5 Signs Someone Is Experimenting With Using Heroin


Experimenting Gone Bad

Corey’s first foray into drugs was innocent. He was 13 years old and simply wanted to try Marijuana. The movie Half Baked was popular at the time and he didn’t think any harm could come out of it. “I actually really enjoyed it,” Corey said. “For a few years, that was all I did—smoking weed and drinking at parties.”

It wasn’t until the end of high school that drugs became a problem. Cory started doing Cocaine and Hallucinogenics. “It was frightening and colorful all at the same time,” Corey said.

When he was 19, Corey tried Heroin for the first time. It was similar to when he tried Marijuana. It was just something he hadn’t tried before. “By the time I got to this point I had tried all these things (drugs) and nothing had got that bad. It was pretty easy to assume that if I had been misled about the dangers of these other things, Heroin might not be that bad,” Corey said.

Seeking Help for Heroin Addiction

After about six months of doing Heroin, Corey started noticing that he wasn’t the same person as before. “I experienced withdrawals going a day without Heroin. Around that time some bad things started happening. I started stealing things from my family,” Corey said.

Around that time, he asked his family for help. His family suggested that he go to treatment. At the time, Corey only thought he had to go through detox in order for it to work. However, people around him suggested that he go through 30-day inpatient.

Unfortunately, there was a gap of time between his time in detox and the inpatient treatment. During that span he got high and wasn’t prepared to start treatment. Following that situation, he was in and out of jail and treatment.

However, about five years ago, for some reason he decided enough was enough. He went to treatment and starting working the program. He ended up relapsing, but it was the first experience he had staying sober and watching his life improve because of it.

Coming Through the Fire and Into Peace

During that span he had also met a lot of good friends. After he relapsed, he wound up homeless. A friend of his came and picked him up to let him sleep on the couch for the night. The friend happened to work for a recovery center himself.

While on the couch, Corey’s friend talked to his boss and the boss arranged to pay for Corey to get treatment at one of the new facilities in Tucson, AZ. Corey was originally hesitant. “It was a weird feeling. One the one hand it was a great way to get sober. On the other hand, everything was screaming not to go,” Corey said.

He overcame his tensions and decided to go. After finishing treatment, he went to a sober living facility. The owner of the facility hired him as a house manager, which helped since he hadn’t held a job for a long time up to that point.

As Corey progresses through recovery he has a lot to feel grateful for. “I have a house. I don’t go hungry,” Corey said. “I have a lot of friends who care about me and I care about them. When I was high, I had a hard time empathizing with people.”

“I don’t have a hard time sleeping. When I was high I stayed up thinking about all the lies I told and all the lies I had to keep up,” Corey said. Now, Corey enjoys peaceful sleep.

“Despite the problems I have in my life, I’m okay with my life,” Corey said. “There is a way out. No one is a lost cause. You are not alone and you are not un-loved.”

  1. He thought heroine drug almost same as Marijuana but it neither went easy for him. But, it is a good thing that he recovered from this severe drug addiction.

  2. “No one is a lost cause”, I certainly believe this and it has always been my word of encouragement to everyone around me and to myself. Nothing is impossible, it takes a strong decision and sacrifice and ofcourse support from ones loved ones to pull through.

  3. This is a very informative as various drugs can affect the body differently. That being said any drugs prohibited ones HEROINE or not is bad news so stay away from it. At least have prescription if you will use this. Does Heroine even have medical benefits?

  4. “I don’t have a hard time sleeping. When I was high I stayed up thinking about all the lies I told and all the lies I had to keep up,” Corey said… must people get into drugs just to feel good about telling lies. It doesn’t work that way, that’s very spelt out in this post. Do no drug , it doesn’t help.

  5. Thanks for sharing this steps man, so grateful. They’ve shown that addiction is a long-lasting and complex brain disease, and that current treatments can help people control their addictions. Let take the necessary step toward change.

  6. This article is really helpful for those who are experimenting with using Heroin so that they even get to know that they can get in some serious trouble. They can get help in rehab for their addiction.

  7. Experimenting of any drug is not good for our health,This will infect and affect our immune system,There are some signs by which we can detect who is using drug and who is not using.

  8. Wow, this are good tips of sign for everyone to get to know. Nevertheless, there is always joy at the end. Am glad for that in your life. Thanks for sharing

  9. “There is always a way out. There is no one that is a lost cause. You are not alone and you are not unloved or treasured. Thanks for this article.

  10. This is sad one but thank God it ended up bern good for corey. I think more awareness needs to be created on drugs. A lot teen end up been drug addicts not knowing the harm that comes with just like in the case of corey. All the same I wish corey a good life outside drugs.

  11. Corey’s story is hilarious. Addiction sometimes starts gradually and innocently. Thank God that he sought help. This is a lesson for drug addicts.

  12. This article is great for anyone who wants to know how deadly drugs can be. But caution should also be taken in this.

  13. This brings to mind that it is good to have good friends. They would always rally around you to keep you sane even in addiction.

    1. It’s such an inspiring success story from Corey. I know addiction can be hard to break, but as Corey has said, with the right mind set and self determination anyone can do it.

  14. This is why the word “experiment” should not be used so loosely. It ruins everything. If you are on drugs, even more so. I am happy it did not kill him. He was able to recover due to that.

  15. This is an informative article. It will make those toying with the idea of experimenting with heroin to desist since it can affect the brain

  16. Well detailed information. So glad I came across this. Thank you so much detox for bringing this up for us. Keep it up team.

  17. Some people who are addicted to drugs tried experimenting when they were little and got hooked, so I’m not surprised that Corey experimented with Marijuana at age 13. It’s good to have a true friend who could help during challenges. I’m happy that while Corey was facing challenges, a friend talked to his boss to pay for Corey’s treatment. It’s good to know that he is doing great. Drug addiction sucks

  18. Thank God for your life Corey for discovering and sharing your story with us. And many thanks to your family for being there for you. If you are into any form of addiction, note that you are not alone and you will bounce back only if you seek for help.

  19. This Article tells us that There is Truly Hope when Life Exists.
    I’m Glad The Treatment was Effective for His Recovery

  20. Be the best person who you want to be. Good job on making the change that you eagerly want. Always remember that your past does not define your future! I am rooting for you!

  21. Teens are always so eager to try out new things and explore. I guess it’s same for Corey as he tries to experiment some drugs. The good part is that he was aware of his choice and decided to be sober.

  22. Thanks for sharing this lovely experience, thanks for making that positive decision too. Experiences like this helps one not fall victim to drugs no matter what it might be.

  23. Corey’s Addiction story is Motivating and Inspiring.
    I think Realization Is the First step in Overcoming Addiction.
    But we have to be aware of the Symptoms to enable us realize…

  24. Experimentation is good especially when it is based on life transforming project unlike heroin that destroy. Thank you for this write up.

  25. This article is really a helpful one. It is well detailed, informative and educative. The article has atleast enlightened most of us on how dangerous drugs can be and when you now start experimenting various drugs.

  26. Heroine itself is very bad for health if you are addicted to it and if you are experimenting something else also your are doing greatest harm to yourself.

  27. Thanks for sharing your experience. Heroine is a very dangerous drug. I hope it will help people that are involved in it to know there’s a way out

  28. Experimenting and trying to belong have harmed a lot of people. But, thank God his family was there for him through it all. Thanks for sharing this.

  29. Am really happy to read the story of Correy and glad to see good friends still exists out there. May someone atleast have someone in their life to share with during difficult times, thanks for the encouraging and awesome article.

  30. Corey’s early experience with Heroin is cruel, it led him into stealing just to sponsor his need of taking heroin and cocaine. When you’re so addicted, you’ll do everything to stay in-line with stuffs you’re addicted to, that’s just the case with Corey then.

  31. I really do not know why someone would experiment with something so bad like heroin? Playing with fire will burn you eventually one day. So, “trying” addictive substance to experience how it feels like would land many people into the cycle of addiction one day.

  32. Seeking help from heroin abuse is the right step in the right direction. Indeed, experimenting with heroin is dangerous and unwholesome.

  33. Just goes to show that simple drugs like weed can still be a gateway for some people. Such a blessing that Corey’s friend set him off in the right direction away from heroin. I really like Corey’s final message that no one is a lost cause and that there is salvation for everyone.

  34. These are the kinds of information people should lay hold of as it keeps one aware or informed in order to prevent gravitating towards untoward problem.

  35. A beautiful line that touched me. “There is a way out. No one is a lost cause. You are not alone and you are not un-loved ” What’s an optimistic view of life and the challenges it throws on us. There’s an ounce of strength and assurance I feel reading that again and again.

  36. This is a very pathetic story about Corey. Experimenting with heroin is very dangerous and bad for health. Abstinence is the key.

  37. Heroine is a very dangerous drug. I hope it will help people that are involved in it to know there’s a way out. This will infect and affect our immune system, There are some signs by which we can detect who is using drug and who is not using. Thanks for the encouraging and awesome article.

  38. This is an amazing story! And it also takes bravery to call for help. Good thing, Corey made the right choice for his life. It will never too late if we take action now.

  39. This article is very helpful about the signs of heroin addiction. However, once the signs start manifesting, such addicts should seek rehabilitation for a healthy living.

  40. Amazing write-up on how to detect an heroin user… Beyond the problem,I now have an idea of how to tackle such situations.
    Glad Corey went through fire to peace.

  41. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people.

  42. Heroin addiction is highly detrimental to one’s physical and mental health. This post is very helpful and will go a long way in helping people battling heroin addiction.

  43. Addiction to any kind of substance usually starts innocently enough – it was something different, it was something that the cool kids were doing, it was what everyone in the family was doing, it was something that wouldn’t hurt if he or she just took one. But assuming that it wouldn’t spiral out of control if a person would always think that way is quite a dangerous idea – as it would usually lead one down a frightening journey of substance abuse. Corey is indeed lucky enough to have the support of real friends he met through his path to staying sober, and is now enjoying life because he really decided that “enough was enough” and worked very hard to battle his heroin addiction.

  44. The thing with Heroine is that you will always be chasing that elusive first high. That’s what makes it such a difficult habit to kick.

  45. Seeing all the ways that Cor’s life changed for the better after he quit heroine is inspiring. Recovery really is worth the effort.

  46. I’ll be sure to share Cory’s story widely with the people I know. I have a feeling it will touch someone going through a rough patch.

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