Jeff’s Purpose in Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery


Early Addiction and Alcoholism

Jeff’s earliest memories aren’t the memories you would expect – addiction and alcoholism were yet to come. He doesn’t remember swinging on the swings in the park or playing with his friends. What Jeff remembers is a feeling of emptiness and anxiety that followed him where ever he went. At the time, Jeff didn’t realize the feeling of uneasiness he had was abnormal until his seventh-grade dance. During the dance, Jeff walked into the bathroom and found a friend drinking a pint of Jack Daniels.

Jeff was always curious to see what alcohol would do so, when his friend asked him if he wanted to drink, he had no hesitation taking that first sip.

After taking his first sip of alcohol, Jeff felt like he arrived into a new world where he was unstoppable. By the end of seventh-grade, Jeff was a daily Marijuana smoker and would drink whenever he had the chance.


His Marijuana addiction was so bad, he smoked every day until he was 33-years old. Although Jeff was smoking and drinking on the daily, he was still a good student who got good grades. When he was 15-years old, he was assigned to read a book for one of his classes. This book was about taking power and control which was very intriguing to Jeff. This book gave him the idea that if he can somehow acquire the answers to all of his tests and homework for the school year, he will have more time to drink, smoke and party. So, that is exactly what he did.

As time went by, Jeff was not happy. He thought if he was able to get something materialistic he wanted, he would gain that happiness. However, when Jeff got what he wanted, the emptiness in his heart wasn’t mended, it grew bigger.

From the outside, Jeff had this perfect life. He owned a business, had a beautiful wife, two beautiful daughters, a huge home and drove a luxury car. On the inside, things were different and Jeff just wanted to die.

Finding Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery


Jeff has finally had enough of living an unhappy life, he was willing to change and reached out to the 12-step program. At his first meeting, he was with a man who told him not to worry and just to listen to what is being said and Jeff did what this man said. However, when it came time for the meeting to recognize various lengths of sobriety, Jeff stood up and introduced himself as a newcomer who has 24-hours of sobriety.

When Jeff introduced himself to the people of Alcoholics Anonymous, something inside and he started crying. He realized it was the first time he actually felt at peace his whole life. He knew something greater than him was doing for him what he couldn’t do for himself.


Jeff has learned how to become a better person due to the 12-step program. He finally understands the meaning of serenity and understands what it is like to be truly happy. Jeff is happy he never has to pick up a drink for as long as he lives. He wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the 12-steps and he remains forever grateful.

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  1. Addiction to recovery is a journey which needs to be followed with patience. Jeff recovered well after he went so deep into his addicted world.

  2. This was a really early one for Jeff. It was more like the only thing he got to know, no wonder he got easily addicted. All thanks to Detoxtorehab and his willingness he’s free now.

  3. Thank God for Jeff’s life and for making the right decision about his life. Detox to rehab thank you for the 12steps program, it is really helping lives.

  4. Wow! What a story and a very intelligent man, who had no business with alcohol or drugs in my opinion. Thank God he now has his life back on track through the 12 step program.

  5. Finally 12- step program helped shape Jeff’s life better. No matter how successful we can think we are, if we aren’t living a healthy life, things can never be satisfactory to us.

  6. Jeff, I am happy you took this step to recovery and there wouldn’t have been a better decision to make for the sake of yourself and family. I wish you well, make the best of your life.

  7. Good to know about Jeff’s early addiction but the joyous part is that he was recovered from the addiction. Addiction ain’t a good thing.

  8. Addiction is really a huge problem the society is facing and we need help everyone going through this. Its really encouraging reading about stories like this

  9. Jeff took the first sip and this was when he realized that he has entered into a new world and the problem is that this is how addictions start due to a severe rush of brain chemicals. I remember when I acted out the behavior, even I felt the same feeling. I am still badly addicted to my behavioral addiction, and I am currently still struggling with it. Addiction can be really hard to break. I know this, as I am also experiencing addictions myself. I am a Muslim by faith, and I really hope that Allah will help me.

  10. The 12 step program has really proven effective over the years. I have read so many recovery success stories here that proved that this programme is really effective

  11. Jeff story is a touching one. We need to get out of low self-esteem because it can lead to alot of things like drugs and alcohol in order to feel among. Thanks to God for the 12-steps program he embarked on.

  12. The funny thing is that one sip of alcohol is all that is needed to get hooked. then you wish to try something stronger like marijuana and then drugs . Smoking is addictive and getting out of it is tough. I’m glad Jeff sought the help he needed. I just hope he doesn’t go back to his wild ways

  13. After read all your story,I can see even you have beautiful wife, beautiful doughter,Lux car,you are still felling nothing,and your recovery purpose also for your better life with your family, thank you for sharing

  14. Very interesting how from the outside Jeff looked completely normal but was fighting his own demons inside. That is akin to what so many people are going through in today’s world.

  15. I have always been skeptical about Alcoholic Anonymous programs and their effectiveness. However, Jeff’s story has changed my mind.

  16. I sincerely appreciate the effort of Jeff for recovery from drug addiction. Consequently, people should learn from his drug abuse story. It is attainable.

  17. He should have never accepted that first sip that his friend offered him. That was the event that led him down the addiction path. All it takes sometimes is one sip.

  18. Jeff is a lucky one since he quit before the addiction started to have a physical toll on his body. I put it all down to the grace of God.

  19. The fact that he was a loner for most of his life drove Jeff to find solace in drugs and alcohol. Sometimes having a healthy social life can really help us a great deal in our lives.

  20. I think from Jeff life’s story we can learn something very important. The bad or negative can come from friendship as well, that’s way we have to be very vigiliante to choose a friend.

  21. Being addicted with something is very bad.Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these posts with all of us.Recovery is one of the major part of addiction.People should try to recover from addiction.

  22. Very bad to hear that how a people get addicted at very initial stages. It’s bad sign . Parents need to much care to child. By the way Thanks for sharing differents types of cases.

  23. Trying to fill that void in your life with drugs or alcohol simply wouldn’t make things go away – they only offer a temporary respite. It’s good that Jeff managed to realize this before he went to a complete mental or emotional breakdown. The 12 Step Program really works.

  24. This program needs to be adapted world wide. Or it already is? Never the less this organization has save lives. Thanks for that. Addiction is a tough war but we can win the battle one at a time.

  25. Addiction is something I fear a lot. The Moment your on the free side of it, you have gotten your good life back. Drug taken and alcoholism nearly took me away. But thanks for the helpful posts from your desk.

  26. Alcoholism is something too bad and killing to the best of my knowledge. I preach to people out there here and there to stop the use of hard drugs and alcoholic substance.

  27. His first sip of alcohol led him to addiction, many have went that way and did not return, Jeff story is an inspiration out there for many who have lost of life.

  28. This is very serious and sad door Jeff. Alcohol and drugs are not good in anyway. Happy for him for his recovery.

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