Jeff’s Purpose in Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery


Early Addiction and Alcoholism

Jeff’s earliest memories aren’t the memories you would expect – addiction and alcoholism were yet to come. He doesn’t remember swinging on the swings in the park or playing with his friends. What Jeff remembers is a feeling of emptiness and anxiety that followed him where ever he went. At the time, Jeff didn’t realize the feeling of uneasiness he had was abnormal until his seventh-grade dance. During the dance, Jeff walked into the bathroom and found a friend drinking a pint of Jack Daniels.

Jeff was always curious to see what alcohol would do so, when his friend asked him if he wanted to drink, he had no hesitation taking that first sip.

After taking his first sip of alcohol, Jeff felt like he arrived into a new world where he was unstoppable. By the end of seventh-grade, Jeff was a daily Marijuana smoker and would drink whenever he had the chance.


His Marijuana addiction was so bad, he smoked every day until he was 33-years old. Although Jeff was smoking and drinking on the daily, he was still a good student who got good grades. When he was 15-years old, he was assigned to read a book for one of his classes. This book was about taking power and control which was very intriguing to Jeff. This book gave him the idea that if he can somehow acquire the answers to all of his tests and homework for the school year, he will have more time to drink, smoke and party. So, that is exactly what he did.

As time went by, Jeff was not happy. He thought if he was able to get something materialistic he wanted, he would gain that happiness. However, when Jeff got what he wanted, the emptiness in his heart wasn’t mended, it grew bigger.

From the outside, Jeff had this perfect life. He owned a business, had a beautiful wife, two beautiful daughters, a huge home and drove a luxury car. On the inside, things were different and Jeff just wanted to die.

Finding Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery


Jeff has finally had enough of living an unhappy life, he was willing to change and reached out to the 12-step program. At his first meeting, he was with a man who told him not to worry and just to listen to what is being said and Jeff did what this man said. However, when it came time for the meeting to recognize various lengths of sobriety, Jeff stood up and introduced himself as a newcomer who has 24-hours of sobriety.

When Jeff introduced himself to the people of Alcoholics Anonymous, something inside and he started crying. He realized it was the first time he actually felt at peace his whole life. He knew something greater than him was doing for him what he couldn’t do for himself.


Jeff has learned how to become a better person due to the 12-step program. He finally understands the meaning of serenity and understands what it is like to be truly happy. Jeff is happy he never has to pick up a drink for as long as he lives. He wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the 12-steps and he remains forever grateful.

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