Alcohol Addiction and Rehabilitation

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Last Edited: November 18, 2021
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Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

The point that drinking crosses the line from social drinking to addiction, can sometimes be difficult to understand. Many times, people don’t realize that their drinking has become an addiction. However, there can be a point when social drinking becomes a problem and possibly leads to life threatening issues. Alcohol is an extremely physically and psychologically addictive substance.

Abusing Alcohol can lead to overdoses and other serious health problems, especially when combined with other drugs. Intoxication can impair brain function and motor skills; heavy use can increase the risk of certain cancers, stroke, as well as kidney and liver disease. Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and potentially fatal. Alcohol abuse, which can lead to alcoholism, is a pattern of drinking that results in harm to one’s health, interpersonal relationships or ability to work. Every day people die from Alcohol related causes. Waiting to go into treatment is not an option for an Alcohol abuser.

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Alcohol Effects On The Body

Consuming Alcohol may allow people to feel loose or social, but it can become a serious problem. There are many health side effects that can arise when drinking every day. Drinking Alcohol impairs your motor functions. As you become intoxicated, you may begin to slur your words or become unstable on your feet. While this might lead to an enjoyable night, abusing Alcohol is anything but enjoyable. You might do something or say something to someone that you will regret the next day, this can have horrible effects on your relationships and daily life. As tolerance goes up, so does the probability of blacking out. This can be very dangerous; you can hurt yourself or others. Some Alcoholics mix Alcohol with Ambien or other prescription medications which multiply the risks. Addiction is complicated, and it can affect brain functionality in a variety of ways, leading to health and social problems.

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True Stories of Alcoholism & Recovery

Louann tells us her story of growing up with family alcoholism and dysfunction. It wasn’t until her marriage fell apart and multiple hospital visits due to binge drinking, did she finally admit to herself that she needed to deal with her past in order to stay sober.
Patrick started drinking as a teenager, and it led him down a dark road to alcohol and drug abuse. His life became unmanageable to the point where he felt his life was being wasted. Listen to how he found a higher power of his own understanding and started living life in recovery.

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