Marc’s Deadly Cocaine Addiction to Happiness

Becoming Addicted to Cocaine

Marc always felt different than the other members of his big Italian family and eventually developed a deadly cocaine addiction. He couldn’t read very well, he struggled in school and was diagnosed with a learning disability. When his peers started to bully and make fun of him for it, he felt rejected and out of place.

He recalls that he was forced into trying weed for the first time in high school and he didn’t enjoy the experience. He also hated the taste of beer when he tried drinking for the first time.

Later, when he rediscovered weed, he had a better experience. Similarly, once he found a drink that tasted good, he liked Alcohol a lot more. Eventually, he started smoking weed regularly and drinking, which soon led him to try Cocaine.

Drugs did nothing to help him fit in, but they made him feel okay with who he was.

Cocaine and Alcohol Use Turns Deadly

His drug use soon became a problem and he attended rehab on many occasions; once when he was seventeen years old, again at eighteen and then at nineteen. He got into a terrible car accident that almost killed him because of his substance abuse. He was technically dead for two and a half minutes and then was in a coma for two days. His skull was cracked, and he now has three metal plates in his face.

After surviving this, Marc felt invincible. It took a long time for his face to heal and look normal again, though, which made him want to continue using drugs. He spent a year in county jail and immediately started abusing Cocaine when he got out.

Even though he moved around to different cities from time to time, the change of scenery wasn’t enough to change his behavior.

He got a union job and married a woman who was struggling with alcoholism and an eating disorder. They had a baby together and Marc was able to distract himself by trying to fix his wife’s issues, even though he was a wreck himself.

First Encounter with God and Recovery

Marc wasn’t happy though, and he realized that something had to change, so he got divorced and they both went to rehab centers in different states. He found religion when he got out, and discovered a peace and love in faith that he hadn’t experienced before. Unfortunately, faith in God, his higher power, alone wasn’t enough.

He wasn’t working the steps, and he eventually relapsed as he sunk deeper into the disease of addiction. He started to do Oxycontin and was turned on to smoking crack. He got hooked on Roxies and Methadone, while he continued to abuse Cocaine. All the while, his kids were in the care of his family members.

As his shame and disappointment with himself grew, he used more and more drugs. This spiraled into an ugly, but powerful, cycle of sickness. He moved to Nebraska this time, which only continued the cycle of drug use, abusing pills and shooting up Cocaine.

It seemed like no matter where he went or what he did, he would never be able to stop using drugs.

Emerging from the Fog of Addiction

One day, Marc’s brother bought him a nonrefundable bus ticket to a rehab in Arizona. While he was on the two-day long bus ride, Marc saw families and mothers on the bus, taking care of their children, and realized how badly he still wanted to be there for his own family.

He felt that God was speaking to him, and something became clear on that bus ride: he decided that he was going to do whatever it took to get sober when he arrived in Arizona. He went to the rehab and completely surrendered himself to recovery. He did everything he was told and followed the Big Book’s instructions.

Marc finally started to rebuild his life on the foundation of sobriety. He has been sober for over a year, today, and hasn’t shot Cocaine in over a year and two months. He has come full circle and now sponsors people who are working through the program. He uses his experience in recovery to help others.

If you feel hopeless or lost in the fog of addiction, there are people like Marc who want to help you. It is never too late to get your life back. Call (866) 578-7471 to speak with someone who will listen to your story and help you decide on the best way forward.

  1. Wow it wasn’t Marc’s time when he got in his accident. God must have sent him back to earth. That is amazing he survived.

  2. Good to hear about Marc’s recovery. He got helped by his brother through God and he willingly surrender himself. To be delivered from addiction is something very hard, but happy that he has abstain from cocaine.

  3. Thanks you Mac for sharing the article . You saved many of youngster who just started like me and i also initially tasteless . But from today never gonna try any alcoholic substance . Thank you Mac.

  4. Marc’s happy ending is a good story despite the addictive start. Kudos to Detox for such a strategic program. Thanks for sharing

  5. Thank God for Marc’s encounter with God, it was not easy getting sober after an addiction but God really had plans for his life and finding happiness in soberity. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this amazing and inspirational story.

  6. It is really sad to read that he got into a car accident and this was all because of his addictive usage of drugs. Drugs and alcohol cause many kinds of accidents and many people die as a result. Thankfully, I live in a country where alcohol is banned and using drugs can lead to a really long sentence. It is good to see that Marc eventually found rehab.

  7. It is a really nice and a relief to hear about story of addiction and how the person in question was able to overcome it. Marc’s recovery is one like that and it is encouraging

  8. Marc story is indeed touching, it’s never easy to get behind cocaine metabolism addiction, which is a true lesson to learn if an addicted person like Marc can get healed after seeking sobriety then who else can’t get healed? I think anyone can get healed from alcohol influence.

  9. Marc really had a difficult life growing up. He should also be thankful to God that he didn’t die after that accident, it was like God gave him another chance and I am glad he did make use of it.

  10. It is indeed a deadly cocaine addiction. Thanks to Mac’s brother for the bld step for his brother’s journey to recovery.

  11. Mac’s recovery is divinely arranged. Being affected academically was a serious issue. Thanks to his brother and Detox Rehab.

  12. Hmmmmmm…… Helping others is the best decision Mac has made. I am very sure he will be diligent considering his previous experience.

  13. Thank God he has been able to recover despite the havoc. There is a need for regular campaign as regards drug abuse and cocaine consumption by people.

  14. Addiction to any form of substance takes more from anyone than the gains the individual think they are getting from it. Marc’s life was almost ruined and he also almost lost his life. I am glad he realised a greater being and surrendered himself to the 12 steps program.

  15. Thanks be to God that God saved Marc’s life. As far as Alcohol and Cocaine is concerned, there should be public sensitisation.

  16. Thank God Marc was able to recover from his addiction. God is the only one that can save one from addiction. Addiction is deadly.

  17. Marc should not have tasted weed at all. Peer influence destroyed Marc’s life. Children need to be monitored for proper upbringing. Thank you.

  18. First and foremost, thank God that Marc got his life back. One should know that addiction is a killer and thief of destiny.

  19. Substance abuse can destroy your life completely if you don’t change your ways. Marc could have died in that terrible car accident caused by substance abuse . This accident could have been avoided if he wasn’t abusing drugs. I’m glad God spoke to him and changed his life for the better. being sober is the best decision one can make

  20. The footnote is inspiring, people like Marc that have been there and done that can be a great inspiration to others. Good to know addicts can be happy too.

  21. The tittle is true though???” Addiction to Hapiness but it should come with THAT NEVER LAST!!!! For one all drugs do that regardless of what it is. One problem tho is if it wears off thn you will be back to reality and you will need to beef up your next shot to go back in.This is why it is so addicting, It keeps you happy until it does not anymore.

  22. Marc you really went through a dangerous road to your Happiness. But what interest me is that you are now in a better place and doing some good exploits. Keep being you and move on positively.

  23. Marc’s story is an interesting one. The best part of the story I’m happy with is his recovery. God bless you

  24. Marc learned his lessons in a very hard way. Addiction takes everything from ones life. Family, friend,job, career etc

  25. Marc’s story is so emotional. Addiction of any kind is not good talkless of been addicted to cocaine and alcohol, it can be so deadly. I thank God that Marc was able to make a U-turn and he is happy now.

  26. Marc really had a lot going on in his life. In life there are times we may have tried a lot of things to be better people but what we need is just that awaking. I am glad he got it on that ride .

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