Aaron was Saved by the 12-step Program

Addiction in the Family

There is a history of addiction in Aaron’s family. His grandfather was addicted to Heroin and Aaron’s father also struggled with addiction. When he was young, his father committed suicide. This weighed on him as he grew up even though his mother supplied well for him on her own.

When Aaron was older, he turned to Alcohol to escape and to feel better when he was low. This was innocent at first, but slowly grew into a terrible habit. There is a huge history of Alcohol abuse in the U.S. and Aaron fell prey to this, as so many others have.

Everything Came Back to Drinking

Aaron never felt comfortable in his own skin. He used Alcohol to try and fit in better. Drinking made it easier for him to change who he was, so he could manage any situation he was in.

Even when things were going well for him and he had a good job that paid well, none of it was enough. All we wanted to do was drink. It began to get out of hand, and Aaron started losing money and making poor choices.

Reality became unpleasant for Aaron. He struggled to face the challenges that were before him and the more he lost, the more difficult this became. He eventually received his first DUI. He lost his job and his car; all he had to his name was fifty dollars.

Even at this low of a place, all he could think about was how drunk he could get with just fifty dollars; it always came back to drinking.

First Encounter with the 12-Step Program

Aaron realized that his drinking had to end, and he started attending meetings here and there. Eventually, he found a meeting that forever changed him.

This meeting was the beginning of his journey in recovery and sobriety. He showed up in surrender, knowing that something had to give, and he heard something he desperately needed to hear every time he attended. Aaron worked his way up to a year of sobriety and started to believe that he knew what he needed to do to maintain it.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t formed enough of a support system. He didn’t even have a sponsor and when he faced a rough patch, he found himself back at the bar. Addiction is a relapsing disorder, but achieving a year of sobriety planted a seed in Aaron.

The End of Obsession with Alcohol

Things got worse for Aaron before they got better. At first, he tried to control how much he drank, with the delusion that it wouldn’t take over his life again. Quickly, though, he got to a point in his drinking where he no longer cared if he could control it or not.

It was as if the whole struggle against Alcohol had started over again.

There was still the seed of recovery inside him, though, and it started to sprout up into his awareness. One night, he was at the bar when he accidentally pulled out the 24-hour chip he had earned the first time he got sober. He sat there staring at it and he knew the truth: he wanted to be sober again.

Something clicked inside him that night and he didn’t even finish his pitcher of beer. Instead, he paid his tab and went straight to a meeting. He believes that was the night his obsession with Alcohol finally came to an end.

Finding Life Again through the 12-Step Program

Since then, Aaron has rediscovered who he is. He has uncovered his passions and found purpose and happiness in helping others to do the same. The 12-step program has given him the life that he deserves.

He has reconnected with his family and has a whole community of people who truly care for him and hold him accountable. He has gotten his life back and reinvigorated through sobriety and the program.

If you are struggling with Alcoholism or any other kind of substance abuse, you can get your life back too. There are so many people, like Aaron, who understand what you are going through and want to help you to overcome this.

Call us at (866) 578-7471 to speak with a specialist who is in recovery like Aaron. One of our representatives will listen to your story and help you figure out what is the best step forward.

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