addicted to the drugs might be one of the toughest things to handle.

  18. What, this is so sad, molestation from very tender age can destroy ones life. What a poor twin, this is a lesson for us all

  19. I wish I meet her from onset, I would have told her (Jessica) that Drug and alcohol is not the ways out of problem. Many think that using drugs and gulping alcohol will solve the problem of life truth far from it. Holding your head high and never give up in troubles make you standout not drugs or alcohol.

  20. Jessica’s story is a sad one. Were it not for the trauma she probably would never have gotten into alcohol. I wish her the best.

  21. Jessica’s story is particularly pathetic. Thanks God she made up her mind to discard such habit. With determination, victory is certain!

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