True Stories of Addiction: Educating and Inspiring

Inspirational Stories of Addiction and Recovery

From wealthy suburbs to intercity neighborhoods, from responsible and healthy families to families filled with abuse, from adolescence to old age, addiction devastates the lives of many. There is hope, though, as millions have been able to crawl out from the confines of addiction.

Addiction brings people to the darkest depths of the human condition, destroying relationships, ripping families apart, spreading depression, incurring poverty and illness. It is a terrifying condition that causes many to lose sight of what they hold dear, but it can be overcome. With the right help, anyone can rise up out of this nightmare and walk into the light. In the video series, True Stories of Addiction, listen to and read the inspirational stories of people who have been through addiction and found recovery.

More than 100 People Share their Story of Addiction

Over a hundred people so far have come forward to share their stories of addiction and recovery. These brave individuals open themselves up to the world, so that they can shed light on the disease of addiction and inspire others to seek help.

These people are living proof that, while addiction is a deadly condition, there is a way out. Many of them were at the lowest of lows, homeless, abusing drugs or Alcohol constantly, sick and weak, stealing and breaking the law to support their habit, unable to stop. From the dark pits of depression, loneliness and hopelessness, these resilient humans have found help and recovered.

Through the grace of rehab, 12-step programs, therapy, meetings, the service of others and other resources, many people escape the grasp of addiction. These episodes uncover the personal trials of addiction and the journeys to recovery that these brave souls have embarked upon.

In True Stories of Addiction, Family Edition, family members of addicted individuals share how this disease has impacted them by proxy. These people offer empathy and hope for others who are going through similar struggles.

Recovery is Possible and Everyone Deserves a Chance

More than a hundred people, who are willing to go in front of a camera to share this message, attest to the potential of health and happiness that can be achieved. No matter what age, how long the substance abuse has persisted, or any other factor, anyone can recover from addiction. Everyone deserves a proper chance.

If you are stuck in the trap of addiction, looking for an answer, these videos show how others in your position have overcome. To find out more about getting help for yourself or someone you know, call (866) 578-7471. The specialist on the other end will listen to your own story and help you put together a plan for recovery.

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