What are the Effects of Mixing Weed and Alcohol?

Mixing Weed and Alcohol
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Marijuana is a popular recreational drug. Even in the states that haven’t made marijuana legal see plenty of people using the drug for pleasure, as well as for medicinal purposes.

Though there are some that propose that marijuana is not an addictive drug, others disagree. In face, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention states that 30% of users suffer from marijuana use disorder, which means they have become dependent on the drug.

Mixing Weed And Alcohol

There is a tendency to combine smoking weed and drinking alcohol. Though both substances provide similar effects, the experiences people have when using them can be enhanced if you use them together. That opens the way for alcohol and marijuana to be abused.

Why Do People Drink Before Smoking Weed?

Combining marijuana and alcohol produces a synergistic effect. This means that the way one feels is enhanced when they use both alcohol and weed together, rather than just using one substance.  Alcohol helps in the absorption of the THC within the marijuana. This allows those smoking weed to enhance the high that they feel.

What Happens If You Have Marijuana Before Drinking?

Research is limited to what may happen if you smoke marijuana before drinking. There is the possibility that it can slow down the effects of alcohol. This means that you may not have a feeling of being intoxicated.

This can increase the possibility of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. To avoid the risk, assume you have had too much to drink and stop.

The Effects Of Combining Alcohol And Marijuana

When mixing alcohol and marijuana, the results can be more than having a feeling of ecstasy.

Though both substances influence your central nervous system, they do so in two different ways. Marijuana acts on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. The result is that thinking is impaired. Balance, posture, coordination, and reaction times are also affected as the THC from marijuana interacts with other regions of the brain.

Alcohol affects the neurotransmitters GABA and NMDA. Alcohol can mimic the activity of GABA by binding to GABA receptors. Though there is no short-term effect, prolonged abuse of alcohol can excite these receptors and the result is a sedated feeling.  Also, the NMDA receptors are associated with learning and memory and alcohol can affect recollection of a memory.

When taken together, the effects of both alcohol and marijuana are enhanced. There is a heightened chance of impulsive behavior as well as impaired judgment calls. This can lead to personal harm as individuals decide to engage in risky activities.

Other issues that can occur when combing weed can be:

  • Alcohol poisoning: We mentioned how marijuana can reduce feelings of intoxication. That can lead to people wanting to drink more at excessive levels. As a result, there is a possibility of developing alcohol poisoning,  which can be fatal.
  • You develop a long-term illness: Abusing any drug can have a long-lasting effect on your body. You have the risk of developing heart problems, suffering blood pressure issues, liver disease, or cancer.
  • Side effects are enhanced: Typical side effects of marijuana use are time distortion, hallucinations, and delusions. For alcohol one may experience a change in mood (also a side effect shared with marijuana), nausea and vomiting, or a feeling of euphoria (again a similar experience as that provided by marijuana). These reactions are heightened when alcohol and marijuana are taken at the same time.

Alcohol And Weed Use: Be Careful 

There can be legitimate circumstances around the need to use marijuana. One example is that in which it is taken for medicinal purposes. In this context, you need to pay careful attention to the effect alcohol may have when you drink while using marijuana.

Several factors come into consideration such as:

  • Your tolerance level for either substance
  • The strength of the alcohol and marijuana
  • If you are taking other medication

Seek professional advice if you are wanting to have a drink while prescribed medical marijuana.


Both marijuana and alcohol are capable of providing one with a feeling of elation. This feeling may be enhanced when both substances are taken together. Marijuana can soften the sensation of being intoxicated which could lead to a person drinking more.

Other side effects, such as poor judgment and impaired thinking, are intensified by combining marijuana with alcohol.

If your situation requires you to have medical marijuana, then speak to your doctor or other medical professionals before deciding to drink.

  1. I don’t think it is a wise thing to do even health wise to mix things with alcohol to drink. This will be poison to the body. This should be resisted to avoid killing the body.

  2. This is an informative article. So, mixing of weed with alcohol is very dangerous to one’s health and well being. Thanks to detox for this detailed information.

  3. While I consider Weed’s medical properties rhe fact is it still belongs in the explicit Drug category where danger lies. That being said why even mix the two? Alvohol poosoning? Sounds about right so spreading awareness is KEY.

  4. Most people are actually responsible for theie health challenges. Mixing weed and alcohol together is very dangerous and deadly.

  5. Thanks for the article. I surely hope that a lot of people will read it and realize the dangerous of mixing alcohol and weed in any possible way.

  6. Taking marijuana has serious side effects..taking alcohol also has side effects..when an individual takes both, then one needs no soothsayer to tell him or her that these reactions will be increased. I still do not understand why people take weed and alcohol. Stay off these two and enjoy a healthy life. Period

  7. Alcohol and Weed are very Harmful to one’s Health and it becomes Very Toxic to The Body System when Mixed together.

  8. The Mixture of these two Harmful Substances Can Cause a Long term Illness To one’s Health.
    Please be well informed and Stay Clean .

  9. It’s difficult if not totally impossible to decide one have had too much of alcohol and stop. People want to keep pushing their tolerance level so as to drink more and more.
    The effect is much, long term illness poor physical coordination etc should be enough to make people desist from such act

  10. It best we don’t try it at all because they say prevention is better than cure. This is a beautiful article detox thank you so much.

  11. I Know some guys in my estate do this and i wonder why all in the name of being woke. i hope they get to read this and know they can get a long lasting illness in future.

  12. A lot of people who are into alcohol consumption take weed simultaneously, without knowing the final or adverse effect of combing these two substance together. The awareness of how dangerous this could be, needs to shouted from the roof top.

  13. I want to believe most people don’t know how dangerous it is to consume alcohol while taking weed, because I don’t see why anyone would want to damage their health for any form of highness.

  14. I disagree with the submission that it reduces the intoxication of the users. I know of somebody who usually have a bad day whenever the two are combined.

  15. Mixing alcohol with weed is dangerous for health issue. One might develop long term illness. It is not advisable. Thank you.

  16. The only reason why any of both alcohol and weed should be use ought to me medical reasons. We should rightly bear in mind that health is wealth. Your body would react to what goes into it. Being wise matters.

  17. I have never known that the combine use of both Weed and alcohol can be this devastating. I will try and educate my friends about how this abuse can lead to a serious addiction.

  18. This is an interesting, informative and educative piece. It has done a good job in enlightening the general public on the possible effect of mixing both alcohol and weed together for consumption.

  19. Taking both marijuana and alcohol is obviously not a sound decision as doing so could lead to serious consequences. If someone is using marijuana for medicinal purposes, he or she should take care not to overdo drinking alcohol on the side. As always, moderation is the key.

  20. These are most common drugs that are consumed. It should be noted that, all are not good for the body as more so to the brain.

  21. I think these impact bad for health,so everyone must have knowledge about this effects,so many people will think thousands time while trying mixing it

  22. The effects of alcohol and mixed weed on people are dangerous and unwholesome. However, people should steer clear from the dangers. Big thanks go to Detox for rehabilitating people.

  23. Thanks for laying down the facts. I’ve always suspected marijuana has some addictive properties because many people I know have a hard time kicking the habit. Sadly, I think a lot of people mix alcohol and weed even though it can impair your judgement and cause more harm to your body overall.

  24. We consume weed and alcohol for pleasure, but it is fatal for our body. It badly affects our tantric system. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  25. Thanks for this information. A lot of folks are so daring and adventurous that they throw caution to the winds as they seek to maximise pleasure seeking. Alcohol and Marijuana are bad by themselves talkless of being combined. Such an act as this should be desisted from.

  26. Wow, what a very deadly mixture. Weed and alcohol can surely alter every mind that mixes this two ingredients. I just hope that more stricter punishment will be given to those guilty people.

  27. Weeds and alcohol are life-threatening substances which mustn’t be toyed with by anyone. Thank you for this revelation.

  28. Mixing alcohol and weed can cause a lot of psychotic breakdown to human brain. The best way to be safe from marijuana usage is to avoid it as well as abstain from alcohol.

  29. I feel substance abuse should be deeply looked into more and people educated about it.
    If the purpose of a thing is not known…abuse is inevitable.

  30. This combo is very dangerous! Any one who will try this should take extra careful. But I will suggest not to try this anymore, after reading all the effects and symptoms of this,

  31. We consume weed and alcohol for pleasure, but it is fatal for our body. It badly affects our tantric system. Don’t take alcohol. It is injured our body

  32. Thank you for sharing this post, the effect of mixing weed with alcohol can be devastating. I really learnt a lot from it. Detox to rehab thank you for this enlightenment.

  33. The end of product of such combination is hell. Anyone who wants to stay safe, doesn’t need any combination nor taking marijuana or alcoholic beverages. I’ve seen many in my neighborhood that combines both of them, and they’re harming the system, the side effect is calamitous. If they can read what you out up here, I believe they’ll know how dangerous it is combining the two.

  34. Mixing weed and alcohol have a lot of negative effects. This article has enlighten me more about proper in take of alcohol but it is best to abstain from alcohol.

  35. The fact that weed kind of numbs the effect of alcohol is dangerous. It may cause one to drink more than they should

    1. The mixture of weed and alcohol has-been a trend lately among youths. With the negative effects it causes to the health, it is important to stop the usage. I really hope this gets more awareness to people to see. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  36. Mixing weed with alcohol is really dangerous to the health. And people needs to be careful because it’s not good for the health

  37. Interestingly a lot of people mix weed and alcohol when partying. Little do they know how dangerous it is.

  38. Both weed and alcohol are itself very harmful and if you are mixing them you can go in that depth of addiction from where it is very hard to come out. you can risk your life as well.

  39. Mixing these two together can be dangerous. It can lead to unpleasant side effects, it might lead to abuse of these substances and developing an addiction.

  40. This will be poison to the body. This should be resisted to avoid killing the body. This article has enlightened me more about the proper intake of alcohol but it is best to abstain from alcohol. Detox to rehab thank you for this enlightenment.

  41. Weed and alcohol are too high substances…
    It is even better to so away with both than it’s a mixture…

  42. Well, I never knew that mixing Alcohol with weed could lead to alcohol poisoning. This is pretty scary! I think that addicts are at a high risk of overdose due to such kind of reasons. Having said that, it is much better to get treated if you are suffering from more than one addiction.

  43. This is a very informative article as many people are actually responsible for their health challenge. It’s better we’re careful of what we do with our bodies.

  44. Indeed, this article is highly informative and educative. However, effects of mixing weeds with alcohol are detrimental to people’s health. Thanks to Detox for this piece of information.

  45. As is with everything, I think the two should be taken with moderation. Overindulging will always lead to bad outcomes.

  46. Taking alcohol and marijuana can be very bas especially if you’re on some other medication. It is always a no-no.

  47. Despite the myriad of harmful effects of mixing weed and alcohol, most people still indulge in it. Some people simply never learn.

  48. Alcohol poisoning is the number one reason marijuana shouldn’t be taken with alcohol. That can easily lead to death.

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