Greg Talks Insanity of Active Drug Addiction


True Stories of Addiction: Greg

As a young boy, Greg looked up to his parents like most children do. When he was three or four years old, he got his first candy cigarette and was so excited to mimic his parents and “smoke” cigarettes with them. His family found the “cigarette smoking” so adorable, Greg’s grandfather went and got him a bubble gum cigar which made him feel like he was a super star. Greg loved his bubble gum cigar so much, he wouldn’t chew the gum out of it for weeks, because he liked to pretend he was smoking- it made him feel a part of the crowd.

His fascination with addictive substances didn’t stop with the candied cigarettes and cigars: Greg wanted something more so his parents took him to the candy store where they bought him a fake 6-pack of candied beer. As Greg grew older, the candy turned into the real deal. He loved the taste of alcohol so much, he would drink excessive amounts to build a tolerance so he could party with his buddies all night.


Greg was always a very shy person so the alcohol really helped him when it came down to making friends and hanging out with others. When Greg was just 20-years old, he bought his own house which shortly turned into a “party house” because he didn’t like being alone and always wanted someone around.

Introduced to the Drug

With Greg having a party house, he met a wide range of people with different views on life. He also met his best friend and worst enemy: Cocaine. When Greg started doing Cocaine, it took precedence in his life. Even if he had tickets for a show or was supposed to go out with family, if Cocaine was around, he would sit in his house and use it until he couldn’t anymore.

Greg went from being a social butterfly who always threw the best parties to a guy who would park his van a block away from the house and put sheets on his windows so no one thought he was home. Greg would isolate like this because he wanted to be alone with his drugs and not have to share them with anybody.

His addiction got the best of him though, and he started having insane thoughts. Greg felt that if he could get a quarter pound of his drug of choice, he would be able to stop using as much as he has been, because he wouldn’t feel like he is running out.

Greg was tired of the isolation and insanity so he reached out for help and went for an evaluation at a local treatment center. A day after his evaluation, Greg got help from his family and was admitted into the treatment center. Greg’s addiction took quite a toll on his health; his liver was extremely unhealthy, and so he stayed in detox for a while to try and heal his body.

In treatment, Greg didn’t understand that you need to stop using drugs completely. He thought he could just go in once a year, detox, go back to using and be fine. He really struggled with the obsession of addiction. If a commercial on T.V. would come on about Alcohol, he couldn’t watch it because it would make his mouth water.

Finding Recovery from the Drug


Greg ended up going to some 12-step meetings where he found hope. He would hear people’s stories and soon began to understand if you keep using drugs and drinking, things are never going to get better. After a three-day relapse, Greg realized what these people were saying was true and knew it was time for him to turn his will and life over to the care of God.

When he turned his will over to God, something in him changed- he has been sober ever since. The things that keep Greg sober are the things he learned in that first meeting years ago. He gives himself breaks and accepts help from others to this day. Greg loves to meditate and help others because helping others it what the program is all about.

Greg doesn’t know where he would be if it wasn’t for treatment, sober living and the 12-step program. If you are looking for help, maybe treatment would be best for you too. Give us a call and we can help you find the best recovery possible. Our number is: (866) 578-7471

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  1. I had a good friend in high school who was very outgoing and social too. He started using heroin and became a hermit. It was really sad. He stopped coming to school. His parents never knew where he was. I never knew what happened to him, we lost touch a few years later.

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