Crack Cocaine Addiction and Rehabilitation

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Dangers of Crack Cocaine Abuse

Crack Cocaine is a form of Cocaine, grown from the coca plant, primarily found in Columbia and South America, but is grown locally too. It is known as the free base of Cocaine. Crack Cocaine is a stimulant that affects the brain and nervous system. Crack Cocaine influences the brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system the reward pathway. Crack Cocaine amplifies the signal of the neuro transmitters to create a euphoric effect, according to National Institute on Drug Abuse. It will speed up your brain allowing you to be more alert, energized and focus. When smoked, it will absorb in the lungs, go into the blood stream and create an almost immediate high that will last 5 to 10 minutes. With a high that is so short lasted it creates higher chances of a tolerance and full blown addiction. When addicted to Crack Cocaine the negative effects will come along after continued use and they can include depression, negative moods, and the brain compelling the user to seek Crack Cocaine over food and other responsibilities, it can take over your life without you even realizing it.

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Street Names for Crack Cocaine

The name crack was produced by the sound the crystal-like rocks make when they are being smoked. Crack rocks are usually white, yellow or pink depending on the making of the drug. Other names for Crack Cocaine include but are not limited to: Nuggets, Jelly Beans, Rocks, Gravel, Dice, Base, Candy, Cookies.

Crack Cocaine Effects

Abusing Crack Cocaine risks altering the brain due to chemicals in the substance. Crack Cocaine affects energy levels, including giving the abuser massive amounts of energy, which is followed by a crash or loss of energy. The ups and downs of getting high and crashing are harmful to the body. Crack Cocaine can also damage the nervous system, respiratory system, mucus membranes in the nose, add to a feeling of agitation, confusion, lack of focus, and paranoia. Crack Cocaine greatly affects and damages the norepinephrine and dopamine levels in your brain, which may lead to the need to use even more Crack Cocaine just to feel focused and alert. When this happens, a Crack Cocaine addiction can take control of your life. It can master you and control your decision-making abilities.

Warning signs of Crack Cocaine abuse in a loved one

Crack Cocaine is a very dangerous drug. It is uncommon to find an individual who uses it recreationally or just on weekends. Any Crack Cocaine abuse should be taken seriously by the abuser and the ones surrounding him or her. Symptoms of Crack Cocaine abuse are physical and phycological. Crack Cocaine has a very short lived intense high that keeps the addicted person coming back for more. If you are worried a loved one is addicted to Crack Cocaine here are some signs to look out for:

When trying to have a conversation with your loved one he or she can seem agitated, fidgety, and nervous; Maybe parodied from the lack of sleep and nutrition. When in this situation, it is important to stay calm because Crack has been known to cause violence.

Another sign is that things that have value around the house keep coming up missing such as jewelry, television, or computers when this loved one comes around. Your loved one needs to pay for the habit and will sell your valuables to get his or her fix.

Crack Cocaine will take precedent over everything in your loved one’s life. You should start looking out for things like: loss of job, missing school, and blowing off important responsibilities. He or she will have lack of motivation for everything but getting high.

Factual Dangers: Crack Cocaine

Loved ones of a potential Crack Cocaine abusers may benefit from knowing some of the warning signs of Crack Cocaine abuse. The signs will show mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They may not even be the same person you thought you knew. Don’t stress, if you know what to look out for and they are willing to get the treatment they need, recovery is possible. There is more to Crack Cocaine addiction than dilated pupils. Here are the signs:

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True Stories of Addiction: Indya’s Dangerous Drug Addiction

Indya’s Crack Cocaine addiction took everything away from her, including her child. When she found recovery, she was able to reunite with her daughter again. – View all episodes now

Crack Cocaine Abuse Rehab

There is a common misconception that rehab is a cure to Crack Cocaine addiction. This is not true. Rehab is a process of treatment that cares for your physical and mental health, as well as offering therapy programs to help you cope with your addiction in the future.

Some therapy programs you might attend in rehab are group, and family therapy. In group therapy, you will get reconnected with others. It will teach you to not be afraid to reach out to another person if you are struggling. In family therapy, you will rebuild the relationships with your family and loved ones. Addiction does take a toll on the family as a whole so it is good to focus on the damage done while you are in a safe place.

Also, in rehab, you will learn about the substance or substances you take and their effects on you. Learning about the substances will make you aware of the health repercussions you could encounter while abusing drugs and alcohol. Crack Cocaine for instance, can cause cardiovascular problems so severe it can lead to stroke or death. There is a lot you will do and learn in rehab and although it is not a cure, it will maintain your disease so you don’t have to use again. Your recovery will persist when you have completed your treatment by attending 12-step meetings or a recovery faith based organization. – Learn More

Crack Cocaine Abuse Detox

Detox removes all the harmful chemicals from your body to prepare you for a successful rehab stint. When all toxic chemicals from Crack Cocaine are removed from your body, you will have a clearer mind so that in rehab you can get what you need out of treatment to succeed and stay sober.

While in detox, doctors can prescribe medications that can help curb your withdrawals, so your withdrawals can taper off to prevent you from having as much pain and discomfort. When withdrawing from Crack Cocaine you are going to feel uncomfortable. Some things you might feel during your detox period are sweats, depression, anxiety, agitation, headaches, difficulty concentrating and increased appetite.

The symptoms can get worse if left untreated. So, it is important to tell your doctor about how much Crack Cocaine you used in a day and for how long. This will allow the doctor to prescribe you with right amount of medication to make your detox as comfortable as it can be. If you are unable to function without Crack Cocaine, this is the time to enroll yourself in a medically managed detox facility. Detox alone will not fix your problem it is only the first step in the direction of your new life. Be prepared to get rehab treatment right after detoxification. Detox will clear the body while treatment heals the mind and soul. – Learn More

Crack Cocaine Abuse Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms for Crack Cocaine abuse can be extremely dangerous for the individual who is trying to clean up their act. This is why you should immediately admit yourself to a hospital or a medically managed detoxification treatment center. In a hospital or detox facility, you will be under 24-hour care, should you have any issues.

When in these facilities, a doctor will prescribe medication to try and alleviate the pains withdrawal cause. Withdrawal symptoms from Crack Cocaine include but are not limited to: sweats, depression, anxiety, agitation, headaches, difficulty concentrating and increased appetite. If those are left untreated they could manifest into harsher symptoms like rapid heart-beat, stroke, seizure and heart attack.

These symptoms are all the result of your body’s way of getting used to not consuming Crack Cocaine and if you are in the care of a doctor there is nothing to worry about. They will catch onto the signs before anything serious happens. The doctors will usually check on your mental health too, ensuring your safety during your detoxification period. Mental health is important because withdrawing may sometimes bring feelings of depression. Remember, these pains are only temporary. It is a short stint of pain that will bring you to a beautiful life. Do not give up on yourself because of a few growing pains.

Crack Cocaine Abuse Overdose

According to a 2013 report by the National Institution on Drug Abuse about 5,000 deaths were caused by Cocaine, which also includes Crack Cocaine. The danger of Crack Cocaine overdose is high because it stays in the body for a shorter amount of time than Cocaine, which causes abusers to use even more of it, increasing their risk for overdose.

Some signs to look out for if you feel you are overdosing are abnormally high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, chest pain, excessive sweating, nausea and seizure. In most cases, the symptoms of overdose are so rapid that you could just experience sudden death. If help arrives fast enough, your body would still have been through a lot. A Crack Cocaine overdose can cause lasting damage to your kidneys, muscles, liver and brain.

Crack Cocaine overdoses usually happen to people who have built a tolerance so high that they think they can do a larger amount then they can handle. Also, a common way to overdose on Crack Cocaine is if you are mixing it with drugs such as Heroin. The Heroin will have an adverse effect making you feel low rather than high causing you to use more Crack Cocaine, which then increases the risk of overdose. If you or a friend feel you are experiencing an overdose, get emergency help immediately. Don’t worry about getting in trouble, emergency services will be more focused on saving your life over the drugs you have.

Why do People Chose Crack Cocaine?

People abuse Crack Cocaine for a variety of reasons. Some use it as a recreation drug, to get a high while they’re out partying. It’s a stimulant and it will keep them awake longer so they can continue to party harder. Other people use Crack Cocaine as a weight-loss mechanism as it raises metabolism. Some use it to enhance performance in athletic sports or as a studying tool to remain alert.

There are individuals who abuse Crack Cocaine because it takes them out of reality. A person like this may use Crack Cocaine to relieve symptoms of depression or anxiety. The high for Crack Cocaine is very short lived and is followed by a still worse feeling of depression and anxiety. Because of this, the user will then seek more because they know it will take them out of reality, even if it is just for a moment. After some time of abusing Crack Cocaine, the user will start to feel paranoid, anxious, and maybe even hallucinate due to the negative side effects of the drug.

Regardless of the reason, Crack Cocaine is a very dangerous illicit street drug and overdose is always a possibility. A person could overdose and die at any given time. To prevent death by overdose the only thing users has to do is be willing to get the help they deserve. Detox and treatment is highly recommended to any Crack Cocaine abuser. There is hope and they can change, they just need the desire to do better for themselves. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction please give us a call. – Learn More

Common Dangers of Crack Cocaine

People who use Crack Cocaine are 24 times more likely to have a heart attack than the average population. Crack Cocaine users are also high-risk for contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases and chronic diseases like HIV/AIDs from shooting Crack Cocaine intravenously. Prolonged abuse can cause anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, psychotic issues, sexual issues and sleep disorders.

In many cases, Crack Cocaine has induced seizures, neurological disorders, vascular and lung issues, comas and death from overdoses. People who abuse too much Crack Cocaine are at serious risk of overdose which may result in unconsciousness, coma, or death. There is nothing good that comes with abusing Crack Cocaine. Crack Cocaine takes your soul and beats it down into the ground. It can destroy your life and take everything from you in a blink of an eye. You can lose your home, job, health, family, friends, and other relationships due to the Crack Cocaine abuse. A minute high is not worth your life.

There are people who never get help for their disease because they don’t know there is another way of life waiting for them around the corner. Crack Cocaine addiction treatment is only one phone call away. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to Crack Cocaine, call us now. Our trained professionals will help you find a treatment center near you or in another state so you can start your path toward a sober life. It is never too late. Do not be afraid to reach out, you could be saving your life.

Increased Availability of Crack Cocaine

Because Crack Cocaine is a diluted freebase version of Cocaine, the price is much less expensive than Cocaine, and it is more available. Users inject or snort the powder form of Cocaine, which is the hydrochloride salt. The freebase or Crack Cocaine is created by processing Cocaine with baking soda or ammonia and water, and then heating it to remove the hydrochloride to manufacture a smoke able substance Crack Cocaine refers to the cracking sound it makes when it is smoked.

Because it is diluted Cocaine it is cheaper for the costumer and more money for the dealer. Because the dealer makes more money, sales go up and the abuse keeps running back for more. The users keep coming back for more, making their chance of health risk and overdose go up.

Crack Cocaine abusers are at risk of heart attack, liver damage, stroke, and sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. They are also submitted to obtaining depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. When you abuse Crack Cocaine and have a mental disorder you are using it to self-medicate. When using drugs like Crack Cocaine to self-medicate it may make it harder to stop because the abuser does not want to feel depressed or anxious. What most abusers doing know that when you decide to get treatment, you can go to a doctor and they can help you with those feelings with talking and proper dosage or medication. Crack Cocaine is not worth your life. Get up and make a phone call to change your life: (866) 578-7471

Crack Cocaine Use, Abuse and Dependency

Crack Cocaine is an illegal, dangerous and addictive freebase from the drug Cocaine. Crack Cocaine came about by individuals creating a cheaper alternative to Cocaine. Crack Cocaine is a stimulant which creates a quick, euphoric high that has an addictive feeling that users crave. Being a stimulant, Crack Cocaine will speed up the brain and nervous system causing the abuser to be awake and alert. Users will be awake and alert for a few hours but the rush they feel in the beginning will only last for a few minutes. Because the high is so quick, Crack Cocaine is abused in large amounts creating an addiction and tolerance to the drug.

An addiction to Crack Cocaine is a serious mental disease that can cause havoc in the abuser’s life. There is a minimal chance that someone could use Crack Cocaine casually due to its addictive nature. Crack Cocaine abuse should not be taken lightly. It comes with many dangerous symptoms and can cause damage to the mind, body and soul. Some of the physical symptoms to look out for when you feel someone is abusing Crack Cocaine are insomnia, dilated pupils, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, weight loss, and twitching.

There are psychological and behavioral symptoms to look out for also such as aggression, mood swings, hallucinations, paranoia, inability to stop using Crack Cocaine and anxiety. Someone who abuse Crack Cocaine will also put the use ahead of family, friends, work and school. Along with physical signs of Crack Cocaine abuse there are many health problems that can occur due to the use of Crack Cocaine.

The short-term health effects of Crack Cocaine abuse are nausea, high breathing rates, cardiovascular problems, delusional thinking, anxiety and seizures.

The long-term health effects of Crack Cocaine abuse are malnutrition due to significant weight loss, persistent psychotic symptoms, major depression, anxiety, and irritability and long-lasting cardiovascular issues that may include heart attack, stroke and damaged vessels.

You may read these signs and symptoms and declare yourself hopeless. You know what you are doing to your body and you can’t seem to stop. You are positive you are going to die addicted to Crack Cocaine. These are thoughts that addicts have who don’t realize there is a way out and another way of life. There is hope for those struggling with a Crack Cocaine abuse problem. They just have to be willing to do what it takes to recover.

There are, however, individuals who never get help for their Crack Cocaine addiction. These are people who didn’t know there was help available or denied the help one to many times. If you have at least an ounce of willingness in your body to save your life from the depths of Crack Cocaine addiction, treatment can help you save your life. You don’t want to be the person who is begging for money on the side of the street at an old age. You deserve to have an actual life with a family, love, and happiness. This is possible for people who get the help they deserve.

Treatment for Crack Cocaine abuse would usually start with a detoxification period. Detoxification otherwise known as detox is a process where the Crack Cocaine and any other harmful substances are removed from your body. When planning to detox it is best to do it with the help of a medical professional. Having a medical professional around during your detoxification process will keep you safe and they will be able to ease the pain of withdrawal with medication. The medication a doctor will prescribe will be different for each patient. Some of the most common medications used for Crack Cocaine withdrawal are Gabapentin, Modafinil, Topiramate, and Vigabatrin.

When detox is completed, you aren’t just “cured” from your problem. You will need to go to a rehabilitation center so you can learn how to maintain your addiction. In treatment, you will learn why you started abusing drugs in the first place. You will get down to the bottom of your abuse problem, talk through all pre-existing problems and find a better way to cope with emotions. There are many things you will learn and do in treatment that will help you stay sober for good. Although treatment is the beginning of your journey, you will need to take further action because recovery doesn’t just “end.”

Once you have completed treatment, you will need to figure out an aftercare plan that will keep you from wanting to go back to using Crack Cocaine. Attending 12-step meetings can help you prevent relapse and give you a good, sober group of people to share your new sober life with. 12-step meetings have helped people for many years to stay sober and keep their mind off drugs and alcohol. 12-step meetings prevent relapse and give you a better chance at living a life of recovery. If 12-step meetings aren’t your thing there are other options available. If you are ready for treatment for your Crack Cocaine abuse problem and don’t know where to start, give us a call. We will gladly help you in any way we can: (866) 578-7471.

Family Therapy for Crack Cocaine Abuse

It is important to remember addiction is a family disease. Family members are often victimized by loved ones battling addiction. Even after the active drug or alcohol use stops, there will still be some behaviors that may cause worry. This is where family therapy in rehab could be helpful. In family therapy, the therapist will teach the family how to handle problems in a more effective way.

It will teach the family that even though someone is in recovery it will still take time for them to get over certain behaviors. Talking about problems within the family is a process and helps with the healing process they need. This will also give everyone the time to talk about their feeling in a safe environment. It is common for these types of conversations to hurt and bring tears which may cause the conversation to escalate in a negative way.

When family conversations get out of control it may trigger the addict to run from their problems so it is good to do all the conversating in while they are in treatment and there is a family therapist there to ease the conversation. Getting everything out on the table will help not only the Crack Cocaine abuser recover but the family and loved ones too. There is a lot of pain and emotion brought on to a family when it comes to addiction. It will be good for family members to learn about the disease so they can recover themselves. It is important everyone in the family moves forward with the addict so the chances of long term sobriety increase.

Group Therapy for Crack Cocaine Abuse

When people finish detoxification and a treatment plan is created for them, they have the opportunity to choose from a variety of treatment plans, and even use a combination. Many of these include individual, group, family and cognitive behavior therapy. Group therapy is very effective for those people who like to open up and share their experiences. They share with peers and counselors and through this sharing, they come to an understanding of why they abused drugs or alcohol and how they can prevent abuse in the future, which ultimately leads to healing.

It is common for a Crack Cocaine abuser to isolate themselves and their thoughts in treatment. It is normal for the to be alone because that’s what they did in their addiction for many years. It may be hard for the abuser to open up to other people about how they are feeling. This is why group therapy holds such an important value. In group therapy, the addicts will learn how easy it is to talk about their addiction, recovery, and feelings.

It is important to practice this while in treatment so it comes natural to them when they graduate their program. Once graduated, aftercare is necessary to ensure recovery will last. One aftercare method that proves to be effective is the 12-step program. The 12-step program is similar to group therapy. It is a safe place for recovering individuals to open up about how there are feeling and will help prevent relapse.

True Stories of Addiction: Crack Cocaine Destroys Lives

Lynnette was deciding what college she wanted to go to when her boyfriend at the time introduced her to Crack Cocaine. Instead of going to college, Lynnette decided her life would be better if she just got a job that would support her Crack Cocaine addiction. It wasn’t long before she lost that job and ended up living in a dope house. Her addiction completely took over her life and she was completely powerless. Throughout Lynnette’s addiction she had a few kids that she couldn’t take care of. Thanks to her recovery, she is reunited with a few of her children today living a life she never dreamed was possible.

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Inpatient Crack Cocaine Rehab

The most effective form of treatment for Crack Cocaine addiction is inpatient treatment. Typically, patients stay at a 24-hour medically managed facility for 30, 60 or 90 days. Addiction and medical professionals provide several types of therapy including individual, group, family and cognitive behavioral therapy. Inpatient treatment starts with a period of detoxification.

In detox, the user will cleanse their body from all mind-altering substances. This may come with some discomfort but in a medically managed facility there will be a doctor there that is able to prescribe medication to alleviate the pains of Crack Cocaine addiction. When detoxification is complete, inpatient facilities are able to provide individual care while removing temptation, and arming the clients with psychological help to help them better focus on their rehabilitation. Inpatient rehab also addresses the underlying causes of addiction, including the genetics, psychology, cultural, physical and environmental conditions the patient is under.

There will be many therapies a recovering individual will take part in to help them move forward in their new life. Therapy will help them by talking through their problems instead of them running to a substance like Crack Cocaine to escape their problems and emotions. Inpatient Crack Cocaine abuse treatment is recommended over outpatient. It has higher success rates and proves to be more helpful. This doesn’t mean outpatient is bad, it just means people tend to stay clean and sober when completed with inpatient over outpatient. – Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient care is where clients travel several times a week for treatment sessions at a facility and leave, rather than staying overnight in the center. This affords the clients more convenience in their life if they have family and work responsibilities that they can’t ignore. The downside is that the client is still exposed to the conditions and environments that may be contributing to their substance abuse.

Outpatient treatment can be successful in that people receive coping mechanisms to avoid the temptation to use. Outpatient treatment is typically less expensive than inpatient care, so it may be an option for some people where cost is a factor. In outpatient, an individual will still go through therapy as people in inpatient do. The main difference between the two is that inpatient patients will receive detox, be surrounded by a supportive staff 24/7, and stay a few weeks at a facility without leaving other than where the treatment is taking you.

Inpatient is recommended for people who can take the time away from home, family, and work. If there is no possible way to stay a few weeks at a facility, outpatient is right for you. To improve chances of recovery try pairing up outpatient with a 12-step or faith based program. These programs both prove to be helpful for people doing their best to stay away from Crack Cocaine and all other mind-altering substances. There is hope for Crack Cocaine abusers. They just need to be willing and accepting of help. Give us a call, today! – Learn More