What Are The Effects Of Mixing Flexeril And Alcohol?

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If you’re taking the medication Flexeril, and drinking alcohol, you ought to be aware of the way these two substances interact. People that suffer from muscle spasms or musculoskeletal pains may be prescribed Flexeril to alleviate the symptoms. This medication acts on the central nervous system (CNS) through the brain to provide relaxation to the muscles.

Both Flexeril and alcohol are CNS depressants. That is, they work to change the transmission levels of neurotransmitters within the brain and the CNS.

The usual length of prescription for Flexeril is two to three weeks. Therefore, it is seen as a short-term solution. When you are taking the medication, you may experience side effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth or throat
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Mood changes
  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • In rare cases, there can be an allergic reaction such as rashes

Like any other type of medication or drug, there is the possibility of Flexeril being abused. Drinking alcohol along with Flexeril is one method in which this abuse may occur.

Mixing Alcohol With Flexeril

While on a prescribed course of Flexeril, some people may want to drink alcohol. It could be that it is simply a means to relieve the dry mouth/throat side effect may have one. On the other hand, the individual may knowingly drink to enhance the effects of Flexeril.

As we mentioned, Flexeril and alcohol influence the CNS. They offer a sedative effect or drowsiness which can be enhanced when both substances are taken together. The extra feelings of sedation or drowsiness could result in the individual or another person being seriously hurt due to a lack of concentration or poor attention. In addition, mental processing is slowed down to a higher degree, which can lead to mistakes in judgment which may cause people to engage in risky behaviors.

Those that are seeking a sense of euphoria may be tempted to mix Flexeril and alcohol to maximize the experience. In general, it’s recommended that you never mix muscle relaxers and alcohol.

Dependency Issues

Flexeril is only seen as a temporary aid in alleviating muscle spasms and musculoskeletal aches. The risk is that a patient can quickly develop a dependency on the drug.

This increases the risk of overdosing. Some of the symptoms of an overdose are similar to the standard side effects of Flexeril, such as drowsiness and hallucinations.

Yet, there are other effects to be wary of if you have taken too much of the drug. These are:

  • Feeling nauseous
  • Vomiting
  • Being agitated
  • High blood pressure
  • Becoming confused
  • Tremors

Dependency on alcohol may be caused by using it to seek relief from stress or as a means to cope with emotional issues. If there is a family history of alcohol abuse, then there is a greater chance of developing a reliance on alcohol.

Long-term abuse of alcohol can also lead to musculoskeletal issues and spasms. Your doctor may prescribe Flexeril as a means to deal with the problems. As you can see, it can become a vicious cycle. Thus, it’s best to not mix alcohol and Flexeril.

How Long After Taking Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) Can I Drink Alcohol?

Many people ask the question, “How long after taking cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) can I drink alcohol? To answer this, let’s look at several factors that determine the period in which Flexeril completely leaves your body once you take it:

  • Your liver function (which can be affected by long-term drinking)
  • Your genetic makeup
  • Age

The half-life of Flexeril (that is, how long it takes for half of it to be eliminated from your system) is anywhere between 8 to 37 hours.

It’s recommended that you wait at least 24 hours from the time you have had the drug before you consume any amount of alcohol. Best case scenario is that you refrain from drinking alcohol entirely while you’re taking Flexeril.


Flexeril is typically offered to people who are experiencing muscle spasms or suffer from musculoskeletal pain. The drug acts as a sedative to alleviate the symptoms, which can cause mild to moderate drowsiness.

Some people may seek to enhance the effect of Flexeril by combining it with alcohol. Doing so can increase impaired judgment and decision making, which may lead to risky or dangerous behavior.

Again, if you’re taking Flexeril, refrain from drinking alcohol entirely or wait at least 24 hours before consuming any alcohol.

  1. To me if you only wanna get drowsy !!!! Alcohol is more than enough to do the trick!!!!Why mix it with something else? Then again is it out of curiosity or addiction? In anycase this sounds like bad news in the wrong hands,

  2. Your last paragraph should be taken seriously by people. Any one taking Flexeril should avoid alcohol for about 24 hours to avoid the side affects that comes with mixing the two.

  3. Seriously, ignorance is a bloody disease. A lot of people doesn’t know that consuming Flexeril and alcohol is very dangerous, even to their health. Thanks for the heads up detox. You’re the best.

  4. This informative and educative. People should be mindful of the way they take flexeril and alcohol. Taking the two together can lead to headache, dizziness, throat problem, etc. Thank you.

  5. i don’t think it is even advisable to be mixing anything with alcohol especially before 24 hours of taking it. People need to desist from doing this and more with mixing alcohol with flexeril.

  6. Very risky business mixing these two sedatives. Always good to be in the know to avoid fatal consequences.

  7. Thanks for sharing this educative post. Taking drugs without the doctor’s prescription is usually dangerous and it has many side effects.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation. A lot of people don’t know the negative effects of taking alcohol immediately after Flexeril. I agree that it’s better to stay of alcohol when you consume this drug but if you can’t, at least wait after 24 hours before drinking alcohol. I hope people take this tip and use it. A word is enough for the wise

  9. This is A great piece of information.
    Mixing alcohol and Flexeril can cause a lot of harm to the Body System.

  10. Intake of Alcohol and Flexeril at the Same time causes Harm to one’s Health.
    If you are to take Flexeril,then Don’t take Alcohol until after 24hrs.
    Please share this Great piece of information.

  11. Thanks for this medical advice. No knowledge gets lost. Now dangers of mixing both are very much understandable now.

  12. This is a first am seeing about this drug Flexeril and its use. Looks like a very helpful drug but worries me of its addictive features and its harmful effects when mixed with Alcohol. Thanks for the very informative article.

  13. Thanks for the this very important article. I’ll say it’s best to steer clear of mixing or joint usage of Flexeril and alcohol. Instead of daring the consequences and hoping there’d be some ways to going scott-free.

  14. It is an open secret that mixing alcohol with flexiel is dangerous and unwholesome. Consequently, people should avoid the bad habit.

  15. I once saw my friend overdose from flexeril. I would’nt want someone to end as him. I always say to those who want to try drugs this story. The people that love them would end up in a circling wave of trauma.

  16. This is very educative, I never knew that alcohol also act as a CNS depressant. Most people don’t know this and tend to take alcohol while on flexeril. Knowledge is key

  17. I always like reading your articles . They’re well detailed and comprehensive. Alcohol is very bad, desist from it.

    1. Thanks for sharing this blog. This is very important and informative. The people that love them would end up in a circling wave of trauma.

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  22. Wow! The side effect of taking flexeril and alcohol together outweighs any type of feeling they want to have. So it is best you finish taking the drugs before resuming alcohol.

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  33. Anyone taking Flexeril should avoid alcohol for about 24 hours to avoid the side effects that come with mixing the two. Alcohol addiction in itself is destructive already. What more when combining it with other stuff?

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